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  • TV-Y7
  • 1983
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.8  (23,478)

Inspector Gadget is a classic animated television show that originally aired from 1983 to 1986. It is a Canadian-American production that was created by DIC Entertainment and produced by Nelvana. The show follows the adventures of a bumbling detective named Inspector Gadget, who works for a fictional law enforcement agency called the Metro City Police Department.

The main character, Inspector Gadget, is voiced by Martin Roach. He is a cyborg detective who is equipped with all sorts of high-tech gadgets and gizmos that he uses to solve crimes. These gadgets include extendable arms and legs, rocket skates, a helicopter hat, and many others. However, despite his impressive array of gadgets, Inspector Gadget is not the most skilled detective. In fact, he is often quite clumsy and tends to solve crimes by accident.

Helping Inspector Gadget in his investigations is his niece Penny, voiced by Tara Strong. Penny is a young girl who is incredibly intelligent and resourceful. She often helps her uncle solve crimes by using a computer book called the "Brain," which allows her to communicate with her dog Brain, who also helps with the investigations. Penny is also skilled in martial arts and is not afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to fighting crime.

Rounding out the trio is the bumbling, incompetent, and hilariously named Chief Quimby, voiced by Lyon Smith. Chief Quimby is always popping up at random times to deliver mission briefings to Inspector Gadget, but he tends to get himself in trouble more often than not. He also has a habit of delivering his briefings in unusual ways, such as through self-destructing messages or disguised as everyday objects.

Other recurring characters in the series include Dr. Claw, the mysterious and never-seen leader of the crime syndicate that Inspector Gadget is constantly battling. Dr. Claw's face is always obscured, and his distinctive voice is provided by actor Frank Welker. Dr. Claw's minions include the robotic M.A.D. Cat and various henchmen, all of whom are constantly hatching schemes to take over the world.

The show's animation style is classic 80s cartoon fare, with bright colors and exaggerated character designs that are instantly recognizable. The show's theme song is also incredibly catchy and has become a beloved piece of pop culture. The show's humor is often slapstick and silly, but it can also be quite clever at times.

Overall, Inspector Gadget is a fun and iconic animated television show that has entertained generations of viewers. Its lovable characters, memorable gadgets, and classic animation style make it a true classic of the 80s era. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to the series, Inspector Gadget is a show that is sure to entertain and delight.

Inspector Gadget is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (231 episodes). The series first aired on September 12, 1983.

