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TLC's Cake Boss is a delicious reality TV show about Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. As a family run business, Carlo's is always full of Italian culture and excitement. Each episode includes various projects of cake orders that the bakery takes on as well as what is going on in the family at the time. Cake Boss entertains its audiences with scrumptious and beautiful dessert creations as well as a family full of love with a side of drama.

Bartolo "Buddy" Valastro and his family of bakers never cease to please the customers and audience with their grand creations. They take on such various projects that no two episodes are remotely the same. The employees of Carlo's Bakery are not only bakers, they are artists. Buddy has sculptors, painters, and other artists working for him along with his family to make sure that the cakes come to life. There is never a dull moment around the bakery as most of the cakes have either moving parts, live animals as decoration, or some other extreme element that makes the cake like no other. From an ocean cake fully equipped with an aquarium as the background to giant Victorian era inspired wedding cakes built to serve hundreds, Carlo's Bakery has something for everyone.

Throughout the seasons of Cake Boss the audience really gets to know the employees of Carlo's Bakery and grows attached to them. The TV show includes all of the arguments between Buddy, his mother and sisters, and is balanced out by the love of his wife and children. Stressful moments when orders are almost not completed on time, happy moments when Buddy's wife discovers she is having another child, and tear-jerking moments when they lose a family member all combine to create a relatable and captivating reality show like no other.

The family alongside the other artistic employees in the bakery make a great combination. The artists working on the cakes give the audience a sense of awe as they create a variety of extreme and unique cakes. At the same time, the family affairs make the show more relatable and different from other baking or reality TV show. The passion for their jobs at Carlo's Bakery along with the passion for family creates a one of a kind reality show that entertains any type of audience member.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
13 Seasons, 212 Episodes
May 25, 2009
Cast: Buddy Valastro, Mauro Castano, Danny Dragone, Joey Faugno
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Cake Boss Full Episode Guide

  • The holidays are here!  Each year the Valastros plan a party to give back to those less fortunate in their community.  This year Buddy creates a Christmas tree cake, and Lisa and the kids make sure each child at the party has a special gift to open.  Meanwhile, Mary is planning her husband's 40th birthday. She asks Mauro and Joe for the cake, but they have their own ideas to make their brother-in-law's cake extra special.  It's an inside joke that Mary won't find all that funny.

  • A winter wonderland themed wedding inspires Buddy to venture out of his comfort zone. So, he enlists his friend and legendary sugar artist, Jacques Torres, to help complete the icy cake of the couple's dreams. Grace, Joe, Madeline and Mauro try an interactive game where they're locked in a room and need to work together to figure their way out. It's one date night everyone wants to escape!

  • Buddy makes a cake for an all female motorcycle club. These women want a cake that's feminine, but tough, just like them. Buddy plans to create the look of leather and lace on this cake and there's a real trick to his technique. Plus, the team goes girlie to make the perfect, pink princess cake for one lucky little 5-year-old. Madeline wants her kids to be prepared when they head off to college, so she gives her son Buddy a crash course in home economics. Hopefully there won't be too much damage!

  • The professional futbol (soccer) team F.C. Internazionale from Milan, Italy, is in Hoboken, and Buddy and the guys are making them a cake.  It's a dream come true for Mauro and Danny, who have been "Inter" fans since childhood.  Buddy's nieces Dominique, Mary and Bartolina are all graduating, so their proud parents work together on a very special graduation cake to celebrate their achievements.  Mary still has dreams of becoming a foot model, but she learns that it'll take more hard work than she anticipated.

  • Buddy and the crew get wrapped up in their work by creating a cake resembling an ancient Egyptian mummy sarcophagus. They even try to mummify Mauritzio for inspiration!  And, Mauro, Joe, Danny, and Frankie make a pancake cake.  But Mauro's cake filling flavor choice may be a little too hot to handle.  Jalapeno bacon cake anyone?

  • Buddy heads to Meadowlands Racetrack where they are asked to make a cake for the infamous camel and ostrich races.  Just to make things interesting, Buddy and the baking team place a side bet: loser has to kiss a camel! The bakery also receives a visit from a few families with the Make-a-Wish foundation.  Buddy helps these kids turn their cake wishes into reality. 

  • A mother - daughter duo need a cake that's both traditional and modern for an upcoming quinceanera celebration.  It's old school versus new school and Mauro's caught in the middle.  Plus, a cake that's for the dogs… or at least the dog groomers.  Buddy tests out a new technique to bring this pooch cake to life. Buddy and Lisa go head to head over their son Marco playing football.  Will it be a touchdown for the boys or a flag on the play by mom?

  • Buddy takes his family to the Poconos Mountains for some snow tubing fun.  Once it gets too cold, they head to an indoor water park for some wet n wild action!  While Buddy's away, Mary goes bananas at the bakery.  She and Carlo's team make a cake for a zoo to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Monkey.  But Mary also made a promise to the primates, so the team has to bake treats that the monkeys can actually eat.  Buddy Castano is getting ready to go to college, but Mauro and Madeline are having a hard time letting go of their baby!

  • Joe has big plans for Grace's 50th birthday.  He wants to surprise her with an ice cream cake, but extreme heat may just melt the surprise before Grace arrives.  Plus, Buddy must turn a classic car into an unforgettable cake. 

