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  • TV-Y
  • 2003
  • 1 Season
  • 6.3  (546)

Sabrina's Secret Life is a children's animated television series that ran from 2003 to 2004. The show was produced by DIC Entertainment and Malaysian animation studio Imira Productions. It is a sequel to the popular animated television series, Sabrina, the Animated Series.

The show follows the adventures of Sabrina Spellman, a half-witch, half-mortal teenager who resides in Greendale with her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, and her talking cat, Salem. Sabrina tries to live a normal life while also practicing her magic, but she often finds herself in sticky situations that require her to use her powers.

An interesting aspect of Sabrina's Secret Life is the fact that Sabrina is the only one in her family who can use magic. Her aunts are powerless in this regard, and they often act as Sabrina's mentors and guides.

Sabrina attends Greendale High School with her mortal friends, Chloe and Harvey, and her rival, Gem Stone. Her magical powers often create complications in her relationships with her mortal friends as they struggle to navigate Sabrina's secret life.

The show's main antagonist is Cassandra, a sorceress from the Other Realm who is constantly trying to steal Sabrina's magic. Cassandra is a manipulative and cunning villain who is always one step ahead of Sabrina and her friends.

Another notable character in the show is Harvey's younger sister, Amanda, who is able to see through Sabrina's magic and is constantly trying to expose her secret to the world. Despite this, Amanda and Sabrina eventually become friends, adding more depth to the show's cast of characters.

The show's animation style is very reminiscent of its predecessor, Sabrina, the Animated Series. The characters are brightly colored and have exaggerated features, which helps them stand out in the vibrant and whimsical world of Greendale.

The voice acting in the show is also noteworthy. Sabrina is voiced by Britt McKillip, who effectively captures the teenage angst and determination of the character. Maurice LaMarche voices Salem, who is both sarcastic and witty. Jane Mortifee voices Hilda and Zelda, Sabrina's wise and nurturing aunts.

Sabrina's Secret Life is a show that balances action, adventure, and comedy in a way that is appealing to both children and adults. It also offers positive messages about friendship, loyalty, and the importance of being true to oneself.

Overall, Sabrina's Secret Life is an entertaining and heartwarming continuation of the Sabrina franchise that will satisfy fans of the original series while also captivating new audiences.

Sabrina's Secret Life is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on December 8, 2003.

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Time Flies
26. Time Flies
January 20, 2004
Sabrina buys a time-traveling watch after promising to go to a concert with Maritza as well as the Netherworld Spa with her aunts.
25. Witchycology
February 2, 2004
Sabrina and Maritza try to convince Cassandra that littering isn't cool.
Cat Man Do
24. Cat Man Do
January 27, 2004
Salem goes undercover as a handsome young warlock at Greendale High after learning that an old nemesis has been released from the Netherworld jail.
A Midsummer's Nightmare
23. A Midsummer's Nightmare
February 3, 2004
Sabrina and Cassandra both use magic to sabotage each other's auditions to win the lead role opposite Harvey in the school play.
Greendale Idol
22. Greendale Idol
January 19, 2004
Sabrina and Cassandra decide to compete in a Teen Talent Competition -- without magic -- and up the stakes so that a date with Harvey is on the line.
What's in a Name?
21. What's in a Name?
January 13, 2004
Sabrina and Cassandra go on a mission to the Netherworld to find the rarest herb known to witches: Salviar Mascaria.
Hot Item
20. Hot Item
January 12, 2004
Sabrina takes rock home from the Netherworld to add to her collection, but is surprised when the "rock" hatches into a baby dragon!
Here's Looking at You
19. Here's Looking at You
January 26, 2004
Sabrina casts a spell that sends her and Cassandra into an alternate world where everyone at Greendale High is a witch except for the two of them!
Best of Show
18. Best of Show
December 30, 2003
Sabrina helps Harvey train his dog for a dog show so that she can spend more time with him ... and also beat Cassandra.
Pet Peeve
17. Pet Peeve
December 15, 2003
Salem is suspicious of Sabrina's cute new pet hamster, Spunky.
Just a Rumor
16. Just a Rumor
November 24, 2003
Sabrina must visit the Netherworld Rumor Mill in order to get to the bottom of all the hurtful rumors that have been spreading around Greendale.
15. J'achoo
December 2, 2003
Sabrina gets the highly contagious gargoyle flu, and refuses to take Salem and her aunt's advice to stay in bed.
Food 'Tude
14. Food 'Tude
January 5, 2004
While on cafeteria-cleaning duty, Sabrina casts a spell on the pots and pans so they'll clean themselves. Too bad they have ideas of their own!
Lather, Rinse, Repeat
13. Lather, Rinse, Repeat
December 1, 2003
Sabrina uses a magic hair lotion that makes her hair smooth, silky and curly, but it causes mortals to turn into werewolves!
Green-Eyed Monster
12. Green-Eyed Monster
November 25, 2003
Upset over Cassandra and Harvey's friendship, Sabrina accidentally creates a potion that brings her jealousy to life.
Half There
11. Half There
December 16, 2003
Sabrina's cauldron blows up and creates a purple invisibilty slime, which Cassandra uses to get closer to Harvey.
And Baby Makes Three
10. And Baby Makes Three
January 6, 2004
Hilda and Zelda are off to the Netherworld, so they hire an old-fashioned baby sitter to look after Sabrina.
SPELL-ing Bee
9. SPELL-ing Bee
December 29, 2003
It's witch vs. witch in the annual spell-a-thon, and Sabrina is determined she is going to cast the biggest and best spell of all.
Sabrina, Part Two
8. Sabrina, Part Two
December 23, 2003
Sabrina and Cassandra conjure up doppelgangers of themselves so that they can attend witch school and go to Harvey's party at the same time.
Matchmaker Sabrina
7. Matchmaker Sabrina
December 22, 2003
Sabrina finds a forbidden spell book on Mr. Snipe's desk and casts a spell to make him fall in love with the first person he sees.
Putting Off
6. Putting Off
November 18, 2003
Sabrina leaves her class report on Attila the Hun to the last minute, then struggles to find information on him. So she conjures him up instead!
I'm a Slave for Who?
5. I'm a Slave for Who?
November 17, 2003
Sabrina's tired of sharing Harvey with all of his extra activities, so she casts a spell on him so he'll be completely devoted to her!
Teacher's Pet
4. Teacher's Pet
December 9, 2003
When Salem becomes the History of Warlocks professor, Sabrina is convinced she'll ace all her classes without doing any of the work.
School Spirit
3. School Spirit
November 11, 2003
Sabrina is determined to become "the best" by beating Cassandra in the school fund-raiser.
At the Hop
2. At the Hop
November 10, 2003
Follow the adventures of Sabrina Spellman who is now a teenage witch. In a spin-off to Sabrina: the Animated Series, Sabrina is thirteen now, Chloe and Gem have moved, Harvey still lives in Greendale and she still has a crush on him. Sabrina has a new friend named Maritza. At Greendale High, there is a secret area, where Sabrina trains her witch powers, and is instructed by teachers who are witches themselves.
Living Her Dreams
1. Living Her Dreams
December 8, 2003
Follow the adventures of Sabrina Spellman who is now a teenage witch. In a spin-off to Sabrina: the Animated Series, Sabrina is thirteen now, Chloe and Gem have moved, Harvey still lives in Greendale and she still has a crush on him. Sabrina has a new friend named Maritza. At Greendale High, there is a secret area, where Sabrina trains her witch powers, and is instructed by teachers who are witches themselves.
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  • Premiere Date
    December 8, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (546)