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During, two 11-minute show segments, children join kitty-cat Sheriff Callie and Deputy Peck, a woodpecker, on their fun filled adventures in the town of "Nice and Friendly Corners." The show follows Sheriff Callie and Deputy Peck around the town as they help solve the townsfolk everyday problems by using friendship, honesty, companionship, and by doing the right thing. Three prairie dogs act as the show's singing narrators, as they help guide the moral lesson being taught.

Each segment focuses on some type of social issue and the best way to face the issue. Many times the characters approach the issue incorrectly and then must be guided by other characters on how to better approach their problems. Different social issues that the cartoon may focus on vary from being a good sport, to how to say your sorry when you're wrong, to not being jealous.

This show does not focus on academic learning, such as the alphabet, reading, or math. It is recommended for children ages 2-7. Characters on the show include Sheriff Callie (cat), Deputy Peck (woodpecker), Toby (a cactus), Sparky (Callie's trusty horse), Farmer Stinky (a skunk), Clementine (a cow), and Priscilla the skunk.

Sheriff Callie's Wild West is a series that is currently running and has 104 seasons (62 episodes). The series first aired on January 20, 2014.

Sheriff Callie's Wild West is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sheriff Callie's Wild West on demand atDisney+, Amazon, Hulu, FuboTV, Google Play, iTunes, Disney Junior, DisneyNOW online.

Weekdays at 5:00 PM et/pt on Disney Junior
104 Seasons, 62 Episodes
January 20, 2014
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Lucas Grabeel, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jeff Bennett, Gary Anthony Williams
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Sheriff Callie's Wild West Full Episode Guide

  • Sheriff Callie sets out to track down a group of bandits who steal all of the town's Valentine's Day cards.

  • It's Election Day and folks are voting for town Sheriff. The Buzzard clan traps the townsfolk inside Nice And Friendly Corners.

  • After Callie captures Teddy of the Trouble Brothers, she thinks she may be able to change his troubled ways! When Peck reads a newspaper story praising Callie, he grows jealous.

  • Sheriff Callie attempts to lead a crowded stagecoach across a bandit-filled prairie. Uncle Bun and Tio get in a heated debate over who's the fastest flapjack flipper.

  • It's Ella's birthday, and the townsfolk are planning a surprise party! While Ella hosts "Dairy Days," the Milk Bandit arrives in town with an elaborate plan to steal all the milk.

  • Bandits steal a giant jack o' lantern full of the entire town's candy! Peck tells Clementine a tale about the Ghost Rider of the Scary Prairie!

  • Bertha and Buck Beaver blackmail Sheriff Callie by damming up the creek! Tricky Travis, Oswald and the rest of the town search for the elusive outlaw, Wildcat McGraw!

  • A mix-up causes the train to leave Peck and Toby alone in town! During an attempt to steal the money from the wishing well, the Trouble Brothers end up stealing the entire well!

  • Peck and Toby squabble over Golden Roller Boots! The Sheriff of nearby Red Gap calls on Callie for help when a newfangled fashion craze runs amok.

  • When bandits pull a heist on the Bank, Sheriff Callie must stop two sidekicks who got away! Toby judges a dance contest, but the townsfolk don't play fair!

  • When Frieda Fox injures her tail during a Wild West show stunt, she asks Sheriff Callie to take her place. Sheriff Callie gets a shiny new fire engine!

  • Toby finds a "prickle pony" and thinks Santa's granted his wish for his own ridin' critter! It's Christmas and the town draws names to see who gets to place the star on the tree.

  • Peck and Toby turn Nice and Friendly Corners into Nice and Snowy Corners! Abigail asks Peck to be her partner in the Silver Skates Ice Jamboree competition.

  • When Sparky runs away with the wild horses, Callie must find them before the horse rustlers! Ella bestows her milkshake-shaking wisdom upon Toby.

  • When card shark Phineas Foolery escapes from jail, Peck accidently gets locked up in his place! Doc offers hot air balloon rides for the Nice and Friendly Corners county fair.

  • When a no-good thief named Kit Cactus comes to town, folks mistake him for Toby! Peck leaps into action when an outlaw starts bustin' into barns and stealing cows.

  • Bandits raid Uncle Bun's store and steal the gold-starred town flag! Peck fills in for the rodeo clown at the Nice And Friendly Corners rodeo.

  • Callie leads the town of Nice and Friendly Corners in making a quilt for Governor Groundhog on Founder's Day. Dirty Dan falls in the sluice and comes out as Clean Dan!

  • Peck gathers his courage to prevent a bank robbery! The town has a case of the sniffles, so Priscilla makes bouquets with special Feel Better flowers.

  • A tough looking stranger named the Twirler Kid comes to town looking for "El Yo-Yo." While fishing, Toby finds a pair of cowboy boots that belong to Dirty Dan.

Sheriff Callie's Wild West Video Clips & Extras

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