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As kids it would seem everyone experienced the joy of building with Lego blocks, and now the ever expanding Lego company seeks to venture into the world of animation. This series takes place in a small town filled with growing children learning lessons on how to make friends and maintain responsibility. As the children participate in different town events and small jobs they learn the importance of responsibility and methods of solving problems together.

Experience the exciting adventures that take place in this small town of Heartlake City. With lovable characters we are swept away on educational journeys through the lives of the townspeople. Learning to respect one another and to accept new people are a few of the virtues a child can witness in a light and humorous way. The characters must learn to overcome differences and work together in order to resolve issues and correct mistakes. This lovable bunch encourages children to take action, care for others and work through their differences.

LEGO: Friends is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on April 7, 2012.

Where do I stream LEGO: Friends online? LEGO: Friends is available for streaming on LEGO, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch LEGO: Friends on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

5 Seasons, 24 Episodes
April 7, 2012
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Elisa Schnebelie, Raquel Christiana, Lucia Vecchio, Karen Strassman, Michelle Ruff
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LEGO: Friends Full Episode Guide

  • At the local snow lodge's Snowboard Meet, ace snowboarder Mia, trying to raise money for a new Heartlake City animal shelter, enters the fiercest race of all – the Boardercross. Then, while practicing, she has an accident and hurts her ankle. She insists it's no big deal, but once she heals and tries to resume practice, the usually fearless Mia finds she's now terrified of snowboarding! With the help of her Friends, she tries hard to overcome her fear, but her nightmarish visions of snowboard monsters and jeering snowmen have her shaking in her bed. She backs out of the race, disappointing her Friends and herself. Finally, when an avalanche traps Fiona, Mia is forced to overcome her fears and race to the rescue.

  • To show her Friends on the What's At Heart school paper that she's more than just a photographer, Emma investigates a scary old house on Halloween eve -- only to take a tumble and land in the hospital. There, confined to a wheelchair, she observes mysterious goings-on through her window which convince her that the neighbors are jewel thieves. Her friends, though dubious, agree to check it out. But after nearly getting caught by the neighbors, they come up empty and decide it's all just Emma's imagination. Meanwhile, up in Maternity, Sophie's having a baby! The girls run out, leaving Emma alone. And that's when the bad guys decide to pay Emma a visit…

  • Working summer jobs at the new Heartlake City Pool, Restaurant and Sports Center is fun and games for the Friends - until singing mermaid Andrea gets her very first teenage crush. He's Tad, the new lifeguard, and just the sight of him reduces the normally fearless Andrea to a babbling wimp. The Friends all try to help her out, with less-than stellar results, each attempt resulting in increasing mayhem for Tad until he's terrified of Andrea. Then Andrea discovers that she's been mooning over the wrong boy all along!

  • It's Stephanie vs. Tanya on a TV Bake-Off to end all bake-offs! After the duo's rivalry brings Aunt Sophie's Adopt-A-Pet Fair to a disastrous end, a contrite Stephanie wants to make amends with the prize money from a TV Bake-Off show. At home, Stephanie practices baking a delicious cake, and Tanya steals the recipe. But neither girl knows that Stephanie's pet bunny has inadvertently added a secret ingredient, ensuring that no one can repeat the recipe. A frustrated Stephanie freaks out, nearly ending her friendship with the girls - until they discover the bunny's secret and race to help Stephanie win.

  • Andrea and her singing dog act, the Howlers, are a sure bet to win the Heartlake City Dog Talent Show - in spite of stiff competition from Tanya's dancing poodle, Olivia's Robo-Dog, and even Stephanie's sad-sack borrowed bloodhound, Benchley. But when an unscrupulous mother-and-son dog-napping team steals the Howlers' best singer, Mia's dog Toffee, it's up to the Friends to rescue him and catch the baddies with the help of the Hero Of The Day - Benchley!