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TLC's Cake Boss is a delicious reality TV show about Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. As a family run business, Carlo's is always full of Italian culture and excitement. Each episode includes various projects of cake orders that the bakery takes on as well as what is going on in the family at the time. Cake Boss entertains its audiences with scrumptious and beautiful dessert creations as well as a family full of love with a side of drama.

Bartolo "Buddy" Valastro and his family of bakers never cease to please the customers and audience with their grand creations. They take on such various projects that no two episodes are remotely the same. The employees of Carlo's Bakery are not only bakers, they are artists. Buddy has sculptors, painters, and other artists working for him along with his family to make sure that the cakes come to life. There is never a dull moment around the bakery as most of the cakes have either moving parts, live animals as decoration, or some other extreme element that makes the cake like no other. From an ocean cake fully equipped with an aquarium as the background to giant Victorian era inspired wedding cakes built to serve hundreds, Carlo's Bakery has something for everyone.

Throughout the seasons of Cake Boss the audience really gets to know the employees of Carlo's Bakery and grows attached to them. The TV show includes all of the arguments between Buddy, his mother and sisters, and is balanced out by the love of his wife and children. Stressful moments when orders are almost not completed on time, happy moments when Buddy's wife discovers she is having another child, and tear-jerking moments when they lose a family member all combine to create a relatable and captivating reality show like no other.

The family alongside the other artistic employees in the bakery make a great combination. The artists working on the cakes give the audience a sense of awe as they create a variety of extreme and unique cakes. At the same time, the family affairs make the show more relatable and different from other baking or reality TV show. The passion for their jobs at Carlo's Bakery along with the passion for family creates a one of a kind reality show that entertains any type of audience member.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
12 Seasons, 189 Episodes
May 25, 2009
Cast: Buddy Valastro, Mauro Castano, Danny Dragone, Joey Faugno
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Cake Boss Full Episode Guide

  • Featured this week: a replica Brandenburg Gate for the German Embassy's party, a gold Buddha statue, and a beer cake for a local Oktoberfest celebration.

  • Buddy makes a spy themed cake for a gaming convention in Las Vegas. The guys love the challenge until they realize someone's got to drive the cake across the country. Then, Mauro's little brother and one of the Carlo's decorators are getting married.

  • Buddy creates a cake for the local Science Center for their new ant exhibit. The ants may be tiny, but the cake is larger than life. Mauro makes a cake for cheerleaders celebrating spirit week.

  • Buddy creates a special storybook cake for the Hans Christian Andersen Storytelling Center in NY. A gymnastics team hopes for a special best friends cake for a going away party for a teammate. Plus, Grace disguises herself as a customer.

  • Buddy is asked to recreate traditional Turkish water marbling on a cake. Plus, a cake for a toy company brings out everyone's inner child. Mary takes steps to realize a life-long dream of becoming a foot model.

  • The NY Botanical Gardens is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, and they want Buddy to make the cake. Repeat customers return 10 years later with plans in hand. Carlo's made their original wedding cake and now they want 5 full cakes to celebrate.

  • Buddy must create a birthday cake for twins who are exact opposites.

  • Buddy and the team create a pirate-themed cake and Buddy prepares for the opening of a new bakery in Connecticut.

  • Buddy makes a special cake for his employee Nikki, who is getting married, unfortunately she can't figure out what she wants.

  • Buddy takes off for a week; the team decides to revive the social club, an old Italian tradition.

  • Buddy's most memorable client, Miss Richfield 1981, orders a cake for New York City's Gay Pride Family Night. Plus, Buddy makes a cake to with matryoshka dolls to celebrate Russian heritage month. Wedding season becomes overwhelming.

  • Buddy is an assistant coach to his sons' little league team, so this cake's got to be a home run, baby! Plus, there's a cake order for a 50th birthday with a twist. After Mauro's health scare, Buddy Castano wants to be prepared in an emergency.

  • Momma returns from Florida and sees the bakery for the first time since the renovation. A cake is created for the US Navy celebrating Fleet Week; Grace finds a new hobby.

  • Buddy welcomes spring with a Cherry Blossom cake for a park and celebrates Rob's graduation. Meanwhile, a young culinary student from England claims he makes better cannolis than the boss.

  • Buddy makes a cake for the Tribeca Film Festival with a popcorn-flavored filling. A longtime Carlo's customers return to place a special order, and Buddy gets silly while creating a Sweet 16 cake.

  • Buddy and the guys create a cake for the birth of the royal baby girl, Charlotte. Later, Mary's brother-in-law orders a hot rod cake for his auto repair shop.

  • Buddy turns up the pressure while making an Easter bonnet cake. Plus, the crew puts a new twist on a traditional Jewish cookie. Joey promotes German to a lead role. German quickly learns tempers can be a lot like bread - they both rise.

  • One of America's oldest pizzerias is turning 110 and they need a cake to celebrate this landmark event. Buddy decides it's time his boys learn discipline at the bakery.

  • One part St. Patrick's Day, one part pig roast, it's St. Piggy's Day! Frustrated to learn his famous banana cream pies aren't selling, the crew struggles to find out why. Mary, sets her sights on ‘blinging' up the merchandise.

  • Buddy creates a Carnival cake for a local Brazilian restaurant while Buddy's 7-year-old son tries to impress his valentine.

  • Ralph's secret life is exposed when Buddy is asked to make a cake that resembles a griffin. Meanwhile, Mauro gets a makeover; and a cake is made for exchange students.

  • The crew creates a half lion, half fish for Singapore's 50th birthday. At the bakery, the brownies are dried up and the bakers find unexpected inspiration from the past. Mauro heads to therapy at the bakery but is it too much too soon?

  • A cake is in the making for Oscar winners Common and John Legend, but production is put on hold when Mauro is rushed to the hospital.

  • Buddy creates an ice-fishing cake and a controversial naked cake.

  • The guys go for a consultation at a butchers and take a slab of inspiration home for lunch. Meanwhile, baby Carlo is turning 4! Hard work runs in the family, and Buddy's nephew, Little Buddy, wants to prove he's got what it takes to make it at the bakery.

  • In the season premiere, the original Carlo's bakery gets a renovation. Buddy is asked to honor Hoboken's most famous resident, Frank Sinatra.

  • Buddy's family and friends gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving with their favorite recipes and family traditions.

Cake Boss News

'Cake Boss' Arrested, Charged with DUI

Buddy Valastro is in trouble with the law.

Transgender Woman Fumes Over 'Cake Boss' Remarks

Nobody is an "it." Nobody. Some people still haven't gotten that memo. Former "RuPaul's Drag Race" personality Carmen Carrera meant well appearing on Monday night's "Cake Boss." She felt she could make some headway for the transgender community. Instead, she ended up feeling like a humiliated, betrayed joke-butt.

It's a Boy: TLC's 'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro Adds Fourth New Family Member

Add another layer to the Valastro family cake.

Buddy Valastro - aka the Cake Boss from TLC’s "The Cake Boss" - and his wife had their fourth baby on Monday morning.

Valastro tweeted to his fans: "Lisa had a baby boy! Carlo Salvatore was born today at 5:11pm! Mom and baby are doing great!! Baby Carlo is 7lb 3oz and 20 inches long."

Valastro told People Magazine that "we feel so blessed to welcome a healthy new baby into our family.

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