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Chopped is a popular cooking competition featured on Food Network and the Cooking channel. Four chefs compete for the chance to win $10,000.00. The prize money can be spent on anything the winner chooses, but it is most often used to improve upon the chef's business. All four competing chefs generally come from different professional backgrounds, though they often fit into the theme of each competition. For example, one episode might feature chefs from New Orleans while another might feature firefighters who also happen to be chefs. Chef diversity has always been a key point of the competition.

The competition takes place over the course of three rounds. These rounds are typically appetizers, entr

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
1 Season, 594 Episodes
January 13, 2009
Food, Reality
Cast: Ted Allen
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  • Former champs face a funky soybean product in the entree basket.

  • College students compete in this episode.

  • The chefs face three baskets where they must perfectly harmonize the quintessential flavor pairing of sweet and salty on their plates.

  • The four competing chefs get budget baskets full of low-cost ingredients for every round. A box of fish sticks is the big catch in the first basket, and the second round includes chicken feet.

  • Four Chopped judges compete alongside their significant others in a festive battle between friends. The entree basket contains a stunning protein, and gingerbread and olives are an odd couple in the holiday dessert basket.

  • A beef theme is a meat lover's dream in this competition. The four chefs must cut jumbo-sized ribs down to appetizer-appropriate portions, and a premium steak and a second-rate grocery store meal meet in the entree basket.

  • Four big-hearted amateur chefs who serve their communities arrive in the Chopped kitchen ready to give the judges an unforgettable Turkey Day meal. Everyone gives thanks for turkey in the entree basket.

  • Four Chopped champions are hungry for more as they return for a special Thanksgiving competition. The ferociously competitive chefs must deal with a shocking poultry product in the appetizer round, and the three who make it to the entree round get a big, bright orange surprise. A Thanksgiving dessert basket packed with pumpkin and cranberry flavors inspires the chefs to celebrate the holiday on their final plates.

  • The competing chefs are challenged to make delicious dishes from plant-based mystery basket ingredients. A marvel of modern food science is the centerpiece of the first basket, and a crispy green makes an appearance in round two. Finally, tomato cookies are more than meets the eye in the dessert round.

  • In the thrilling culmination of a five-part tournament, four dessert dynamos return to the Chopped Kitchen in pursuit of the $50,000 prize, but the ultimate sugar high and the prestigious title of Chopped Grand Champion can only go to one extraordinary chef. A wild-looking citrus fruit and some syrupy flowers are part of the challenge in the first round. A colossal cocktail is all the buzz in the entree round, and an edible candelabra is a bright surprise for the two chefs left in the dessert round.

  • The $50,000 Sweets Showdown continues with a preliminary battle that shines the spotlight on ice cream. Each round challenges the competitors to churn out a different frozen treat: milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches and sundaes.

  • With their eyes on the Sweets Showdown $50,000 prize, four top-tier dessert chefs strive to bake their way into the judges' hearts in this all-cakes preliminary battle. A beautifully bare edible art piece is at the center of the first basket, and a soup and a leafy green threaten to hinder the competitors' progress in the entree round. In round three, only one chef can win ultimate baking bragging rights and a trip to the finale.

  • The chefs must demonstrate doughnut dexterity as they create sweet, savory and filled varieties that incorporate challenging ingredients such as onions and grasshoppers.

  • Kicking off a first-of-its-kind, high-stakes desserts tournament, four chefs compete in a series of chocolate challenges. Spicy booze and a book filled with bonbons are in the mix in round one, and an oversize beverage meets a stinky cheese in the entree basket. The dessert basket features a can of something that could be cause for concern as the chefs make chocolatey showpieces to earn a spot in the grand finale and a shot at the $50,000 prize.

  • In a Halloween-themed competition, the four chefs face ingredient baskets packed with nods to horror movies, which guest judge and actor Rose McGowan knows well. A cringeworthy surprise in the appetizer basket brings to mind a startling plot twist in a classic scary scene featuring maggots. The entree ingredients -- liver, fava beans and Chianti -- are inspired by one of the creepiest quotes in movie history, and a bubbling cauldron is a nice touch in the final basket.

  • The chefs face baskets filled with some of the most bizarre ingredients imaginable. To start, a strange pig part is the bombshell in the appetizer basket. The competitors then open up their second basket to find a fuzzy vegetable and a shocking meat. Finally, the unusual ingredients in the dessert round include an eye opening, oddly named sweet treat.

  • The competitors take on a melted cheese theme, starting with a platter of comfort food yumminess at the center of a decadent first basket. The second basket contains the ultimate melty cheese dish -- fondue.

  • The competitors get the surprise of their lives when they find out that three original cast members of the legendary 70s sitcom will be tasting their food! Christopher Knight, Maureen McCormick and Susan Olsen -- famous for playing siblings Peter, Marcia and Cindy Brady -- take on the role of Chopped judges. In all three rounds, the baskets feature ingredients inspired by the groovy show, including pork chops and applesauce.

  • Ingredients:Appetizer: kibbeh nayeh, lemon meringue tart, Persian cucumbers, rotiEntrĂ©e: monkfish tails, asparagus, sumac, umeboshiDessert: dragon fruit, cured egg yolks, piloncillo, butter crackers

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