  • It's Halloween in Hoboken and the cakes are getting creepy at Carlo's Bake Shop! The team heads to a haunted house for inspiration. Plus, professional pumpkin carvers want one of their amazing Jack-O-Lanterns replicated in cake.

  • It's an international dumpling feast for the eyes when Buddy makes a cake for a NY food tour company. Buddy is asked to create the iconic motorcycle jacket out of cake! Plus, the Hoboken spaghetti dinner block party needs focaccia bread for the event.

  • An Indian couple asks for an exact replica of the Taj Mahal, but the intricate design may be more than Buddy and his team can handle. Grace helps a couple of boys ask their girlfriends to prom with an over-the-top surprise 'Promposal' cake.

  • A martial-arts studio wants a cake that represents the Brazilian tradition Capoeira; Grace helps a couple of boys ask their girlfriends to prom with a surprise "prom-posal" cake; the team gives back to Feeding America.

  • A longtime customer wants a harvest themed cake to kick off the start of their farm's fall season. Buddy and the team come up with a cornucopia of ideas. Meanwhile, Mauro gets some shocking news and must undergo surgery.

  • Sugar and spice and everything... meat? Buddy makes a giant hot dog cake for the famous 4th of July hot dog eating contest at Coney Island. An order for a BBQ pit master has Joe attempting a pork belly cake filling.

  • The team makes a beer cake for a local Oktoberfest. The hospital where all 4 Valastro kids were born is celebrating 150 years in business, and want a special cake order. Then, the sisters put together a hot baker calendar featuring the bakery guys!

  • The pressure is high as the German Ambassador asks for an exact replica of the Brandenburg Gate, and the guest of honor will be the President of Germany! Meanwhile, Ralph makes a gold Buddha statue for a local restaurant. Plus, Lisa tries out trapeze!

  • We reflect on the life of Momma Mary, and the legacy she left behind. While the family grieves, they also celebrate the triumphant life that she lead. Hundreds of family members and friends join to celebrate and reflect on the incredible life of Momma.

  • Buddy's most amazing patriotic cakes are featured and celebrated; these crowd-pleasing cakes are sure to remind Americans of some of the reasons they're so proud of their country!

  • It's Halloween in Hoboken and the cakes are getting creepy at Carlo's Bake Shop! The team heads to a haunted house for inspiration. Plus, professional pumpkin carvers want one of their amazing Jack-O-Lanterns replicated in cake.

  • Buddy really needs to rock it when he and the team create a cake for a precious gemstone gallery's 50th anniversary celebration. But the process becomes more difficult than they imagined and Buddy finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard cake.

  • Raviolis, empanadas, and perogies! It's an international dumpling feast for the eyes when Buddy makes a cake for a NY food tour company. Also, this week Buddy channels his inner wild side when he's asked to create the iconic motorcycle jacket out of cake! Plus, the Hoboken spaghetti dinner block party needs focaccia bread for their annual event. Mauro teaches the young guys techniques he learned in Italy, but knows the real trick to authenticity is finding a wood fire oven.

  • A chill is in the air and snow is on everyone's mind. Some preschoolers melt Buddy's heart when they request a life-size snowman cake. It's a heartwarming reunion when Buddy's former teacher stops by. Plus, Madeline and Grace try out an art class.

  • Featured this week: a replica Brandenburg Gate for the German Embassy's party, a gold Buddha statue, and a beer cake for a local Oktoberfest celebration.

  • Buddy makes a spy themed cake for a gaming convention in Las Vegas. The guys love the challenge until they realize someone's got to drive the cake across the country. Then, Mauro's little brother and one of the Carlo's decorators are getting married.

  • Buddy creates a cake for the local Science Center for their new ant exhibit. The ants may be tiny, but the cake is larger than life. Mauro makes a cake for cheerleaders celebrating spirit week.

  • Buddy creates a special storybook cake for the Hans Christian Andersen Storytelling Center in NY. A gymnastics team hopes for a special best friends cake for a going away party for a teammate. Plus, Grace disguises herself as a customer.

  • Buddy is asked to recreate traditional Turkish water marbling on a cake. Plus, a cake for a toy company brings out everyone's inner child. Mary takes steps to realize a life-long dream of becoming a foot model.

  • The NY Botanical Gardens is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, and they want Buddy to make the cake. Repeat customers return 10 years later with plans in hand. Carlo's made their original wedding cake and now they want 5 full cakes to celebrate.

  • Buddy must create a birthday cake for twins who are exact opposites.

  • Buddy and the team create a pirate-themed cake and Buddy prepares for the opening of a new bakery in Connecticut.

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Nobody is an "it." Nobody. Some people still haven't gotten that memo. Former "RuPaul's Drag Race" personality Carmen Carrera meant well appearing on Monday night's "Cake Boss." She felt she could make some headway for the transgender community. Instead, she ended up feeling like a humiliated, betrayed joke-butt.

It's a Boy: TLC's 'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro Adds Fourth New Family Member

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Buddy Valastro - aka the Cake Boss from TLC’s "The Cake Boss" - and his wife had their fourth baby on Monday morning.

Valastro tweeted to his fans: "Lisa had a baby boy! Carlo Salvatore was born today at 5:11pm! Mom and baby are doing great!! Baby Carlo is 7lb 3oz and 20 inches long."

Valastro told People Magazine that "we feel so blessed to welcome a healthy new baby into our family.