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90-Day Fiance looks into how five couples are handling their international dating and marriage plans, with the five women traveling to different parts of the United States on K-1 Visa's, also known as a 90-Day Fiance Visa, to be with their American Fiances. Louis is from Indiana and met fiance Aya who is from the Philippines through an International dating site. Mike is from Ohio and was paired on an International language learning website with Aziza from Volgograd, Russia. Oklahoman Russ met fiance Paola in Colombia when on assignment for his job. Alan, a devout Mormon living in Los Angeles, met fiance Kirlyam on a missionary trip to Brazil. Last but not least is Arizona Businessman Len who met Alina in an Ukraine coffee shop while traveling

The couples legally have 90-Days to overcome the language barriers, skepticism of friends and debunking of the fiance's extended family members stigmas of the engagement. All this as they attempt not only to plan a wedding within a 90-Day deadline, but to learn about each other, something most couples take years to do.

At the end of the 90-Days who will end up being married and who will be returning back to their home countries?

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
6 Seasons, 71 Episodes
January 12, 2014
Reality, Romance
Cast: Elizabeth Potthast, Amy, Casia, Chelsea
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90 Day Fiance Full Episode Guide

  • Ashley & Jay elope in Vegas. Colt & Larissa argue in front of friends. Steven applies for Richie's American passport. Leida meets with Eric's ex-wife. Jon upsets Fernanda by staying out late with a friend. Kalani & Asuelu get news that changes everything.

  • Leida kicks Tasha out of the house; Jonathan's past catches up to him; Ashley and Jay worry about their safety; Kalani confronts Asuelu about their issues; Steven and Olga's plans get derailed; and Larissa and John have an explosive fight.

  • Colt & Larissa consider moving out. Steven & Olga question their relationship. Fernanda tries to connect with Jon's mom. Ashley & Jay change their wedding plans. Asuelu storms off during an argument with Kalani. Eric & Leida reach a breaking point.

  • Olga is upset with Steven's attitude; Leida tells Eric's daughter to move out; Colt and Larissa look at wedding venues; Ashley confronts Jay about his untrustworthy behavior; Fernanda meets Jonathan's skeptical mom; and Kalani tests Asuelu's parenting ability.

  • Jonathan & Fernanda continue their fight. Colt has a surprise for Larissa. Jay feels uncomfortable at Ashley's local market. Kalani & Asuelu move to Utah. Leida questions coming to the America. Olga has complications while in labor.

  • Leida's family arrives in New York City; Ashley's friends throw a party for Jay; Asuelu tells his side of the story to Kolini; Larissa clashes with Debbie over a big decision; Fernanda and Jonathan fight at the club; Olga feels contractions and gets unexpected news.

  • Ashley & Jay land in America. Steven & Olga prepare for their baby's arrival. Larissa meets her new roommate - Colt's mom. Fernanda has a talk with Jon's friend Dani. Leida's sister Reina questions Leida's future with Eric. Asuelu meets Kalani's dad.

  • Colt heads to the airport to meet Larissa. Asuelu has a special surprise for Kalani. Steven prepares to go to Russia. Ashley heads to Jamaica for Jay's visa interview. Eric is nervous about impressing Leida. Fernanda and Jon have dinner with his friends.

  • In the Season 6 premiere, everyone is on edge as the foreign partners get ready to arrive. The 90-day couples face cynical family and stressful visa situations, and one new arrival has her American dreams crushed when she arrives to a disappointing discovery.

  • 90 Day Fiance is going live! Following a new episode of 90 Day Fiance, join host Michelle Collins as she takes your burning social media questions and dishes the dirt with familiar guests, including Colt's mom Debbie, and Angela from Before the 90 Days.

  • Relive the trials and tribulations of Nicole and Azan's long-distance love from Florida to Morocco. The couple endures infidelity, culture clashes and money problems. Is their love strong enough to lead them down the wedding aisle? W W W Relive the trials and tribulations of Nicole and Azan's long-distance love from Florida to Morocco. The couple endures infidelity, culture clashes and money problems. Is their love strong enough to lead them down the wedding aisle?

  • Molly shockingly reveals that she married Luis; David invites Ashley to his wedding; Nicole gets an update about Azan's visa application; Evelyn and David, and Elizabeth and Andrei get married. Later, the couples discuss this season's biggest moments.

  • Nicole returns from Morocco; Andrei confronts Elizabeth's sister; Annie decides if she'll stay in America with David; Aika meets Josh's mom before their Vegas wedding; David and Evelyn finalize wedding prep. Also: a shocking reveal for Molly and Luis.

  • Nicole & Azan say goodbye in Morocco. David's kids meet Annie and it turns hostile. Molly confronts Luis about his negative comments. Elizabeth hits Miami for her bachelorette party. Evelyn & David discuss their fight. Josh & Aika see a fertility doctor.

  • Molly asks Luis to step up as a parent; David and Annie head to Kentucky; Elizabeth and Andrei have new plans for their wedding; David won't talk about the wedding night with Evelyn; Nicole and Azan have a big decision to make; Josh and Aika argue about babies.

  • Nicole & Azan have a big fight. David's drinking concerns Annie. Andrei sets his rules for Elizabeth's bachelorette party. Luis worries about the death of his single life. Evelyn's family begins to see the real David. Josh's friend has doubts about Aika

  • David and Annie begin the 90 Days. Andrei arrives and meets Elizabeth's dad. Luis questions staying in America and becoming a stepdad. Evelyn & David disagree about where they'll live. Nicole struggles at the gym with Azan. Aika considers going home.

  • Things get heated between Luis and Molly; Andrei reveals the status of his visa to Elizabeth; Azan and Nicole discuss finances; Evelyn and David struggle with wedding costs; Josh wants Aika to begin modeling; Annie cries over David's actions.

  • Nicole & Azan introduce May to his family. Elizabeth lands in Ireland to big news from Andrei. Luis clashes with Molly's family. David meets Evelyn's friends and the night ends in tears. David & Annie have an engagement party. Aika arrives in America.

  • The first morning in America is off to a rough start for both Evelyn & David and Molly & Luis. In Morocco, Nicole and Azan disagree on how to parent May. Elizabeth's lawyer gives distressing news about Andrei's visa. David meets Annie's parents.

  • The 90 days begin for two couples as foreign fiancĂ©s land in the U.S. Meanwhile, Elizabeth's friends have concerns about Andrei before she heads to Ireland; and Azan welcomes Nicole and May in Morocco, and is faced with parenting a toddler.

  • Evelyn's best friend thinks she is moving too fast. Despite her mother's resistance, Nicole and May leave for Morocco. David struggles to come up with enough money to satisfy Annie's family. Molly's conservative father questions Luis' intentions.

  • In this season 5 premiere, couples who have their K-1 visa now begin their journey to the alter. Their foreign mates will travel to the US and have 90 days to get married, or leave the country. But some wait in limbo for visa approval.

  • The most outrageous moments from extreme fights to romantic nights, with bombshells dropped and secrets revealed.

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