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Sabrina Spellman is a typical middle schooler with not-so-typical magical powers. As she navigates school, friends, and crushes, Sabrina must learn she can't always rely on witchcraft to get what she wants. Sometimes she just has to work for it. Sabrina, the Animated Series is a series that is currently running and has 102 seasons (70 episodes). The series first aired on September 6, 1999.

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Weekdays 7:00 PM et/pt on Syndicated
102 Seasons, 70 Episodes
September 6, 1999
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Emily Hart, Nick Bakay, Melissa Joan Hart, Bill Switzer, Lalainia Lindbjerg
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Sabrina, the Animated Series Full Episode Guide

  • Enchantra comes to town for her Annual Witch Evaluation test. She finds Sabrina's progress unsatisfactory, and criticizes our favorite witchling by saying how Sabrina has the life! Sabrina retorts by saying how she wishes she could be a dictator like Enchantra. But Sabrina forgot that she had Salem's wishing spell in her pocket! It causes Sabrina and Enchantra to switch bodies but keep their own personalities! Thank Hades its only for 24 hours but in the mean time they must keep up the ruse. While pretending to be Enchantra, Sabrina learns that her job isn't as easy as she thought - Hey it's hard ruling the denizens of the Netherworld. And Enchantra can't figure out how Sabrina handles school, chores, homework, witchwork, etc. In the end they help each other out and have way more respect for their respective positions in life.

  • Sabrina is just sick of the winter weather. She, Chloe and Salem would give anything for one hour at the beach. Sabrina dabbles in the Spookie jar and off they go. When they get to the beach they realize they have been transformed, Sabrina and Chloe are mermaids and Salem is a catfish! They get swept away at sea and are captured by Queen Stingy. They must escape and return to the island in order to return home!

  • Hilda and Zelda want a car, and need some cash fast! Quigley explains that they need to get a good old-fashioned job. They reluctantly work at the local fast food joint, but trouble brews when Hilda gets promoted for Zelda's hard efforts. The success goes to Hilda's head and she has to hit bottom before she realizes how much she needs her sister and the importance of teamwork.

  • It is field trip time as Sabrina's class heads toward Monument Island where an important statue is kept. The class is disappointed to have chaperones and worse yet, to write a paper on it. UHGG! Sabrina decides to take matters into her own hands by kicking up a small sea storm. The storm gets outta control and they are shipwrecked on a remote island (in the Bermuda Triangle). They are in trouble when Sabrina discovers her magic won't work. The kids pull together to rebuild the ship and get out of there. They are stalled when Salem freaks out and steals the propeller of the ship. Sabrina must delve into the jungle to retrieve it... and Salem.

  • Sabrina and her classmates go on a camping adventure! Her Uncle Quigley is acting chaperone. Gem uses this opportunity to get to Sabrina by daring her to play a prank on her sweet Uncle. Sabrina does it to save face but feels horrible all the while. The tennis match of pranks goes on until Harvey is in danger. Sabrina realizes that dares are stupid and people only end up getting hurt.

  • It's Christmas time and Gem's selfish antics are driving everyone mad! Sabrina and her family conspire to show her the error of her ways by giving her a Christmas Carole type visit. After Salem, Hilda, Zelda and Sabrina visit her, Gem is still her nasty little self. It isn't until Quigley and Sabrina show up at Gem's house with a gift as a true act of kindness that Gem is moved. Even if it's only for five minutes!

  • Sabrina has a crush on Dave, her new piano instructor. She is devastated when she learns that he already has a lady in his life, Melinda. Sabrina is so jealous that she casts a spell to hurt Melinda's career so Dave can focus on her. It isn't until Dave abandons his own dreams to help Melinda does Sabrina realize what she has done. Sabrina has to give up something important to her in order to restore things to normal.

  • Sabrina uses her magic to conjure up an advance copy of the latest Spy flick to make Harvey happy. But instead of getting the movie the spell throws herself and Harvey into the spy world. They must fight the evil Furfinger (Salem) and stop him from stealing everyone's thumbs in order for the spell to wear off!

  • The Spellman's take a trip to the mountains, with Hilda and Zelda skiing, Quigley ice-skating and Sabrina and Harvey snowboarding a good time is had by all! That is until Quigley runs over a celebrated Ice Capades character and has to fill in for him and Harvey is challenged to a race by Slugloaf! Sabrina casts a spell to make Harvey One with the snow and instead of becoming an awesome boarder he becomes a snowman! Sabrina must switch Harvey back before he melts away!

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