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7 Little Johnstons is a TV documentary that follows the life of a family who all have dwarfism. The parents have two biological children and have adopted three other children. They are unique because they refuse to modify their house. They raise their children to learn how to adapt to the world around them, not have that world adapt to them. This show follows their every day lives and the daily struggles they come up against and how they fix those problems. This documentary shows the Johnstons are just a normal family trying to get through their lives.

7 Little Johnstons is a Comedy, Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (61 episodes). The series first aired on March 24, 2015. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.9.

7 Little Johnstons is available for streaming on the TLC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 7 Little Johnstons on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, TLC, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Tuesdays 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
7 Seasons, 61 Episodes
March 24, 2015
Comedy, Kids & Family
Cast: Nancy Schmitt Farkas
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7 Little Johnstons Full Episode Guide

  • Anna is finally ready to leave for college, and the excitement sets in as she and her sisters do some back-to-school shopping; a family dinner gets tense as Trent upsets Emma.

  • School is back in session, with mixed feelings from the kids; Alex and Emma dress up as historical characters for a social studies project while Jonah's new college schedule worries Trent.

  • The family is back home from their two week California vacation and the start of the school year is approaching fast. Anna breaks down as she prepares to start college, and Trent & Amber worry Liz is getting too hot and heavy with her new boyfriend.

  • The Johnston kids enjoy a week in San Francisco for their annual little people's conference where Emma reunites with her bff Lucca and Anna finds herself a date, but trouble arises when the family is heckled in public.

  • Before the Johnstons attend their annual little people's conference in San Francisco, Trent and Amber decide to start the trip in San Diego drive up in an RV. Everyone is excited for the destination, but can they survive a week in an RV together?

  • The Johnstons camp out in the backyard while renovations are underway, and Amber decides to make the family go tech-free by locking everyone's phone away for the weekend. Can five teenagers survive without technology or is someone going to crack?

  • Emma is diagnosed with a speech disorder which she must overcome in order to lead summer camp activities. Worried about her ability to lead a group, Trent and Amber take the family to an improv class to help Emma think on her feet.

  • The Johnstons pursue their family history with the help of a genealogist and get some unexpected results. Jonah deals with the fallout from being kicked out of college, while Trent and Amber turn to a professional for help.

  • The Johnstons pamper themselves with mud masks before getting down and dirty at a princess themed mud run. Jonah gives Trent and Amber some devastating news and Trent receives the results from his gallbladder scan.

  • It's prom season and Liz and Anna are ready to party, with dresses bought and dates lined up. Amber is turning the big 4-0 and the family devises a surprise trip to Hilton Head to celebrate.

  • Family therapy reveals that Emma has been relying on her parents and siblings to speak for her; the Johnstons vow that they will no longer come to Emma's rescue, so it's sink or swim when she has to give a speech in front of a huge crowd.

  • Alex and Emma are both excited to attend their school's Valentine's Day dance; Anna has finally earned the privilege to drive alone; after months of tension, Amber's at her wit's end, so she and Trent make an appointment to see a therapist.

  • Liz is feeling great after the end of her relationship last year. She's exercising, painting and has even signed up to race in a 5K with Emma and Anna. She also has a new love interest, but will Trent and Amber be ok with her dating again?

  • The Johnstons hit the Big Apple for vacation, seeing the sights and making a special trip to Coney Island to learn the history of sideshows.

  • The Johnstons go big for Christmas with a giant tree and an even bigger party for hundreds of little people; they work to pull everything together in time, before it all comes toppling down.

  • The Johnstons throw a Halloween party, but agreeing on a costume theme proves problematic. A trip to a haunted house winds up being more frightening than some of the kids bargained for. Stress takes a toll on Trent's health, giving the family a scare.

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