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Tales from the Cryptkeeper is a horror anthology series. It is animated and aimed at children, so it is less scary than other horror anthology series. Many of the episodes feature classic horror and campfire stories or are a retelling of classic stories with horror twist. Each story is introduced by the Cryptkeeper, a terrifying character who appears in many of the episodes. In later episodes more emphasis is placed on the educational nature of the series, as requirements for children's programming changed, and the later episodes all feature some kind of moral or lesson, as opposed to earlier episodes where the moral was ambiguous.

Saturdays on CBS
2 Seasons, 39 Episodes
September 18, 1993
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: John Kassir
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Tales From the Cryptkeeper Full Episode Guide

  • Randall loves to invent things, even if it means destroying other people's belongings. His self imposed title as "Master of all Mechanical Things", quickly gets forgotten as the appliances he's rigged up suddenly turn on him.

  • Fourteen year old Erin has little else to do in her small town than to make up stories. Infact, she has developed quite the reputation for crying wolf. When Ben Arnold arrives on the scene proposing a business deal to Erin's mother the Mayor, the town is put in jeopardy.

  • When Eight-year-old Mary Anne moves to a new neighborhood, she meets two boys who don't know the meaning of kindness. Teenagers Leo and Jamie find great joy in teasing the new girl instead of making her feel welcome. Mary Anne has one friend however, who plans on giving the boys a taste of their own medicine!

  • Aspiring artist Ralph Philips is focused on perfecting his art. When he finds a deserted old mechanical pencil, Ralph quickly goes to work creating revenge sequences upon the boys that bully him. Mike and Brett harass Ralph for drawing, however the drawings come to life and harass them!

  • Fourteen year old Julia is obsessed with being beautiful. Her best friend Marty thinks that she is plenty attractive but, Julia believes that a miracle cream she sees advertised will make her "so very attractive". When she finds the cream at a mysterious drug store, she quickly purchases the potion and slathers it on.

  • Thirteen year old Greg Davis hates books. He hates looking at them, he hates hearing about them, but most of all, he hates reading them. No matter how much his friend Jay encourages him to give them a try, Greg won't budge. His fate is decided for him however, when his teacher assigns a book report due the following week.

  • Richard and his younger brother Stephen, are willing to try anything to design the winning Science Fair project. When their latest experiment goes awry, the boys decide to get rid of the barrel of experiments past, however the Hazardous Waste Depot is clear on the other side of town.

  • Evan Wagner will do anything to get out of doing his homework, including lie to his teacher. When his friends dare him to tell the classic "Monster's ate my homework" lie, to their disbelief Evan gets away with it; or so he thinks.

  • Selfish eight year old Shauna doesn't like to share, especially with her five year old sister Katie. Unable to share even her most neglected toys with her sister, Shauna greedily guards all of her possessions.

  • When surfer dudes Ben and Mike mistakenly travel to Austria instead of Australia, they find themselves aboard the midnight run of the Translyvania Express railway. But there's only one problem... when they find him, what do they do with him?

  • Questing through the dark, thick "dangerous" forest on a dire search for food, our starving brothers Chuck and Melvin come across an eerie Trading Post where they trade off Chuck's beloved horse Splendour for a bag of magic.

  • A greedy Hunter sets his sights in the deepest foliage of the Amazon Jungle recklessly trapping as many animals as he can, prepared to sell them to the highest bidders. The youngest boy of the local tribe, "the kid", tells the tale of Onnaya, warning the Hunter of the beast that changes form.

  • Uncle Harry is a miserable old grump who wouldn't know how to have a good time if it ran up and bit him. While spending an afternoon at the local carnival with his six year old nephew Jeremy, Uncle Harry is reluctantly coaxed onto a ride through the Horrible House of Horrors.