Inspector Gadget
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Gadget and the Red Rose
21. Gadget and the Red Rose
February 1, 1986
INSPECTOR GADGET and Capeman have been testing out their new invention, the Gadzooka (a bazooka that shoots acid sour cream).
Gadget and Old Lace
20. Gadget and Old Lace
January 25, 1986
GADGET has ordered a new watch.
Gadget Meets the Clan
19. Gadget Meets the Clan
January 18, 1986
Dr. Claw, frustrated at the poor quality of MAD agents, goes to ask the help of a very old Sicilian don, the Great, Great Godfather.
Gadget's Clean Sweep
18. Gadget's Clean Sweep
January 11, 1986
Dr. Claw has located GADGET'S l9th Century relatives, living in London. He sends Thelma back in time to dispose of them, thus doing away with GADGET at the same time.
Gadget's Roma
17. Gadget's Roma
January 4, 1986
When Quimby learns Thelma is being sent back to ancient Rome to learn the Secret of Roma inscribed on a mosaic at the Forum, he sends GADGET to stop her in the time machine.
Tyrannosaurus Gadget
16. Tyrannosaurus Gadget
December 28, 1985
With the aid of a time machine, Dr. Claw plots to go back in time to destroy GADGET'S ancestors in order to eliminate GADGET as well as bring back dinosaurs to rule Metro City.
N.S.F. Gadget
15. N.S.F. Gadget
December 21, 1985
With a black box controlled by his console, Dr. Claw schemes with the twin scientists, Null and Void, to intercept Metro City's bank transactions by manipulating their satellite transmissions.
Mad in the Moon
14. Mad in the Moon
December 14, 1985
To celebrate his birthday, Dr. Claw has Null and Void invent Kewpie doll bombs to explode on the moon and create the MAD logo.
Focus on Gadget
13. Focus on Gadget
December 7, 1985
Dr. Claw, with the help of identical twin MAD scientists Null and Void, steals a space station to extort millions of dollars from the earth's citizens.
Busy Signal
12. Busy Signal
November 30, 1985
GADGET, with Penny and Brain's assistance, investigates a rash of mysterious mansion burglaries in Metro City.
Ghost Catchers
11. Ghost Catchers
November 23, 1985
Quimby informs GADGET that ghosts are in the homes of Metro City's most distinguished families and a MAD plot is suspected.
Bad Dreams Are Made of This
10. Bad Dreams Are Made of This
November 16, 1985
Dr. Claw, with the aid of Dr. Spectrum and Bert Sweetley, uses a dream beam to give the citizens of Metro City nightmares.
Gadget Meets the Grappler
9. Gadget Meets the Grappler
November 9, 1985
GADGET is planning a trip on the Oriental Express Mystery Tour Train and is warned by Quimby about a MAD plot to kill him while he's aboard.
The Incredible Shrinking Gadget
8. The Incredible Shrinking Gadget
November 2, 1985
Dr. Claw hires Dr. Shieskopf to invent a shrinking ray gun to shrink INSPECTOR GADGET down to the size of a mouse.
Gadget in Mini-Madness
7. Gadget in Mini-Madness
October 26, 1985
Dr. Claw plots with Dr. Shieskopf to eliminate GADGET with his latest invention, the Linguinis, which are five little men with teeth sharp enough to chew up any material object.
Gadget's Gadgets
6. Gadget's Gadgets
October 19, 1985
Dr. Claw plots with Dr. Noodleman to dismantle GADGET of his gadgets with the aid of various vintage hospital surgical tools.
Crash Course in Crime
5. Crash Course in Crime
October 12, 1985
As INSPECTOR GADGET is washing the Gadgetmobile, GADGET promises to teach Capeman the rules of crime fighting.
The Capeman Cometh
4. The Capeman Cometh
October 5, 1985
Chief Quimby reveals to INSPECTOR GADGET a MAD plot to steal Metro City's gold.
Wambini Predicts
3. Wambini Predicts
September 28, 1985
Chief Quimby warns INSPECTOR GADGET of a MAD plot to steal the famous King of Alpacastan's llama that spits diamonds.
The Great Wambini's Sance
2. The Great Wambini's Sance
September 21, 1985
Pets owned by the city's rich and famous are disappearing.
Magic Gadget
1. Magic Gadget
September 14, 1985
Dr. Claw schemes with two magicians, the Lesser and the Great Wambini, to steal gold bars from the bank vault.
401. Smelderado
September 13, 1983
Dr. Stench, an agent of M.A.D., has invented a substance that makes gold smell terrible. Since smelly gold cannot be kept in bank vaults, it will be valueless in international markets. Protected by his stuffed nose, Inspector Gadget, guards the national gold reserve at Fort Bucks
Quimby Exchange
402. Quimby Exchange
September 13, 1983
Inspector Gadget protects Nick Defecto. M.A.D. is trying to destroy him because of the secret he knows.
Weather in Tibet
403. Weather in Tibet
September 13, 1983
M.A.D. has invented a weather machine that controls the weather and is demanding money from cities. Inspector Gadget has to find and destroy the machine or else the cities will be buried in snow.
404. Unhenged
September 13, 1983
Inspector Gadget's mission is to stop M.A.D. from kidnapping the scientists of the world and holding them for ransom.
Snakin' All Over
405. Snakin' All Over
September 13, 1983
Inspector Gadget's mission is to guard a priceless coin collection from the evil clutches of M.A.D.
In Seine
406. In Seine
September 13, 1983
Millionaires in Paris are being robbed of their jewels and money. M.A.D. is behind the plot; sending warning notes in advance. Since there is no security system to foil Dr. Claw's devilish plot, it is up to Inspector Gadget to recover the jewels.
Tree Guesses
407. Tree Guesses
September 13, 1983
Dr. Claw has invented a spray that rots wood instantly. If he is not paid one million dollars he will destroy every forest in the world. Inspector Gadget and Penny locate and destroy Dr. Claw's invention.
Birds of a Feather
408. Birds of a Feather
September 13, 1983
Inspector Gadget's mission is to foil Dr. Claw from stealing the Star of Instanbul.
So It Is Written
409. So It Is Written
September 13, 1983
M.A.D. is threatening to steal the King of Fuzug's treasure. Inspector Gadget's mission is to save the treasure from Dr. Claw.
Fang the Wonderdog
410. Fang the Wonderdog
September 13, 1983
Inspector Gadget protects Fang the Wonderdog from M.A.D. who wants to kidnap Fang and make millions in ransom.
School for Pickpockets
411. School for Pickpockets
September 14, 1983
Inspector Gadget, Brain and Penny foil the evil plans of Dr. Claw's henchman from the LeDip School for Pickpockets as they try to steal the Inspector's new watch.
412. Quizmaster
September 15, 1983
Inspector Gadget protects armored cars full of money from the dangerous Dr. Claw.
Gadget in Winterland
413. Gadget in Winterland
September 16, 1983
Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain are headed for fun and relaxation in Winterland, site of the Olympic Games. But Dr. Claw and his evil henchmen of M.A.D. have alternate plans...they want to sabotage the Games and eliminate Gadget's interfering influence forever.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 12, 1983
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (23,478)