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Chopped is a popular cooking competition featured on Food Network and the Cooking channel. Four chefs compete for the chance to win $10,000.00. The prize money can be spent on anything the winner chooses, but it is most often used to improve upon the chef's business. All four competing chefs generally come from different professional backgrounds, though they often fit into the theme of each competition. For example, one episode might feature chefs from New Orleans while another might feature firefighters who also happen to be chefs. Chef diversity has always been a key point of the competition.

The competition takes place over the course of three rounds. These rounds are typically appetizers, entr

Chopped is a series that is currently running and has 48 seasons (661 episodes). The series first aired on January 13, 2009.

Where do I stream Chopped online? Chopped is available for streaming on Food Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Chopped on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, iTunes, Food Network online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
48 Seasons, 661 Episodes
January 13, 2009
Food, Reality
Cast: Ted Allen
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Chopped Full Episode Guide

  • Bring on the beef! Four chefs battle it out with bovine-centric ingredients. In the first round, more than one of the competitors decide to show off their raw talent by serving uncooked meat. The chefs demonstrate their steak skills with the second basket.

  • Four carnivores are ready to crush it, and the pork battle begins with a double helping of piggy goodness in the first basket. The entree basket includes some fancy mushrooms, and the judges giddily approve of the meaty candy bar in the dessert basket.

  • Four chefs are amped up for a meat battle featuring goat! In an intense first round, the competitors aim to impress with their butchery and flavor artistry. Then, the chefs must work with an unfamiliar goat-milk product in the entree basket.

  • In the conclusion of this historic tournament, it's judges vs. champions! Two separate knockout rounds with the same basket will determine which genius judge and brilliant champ make it to the $100,000 title fight. The stakes are high as the competitors find an unusual seafood delicacy and a hot regional specialty in the first basket. Then, one champ and one judge will be left to duke it out. Who will score the biggest prize in Chopped history, and who will be chopped?

  • Chopped legends face off for a chance at the $100,000 finale! In round one, the chefs must incorporate a sweet breakfast item into an appetizer, and a clever fusion food in the entree basket has the potential to bring crunch and flavor to the dishes.

  • Four champs who were previously defeated return to the kitchen, hungry for sweet redemption. Sardines are the main protein in the appetizer basket, and a jiggly mustard-flavored surprise threatens to throw the chefs off their game in the second round.

  • Four Chopped judges step behind the stove for an intense competition. In the appetizer basket, the chefs find a strange fish dish and some tiny exotic fruits. A pizza topped with something wild is the star ingredient in the entree basket.

  • A $100,000 grand prize is up for grabs in this tournament event, featuring some of the most brilliant stars of the game. One ambitious champion runs into problems in the first round, and something stinky in the entree basket has the competitors nervous.

  • The chefs are thrown off by the combination of beer-battered seafood and a bizarre bouquet of pickles in the first basket. Then, the second basket fails the smell test with a stinky surprise inside.

  • Competing chefs attempt to prove from the start that they're the one to beat. In the first basket, a big burger with a gluttonous twist gives the chefs a lot of options. Parsley cake is a curve ball in round two, and when the last remaining chefs focus their attention on a dessert basket that includes Cara Cara oranges and a curiously boozy condiment, the judges are impressed by the level of skill they see.

  • Four Comfort Food Feud champions return to a decked-out outdoor arena to battle for the $25,000 prize and the title of Chopped Grand Champion! The ingredient baskets contain delicious reminders of the tournament's culinary themes, starting with a special sandwich and a play on pot pie in the appetizer round. The entre basket contains a turkey stuffed with something somewhat shocking, and the last two chefs battling it out for the grand prize race the clock to create $25,000 desserts that make brilliant use of a mashup monstrosity and mango ketchup.

  • The chefs try conquer mac and cheese and claim a spot in the Comfort Food Feud grand finale. The first round basket includes a cocktail, and the entree round sees the competitors working with a mac and cheese-inspired brunch item.

  • In a burger-themed battle of the $25,000 Comfort Food Feud, the chefs get a deep-fried surprise and a sloppy classic in round one. In the entree round, they must figure out what to do with a bizarre canned product.

  • Four competitors aim for bacon perfection as they attempt to advance to the grand finale of the Comfort Food Feud. The appetizer basket includes a Japanese condiment and a bacon-y bar food, and biscuit dough is part of the puzzle in the entree round.

  • The chefs open the first basket to find dressed beer and three other surprises. A weird fungus and a peculiar pizza pie are the shockers in the entree round.

  • The chefs get fries and thighs in every basket, starting with a delicate protein paired with a newfangled starch in the appetizer basket. Bubble tea crashes the theme party in the second round.

  • The competing chefs get a ton of sugar in the first basket in the form of a breakfast classic with a twist, and the level of cooking in the entree round seems extraordinary as the chefs excitedly dig into a seven-layer dip.

  • Four chefs enter the Chopped kitchen for a diner-themed battle with three courses of elevated comfort food and guest judge Neil Patrick Harris. A breakfast-inspired final basket leads the chefs in two distinct directions.

  • As the clock ticks down, the judges wonder whether all the dandelion green appetizers will be completed; the chefs get more than they bargained for with gnocchi in sandwich form.

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