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Chopped is a popular cooking competition featured on Food Network and the Cooking channel. Four chefs compete for the chance to win $10,000.00. The prize money can be spent on anything the winner chooses, but it is most often used to improve upon the chef's business. All four competing chefs generally come from different professional backgrounds, though they often fit into the theme of each competition. For example, one episode might feature chefs from New Orleans while another might feature firefighters who also happen to be chefs. Chef diversity has always been a key point of the competition.

The competition takes place over the course of three rounds. These rounds are typically appetizers, entr

Chopped is a Food Reality series that is currently running and has 46 seasons (635 episodes). The series first aired on January 13, 2009. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.5.

Chopped is available for streaming on the Food Network website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Chopped on demand at Food Network Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, iTunes, Food Network online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
46 Seasons, 635 Episodes
January 13, 2009
Food Reality
Cast: Ted Allen
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Chopped Full Episode Guide

  • It's wild times in the kitchen as the chefs get loco with Loco Moco, a Hawaiian comfort food, in round one; the finalists are challenged to use a weird coffee and a crunchy cake in their desserts.

  • In the first round, the chefs cook up appetizers using pizza bites and caviar; In the entree round,a magnificent comfort food creation and a basic veggie; dessert basket features a sugary cereal and a gelatinous stumper.

  • Creativity is crucial for the competing chefs trying to impress the judges, starting with deviled ham spread in the first basket. Sweet booza ice cream in the second basket is an unwelcome surprise for savory entree plates.

  • Four returning champions try to impress Bobby Flay; in the first round, an oven mishap leads to an alarming situation; an American classic in frozen form threatens to stump the chefs; two remaining champs must make big plans for a candy-themed tart.

  • In round two, the chefs face a fish that they've never cooked before.

  • Four "Chopped" champs compete for a spot in the tournament finale; in the preliminary battle, the first basket includes an anything-but-basic burger. The three chefs in round two have ambitious plans for their dishes.

  • The competing chefs work quickly to make appetizers from chewy candy.

  • The champs face a beef jerky product and a twist on hummus in round two.

  • It's game day in the Chopped kitchen with four football-loving chefs.

  • The competing chefs keep the judges guessing as they attempt to make successful quail entrees and use Australian seasoning and a jar of Mexican caramel in their desserts.

  • Cauliflower is the veggie of the moment and the undisputed star of this Chopped battle. In the first round, the chefs must use the ubiquitous carb substitute in their dishes along with a funky Mexican delicacy.

  • It's a match made in culinary heaven as four chefs must tame wild game meat in every round and use a different bourbon to accent and complement their dishes.

  • The competing chefs find unusual cupcakes and a curious jarred 'candy' in the round two baskets, and the final two chefs feast their eyes on a jar of pigs lips in the dessert basket.

  • Daring competitors are up against the clock to use a red spread and dried fish in the second round, and the remaining chefs must combine a citrus food and an unusual seaweed snack in their desserts.

  • The chefs must hop to it and make rabbit terrine work with a less highfalutin, packaged product in their appetizers; combining cake mix and ramen; a weird ice cream and a curious condiment.

  • Four chefs set out to prove that fish heads are delicious in an exhilarating appetizer round. A strange-flavored fizz threatens to throw off the chefs and make their entrees flop.

  • Four chefs face three culinary challenges that include a creative take on poke, a unique piece of pork and a salty and sweet snack.

  • Four chefs who specialize in cooking lighter, healthier fare are challenged to make lean dishes in the Chopped kitchen. Low-calorie chips inspire creativity in the round one, and avocado-free guacamole is a surprise in round two.

  • Chopped winners return with purpose and passion to beat judge Maneet Chauhan. Sugary cereal and oddball meatballs make for a tough challenge in round one, and an edible centerpiece is a fun find in the entree basket.

  • Three champions are on a mission to beat Chopped judge Marc Murphy. The chefs get escargot in the first basket, and a superspicy surprise awaits them in the entree basket.

  • Three champions arrive back in the Chopped kitchen to take down a formidable foe, judge Amanda Freitag. The champs realize it will be a tough challenge when they open up the first basket and find chicken gizzards and fish heads.

  • Three Chopped winners set out to take down Chopped judge Scott Conant. First-round jitters could make the champs' path to victory more difficult, and Scott reveals a hatred for one of the final basket ingredients.

  • In the first-of-its-kind battle, fearless winners compete for a chance to face-off.

  • With $10,000 at stake, the chefs are required to fry something in every course. A brightly colored beverage and a stuffed pasta are part of the appetizer puzzle, and a wild sundae brings the fun to an exciting dessert round.

  • It's a star-studded countdown of the top five celebrity dessert battles on Chopped. The competition is stiff, with professional athletes, actors, rock stars and more facing off to be named the Chopped champion of dessert.

  • Four pastry chefs step into the Chopped kitchen to show off their chocolate skills. A chocolate-covered seafood snack is a sneaky surprise in round one, and a tart fruit and a Japanese food staple appear in the entree basket.

  • A plate of poutine and a jar of bamboo challenge the competitors in the appetizer round.

  • Four chefs must sort out what to do with pickle pizza in the appetizer round. An egg-flavored snack in the second basket leads to some novel ideas for the entree plates.

  • Mock meat and an unusual green powder set the level of difficulty high in round one, and an Italian-Japanese mashup ingredient in the entree round threatens to mess up the chefs' plans.

  • If the tri-tip in the first basket doesn't trip the competitors up, the edible bird's nest just might. Stinging nettles threaten to hurt the chefs' chances for success in round two.

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