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Tales from the Cryptkeeper is a horror anthology series. It is animated and aimed at children, so it is less scary than other horror anthology series. Many of the episodes feature classic horror and campfire stories or are a retelling of classic stories with horror twist. Each story is introduced by the Cryptkeeper, a terrifying character who appears in many of the episodes. In later episodes more emphasis is placed on the educational nature of the series, as requirements for children's programming changed, and the later episodes all feature some kind of moral or lesson, as opposed to earlier episodes where the moral was ambiguous.

Saturdays on CBS
1 Season, 40 Episodes
September 18, 1993
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: John Kassir
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Tales From the Cryptkeeper Full Episode Guide

  • Evan Wagner will do anything to get out of doing his homework, including lie to his teacher.

  • Randall loves to invent things, even if it means destroying other people's belongings. His self imposed title as "Master of all Mechanical Things", quickly gets forgotten as the appliances he's rigged up suddenly turn on him.

  • Fourteen year old Erin has little else to do in her small town than to make up stories. Infact, she has developed quite the reputation for crying wolf. When Ben Arnold arrives on the scene proposing a business deal to Erin's mother the Mayor, the town is put in jeopardy.

  • When Eight-year-old Mary Anne moves to a new neighborhood, she meets two boys who don't know the meaning of kindness. Teenagers Leo and Jamie find great joy in teasing the new girl instead of making her feel welcome. Mary Anne has one friend however, who plans on giving the boys a taste of their own medicine!

  • Aspiring artist Ralph Philips is focused on perfecting his art. When he finds a deserted old mechanical pencil, Ralph quickly goes to work creating revenge sequences upon the boys that bully him. Mike and Brett harass Ralph for drawing, however the drawings come to life and harass them!

  • Fourteen year old Julia is obsessed with being beautiful. Her best friend Marty thinks that she is plenty attractive but, Julia believes that a miracle cream she sees advertised will make her "so very attractive". When she finds the cream at a mysterious drug store, she quickly purchases the potion and slathers it on.

  • Thirteen year old Greg Davis hates books. He hates looking at them, he hates hearing about them, but most of all, he hates reading them. No matter how much his friend Jay encourages him to give them a try, Greg won't budge. His fate is decided for him however, when his teacher assigns a book report due the following week.

  • Richard and his younger brother Stephen, are willing to try anything to design the winning Science Fair project. When their latest experiment goes awry, the boys decide to get rid of the barrel of experiments past, however the Hazardous Waste Depot is clear on the other side of town.

  • Evan Wagner will do anything to get out of doing his homework, including lie to his teacher. When his friends dare him to tell the classic "Monster's ate my homework" lie, to their disbelief Evan gets away with it; or so he thinks.

  • Selfish eight year old Shauna doesn't like to share, especially with her five year old sister Katie. Unable to share even her most neglected toys with her sister, Shauna greedily guards all of her possessions.

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