  • When neighbourhood Ghost, Goblin and Troll Expert "Sheldon" tells his best buddy Eddie that there's a Troll under the bridge and it's following him home, Eddie has no choice but to take every and all precautions. This includes bathing in vinegar, wearing foil hats and wearing mom's housecoat, the pockets filled with chalk

  • Wendell has had his share of bullying from pranksters Chet and Louie, but even their most malicious pranks can't stop Wendell from pursuing the attention of his latest interest; Rose, the new "geek" in town. Rose is a little timid and her family is a little more than unusual, but Wendell can't help but want to be around her.

  • Convinced that his Aunt Melva is too old and helpless to live on her own, a young city boy named Dale drives out to the "sticks" to retrieve her. He soon finds himself in the middle of a bizarre turn of events when his Aunt, her dog Buster, and everyone else in the town goes missing.

  • Seventeen year old Nathan is a star athlete who would do anything to play pro basketball. When Nathan's fast talking Manager Marvin sets up a big time match with an unknown challenger who promises to put Nathan on Easy Street, younger brother Erin knows it's too good to be true.

  • After months of researching the disappearance of a 1930's Mad Scientist, an adventurous Cub Reporter named Sally decides to follow up her leads and drive out to a sleepy town where she suspects the doctor might still be hiding out.

  • After a sleepless night at a creepy Victorian Inn, and a spine chilling visit from a real ghost; the girls soon find themselves caught up in the middle of an eerie puzzle that involves a ship that sunk at sea, a tattered teddy bear at the town's Curio Shop, and a century old mystery of The Weeping Woman.

  • Ten year old Jimmy is afraid to sleep in the dark, -- almost as much as he's afraid of the mean old lady at the variety store, the Mongrel that chases him home every day, and the bully who constantly torments him.;While digging in Greece, a greedy Fortune Hunter searches out the ancient cave ruins of the Greek legend Medusa.

  • When Buddy and Vince skip school one too many times to play their favourite video arcade game "Monster Attack", they find themselves magically transformed into a real life version of the game.

  • Radical surf dudes Mike and Ben decide to take Ben's father's most bodacious speedboat for a spin - without permission. On the way out of the marina, they bounce it off a dock, and soon the craft is sunk!

  • Petey and the rest of the guys are looking forward to a week of summer R and R at Camp Rockbotom - until flat-topped Counsellor Bill call them to attention and informs them that there will be no time for fun.

  • Naomi is extremely self-conscious about her height. That, plus the fact that she's the only girl on her class field trip to the Egyptian Pyramids, is all ammo her wisecracking classmates need to make her life miserable.

  • Best friends Camille and Mildred are obsessed with monsters and vampires. They love scaring themselves, and each other, with movies, books and stories.

  • Wendell the nerd never wanted any trouble. In fact, he did everything he could to fit in and earn the respect of tough jock Rex Reavis and his friends, including dismissing all their cruel practical jokes with a shrug and a laugh.

  • A caveman is defrosted and has trouble adjusting to the future.

  • Craig and William are just about the only two people left who care about Rottmucker's Wax Museum and its collection of classic monsters. Unfortunately, since old man Rottmucker has passed away, it looks like slimy lawyer Boswick is going to get his hands on the property and ruin it for everybody.

  • Self-centered and conceited Prince Charming has only two goals in life: to look maahvelous, daaahling, and to reach the castle of Sleeping Beauty in order to kiss her out of her spell (so he can live the good life with her riches).

  • Young Randy is reluctant to accompany his Uncle Ned on a fishing trip? Ned is the kind of "sportsman" who leaves fish lying all over the beach, rather than throwing back what he doesn't need.

  • Strict teacher Felix Purdy has always been tough on his students, particularly on introverted dreamer Daryl Kregman. All Daryl wants is to transfer into a creative writing class, but Purdy refuses; no one transfers out of his class, ever.

  • On a family picnic, brothers Rick and Teddy spend their time keeping three year-old sister Becky out of trouble, and waging war on a hill of ants with squirt guns and magnifying glasses.

  • Brothers Dwight and Stu are willing to do just about anything to come up with the money for a new P-11 Baja Sandslicer dirtbike, including stealing.

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