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Married by Mom and Dad is an intriguing reality show slash social experiment in which parents choose the potential suitors for their children, dating and getting to know the suitors before presenting their choices to their children. In the show, parents wade through seas of potential spouses for their children and pick out who they think are the great catch. During each episode, families interact and suitors are discussed and to no ones surprise there are often differing opinions and emotional tension runs high. What matters to parents and the qualities they would choose in a spouse for their child are not necessarily what come to the son or daughters mind when thinking of their dream mate.

Four single and hopeful 30 somethings turn to their parents to choose their mates after traditional dating methods have come up dry; together they navigate the muddy waters of voluntary, arranged marriages, for better or worse. Sparks fly and families learn how to communicate and compromise in this show that experiments with modernizing antiquated cultural customs.

Married by Mom and Dad is a Comedy, Reality, Romance series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on December 13, 2015. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.4.

Married by Mom and Dad is available for streaming on the TLC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Married by Mom and Dad on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, TLC, Google Play, iTunes online.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on TLC
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
December 13, 2015
Comedy, Reality, Romance
Cast: Emily Rhoads
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Married by Mom and Dad Full Episode Guide

  • Ursula moves in with Devin. Tahnee and Matt work on their marriage. Billy drops a bombshell on Bethany. Marissa tells her father that she quits the process.

  • Tahnee weds; Bethany and Billy's relationship is filled with tension; Ursula comes home from her trip.

  • Devin contacts an old romance; Tahnee's team finally proposes; Marissa starts planning her nuptials; Bethany makes an impression on Billy's parents.

  • Ursula's pals aren't certain Devin is a decent guy and doubt his trustworthiness; Tahnee comes unglued while trying on wedding dresses; Billy moves in with Bethany and learns she's a bit messy; Marissa and Leslie meet a possible spouse.

  • Tahnee receives upsetting news from her team that they couldn't pick out a husband for her; Bethany and Billy reveal their love for each other; Marissa's date wishes to make a positive first impression; Devin and Ursula talk about difficult events in their pasts.

  • Wedding dress anxiety haunts Bethany on her big day; Devin and Ursula go on their honeymoon and sift through their emotional troubles; Tahnee's mother and stepmother can't agree on a suitable spouse for her; Marissa's dad departs unexpectedly.

  • Bethany gets ready for her nuptials; Devin has brunch with Ursula's kin; Marissa is shocked to learn her dad fled town; two possible husbands meet Tahnee's parental representatives of her mom, stepmother and "bonus dad."

  • Devin's day of his nuptials arrives and he gets ready to meet his bride for the first time; Tahnee's mother starts her search to find her daughter's spouse; Bethany's parents are devided between potential suitors; Marissa's father is called away unexpectedly.

  • Devin's parents decide on his match but wonder how he'll react when they meet for the first time on the day of their nuptials. Meanwhile, Bethany's mom and dad start their dating schedule; and Marissa's possible suitor has an awkward exchange with her father at a gun range.

  • Four singles are introduced in the Season 2 opener.

  • Season One wraps up with John scared about his upcoming wedding ceremony; Emily's friend wondering about Mitch's sexuality; and Christina questioning if she can really live with Tom.

  • Mitch and Emily's honeymoon finishes on bad terms; Christina and Tom cope with bedtime arrangements on their first evening as a married couple; John is scared to be wedded to Chandler.

  • John's parents introduce him to his future wife; Emily's trust issues become apparent during her honeymoon with Mitch; Christina is anxious to meet her future husband at the altar; Manny decides to make amends with Marivic.

  • Mitch and Emily get married; John's parents pop the question to their favorite pick for him; Marivic is curious whether Edna will continue even though Manny quit; Derald and Becky think they have run across the best match for Christina and propose.

  • Marivic has a disagreement with her father concerning her suitors. Mitch's bride-to-be purchases her dress but won't tell her family about her wedding plans. John's mom and dad propose to their favorite choice. Christina's parents keep up their quest for her spouse.

  • Marivic doesn't get along with his date's dad; after his parents make their decision, Mitch proposes to the girl; Christina and her parents contemplate what to do next; John takes his potential matches on dates.

  • Mitch goes out one last time before his parents make their big decision; Christina comes up against trials the day of her nuptials; John's mom and dad meet Kristina as they get ready to choose his wife.

  • Mitch goes out with two ladies chosen by his parents; Marivic's parents go on their final date; John lets his friends know he is getting hitched while his parents are introduced to his first candidate; Christina is hesitant to meet her parents' choice.

  • Mitch's parents go on a final date and prep him to meet their final choices. Christina's parents propose to the man they want her to marry. Marivic's best friend is shocked to hear that she's letting her parents pick her spouse. And we meet John.

  • Four unlucky-in-love singles let their parents date prospective suitors and pick the person they should marry.