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90-Day Fiance looks into how five couples are handling their international dating and marriage plans, with the five women traveling to different parts of the United States on K-1 Visa's, also known as a 90-Day Fiance Visa, to be with their American Fiances. Louis is from Indiana and met fiance Aya who is from the Philippines through an International dating site. Mike is from Ohio and was paired on an International language learning website with Aziza from Volgograd, Russia. Oklahoman Russ met fiance Paola in Colombia when on assignment for his job. Alan, a devout Mormon living in Los Angeles, met fiance Kirlyam on a missionary trip to Brazil. Last but not least is Arizona Businessman Len who met Alina in an Ukraine coffee shop while traveling

The couples legally have 90-Days to overcome the language barriers, skepticism of friends and debunking of the fiance's extended family members stigmas of the engagement. All this as they attempt not only to plan a wedding within a 90-Day deadline, but to learn about each other, something most couples take years to do.

At the end of the 90-Days who will end up being married and who will be returning back to their home countries?

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
4 Seasons, 47 Episodes
January 12, 2014
Reality, Romance
Cast: Amy, Casia, Chelsea, Danielle
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90 Day Fiance Full Episode Guide

  • The couples from season 4 of 90 Day Fianca gather together for a sit down with Shaun Robinson to review all the drama of this past season and expose what they're up to now.

  • Jorge and Anfisa have a blowout fight on the way to the altar. Matt fears Patrick will object at his wedding. Narkyia debates ending her relationship with Lowo. Nicole has bad news for Azan.

  • Anfisa may be heading back to Russia. Nicole can't get in contact with Azan. Chantel & Pedro are concerned no one will come to their wedding. Lowo's pal reveals a disturbing secret to Narkiya

  • Anfisa pushes Jorge too far and Alla reveals a secret.

  • Anfisa kicks Jorge out and Chantel is faced with an ultimatum.

  • Anfisa reveals her true intentions, Chantel begs for forgiveness and Nicole is unsure if she should move ahead with the visa.

  • Nicole fights to keep up with Azan, with time running out Chantel is forced to tell her family the truth and Anfisa chooses to model.

  • Azan has a surprise for Nicole, Chantel has a breakdown, Anfisa tries on a $45,000 gown and Narkiya hasn't heard from Lowo.

  • Jorge reveals a major secret about his past to Anfisa and we meet Narkiya whose fiance Lowo catfished her.

  • Alla, Anfisa and Nicole attempt to make good first impressions while meeting friends and family. On Happily Ever After, Mohamed enjoys his time with Luisa and Pao plans a visit to Miami without Russ to further her modeling career.

  • The journey begins for two couples. Following an intense argument, Jorge wonders if he still has a fiance. Nicole says goodbye to America and lands in Morocco to meet her fiance Azan in person for the first time ever.

  • The Americans get ready for their partners' arrival and cope with nervousness before each relationship's 90-day clock starts.

  • Mark encourages Nikki to sign a pre-nup; Alexei attempts to schedule a flight home with Loren in tears; Carolina faces her soon-to-be Mother-in-Law; Josh has wedding night worries while Melanie fights with her emotions; Kyle is concerned his mother won't come.

  • Relive all the memorable moments between Danielle and her Tunisian fianc├ę Mohamed, from their meeting online to his arrival in the U.S.

  • Mark asks Nikki to sign a pre-nup. Loren is in tears as Alexei looks at flights home. Carolina confronts her future Mother-in-Law. Melanie can't contain her emotions before the big day. Josh has wedding night jitters and Kyle hopes his mother will show up

  • Loren's Bachelorette weekend gets Alexei reeling. Noon finally meets Kyle's estranged Mom. Aleksandra questions if she is too young for marriage. Nikki falls in love with an expensive dress in NYC. Carolina worries about Fernando's womanizing ways.

  • Tension mounts with Fernando's mom. Mark's past comes back to haunt him. Alexandra's parents arrive in America and question the Mormon lifestyle. Noon addresses Kyle's distance from his family and Alexei and Loren argue about his modeling career.

  • A call home to Alexie's parents leaves Lauren emotional. Josh's plan to cheer Aleksandra up backfires. Nikki questions her move to America.

  • Josh's family can't believe Aleksandra's past; Melanie looks for a ring and is introduced to Devar's mom; Mark and Nikki have a hard time adjusting to their cohabitation; Kyle goes the extra mile to show his love for Noon; Fernando has negative information for Carolina.

  • Nikki is introduced to Mark's daughter, who is older than she is; Noon isn't happy with Kyle's home; Melanie's sister wonders what Devar's aspirations are; Loren and Alexei find out about his visa status; and a look at Fernando and Carolina.

  • Loren is scared to introduce Alexei to her parents; Mark is excited for Nikki to arrive; Devar meets Melanie's boy; Josh puts together a surprise for Alexsandra's birthday; Kyle and Noon are the newest couple.

  • Six new couples are shown and the Americans get to know their foreign sweethearts better.

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