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Little Charmers is an animated cartoon for young kids. The Charmers have magical powers. They go on adventures in Charmville to use their magical powers. Some of the Charmers are still learning how to use them correctly. Sometimes their powers fail and they need help with their magical powers. This television show is perfect for teaching kids friendship and how to help others if they need help. It also teaches kids that they can do anything that they set out to do. The Charmers teaches them to have confidence in their selves. It is a cute show for kids of all ages.

Little Charmers is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (72 episodes). The series first aired on January 12, 2015.

Where do I stream Little Charmers online? Little Charmers is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Little Charmers on demand at Starz, The Roku Channel, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 72 Episodes
January 12, 2015
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Addison Holley, Alexa Torrington, Andrew Sabiston, Matilda Gilbert
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Little Charmers Full Episode Guide

  • The Charmers transform themselves into Mermaids to rescue a baby sea unicorn.

  • Sparkleberry Pies: Hazel accidentally creates a scarecrow that's scared of birds.Wishing Fish: Hazel makes her little wishing fish Wanda huge in order to make big wishes come true.

  • Bigger, Better, Broomier!: The Charmers want flashier new brooms for an air show, hurting their old broomies' feelings.Night Owls: When the charmers go night camping, Posie's little night owl tags along for the fun.

  • A Charmazing Race: It's Team Little Charmers versus Team Parsley in the Charmville Broom Races. Dragon Daycare: When Flare needs a playmate, Hazel accidentally makes baby dragons who go wild in Charmville!

  • The charmers get tangled in a spell and have to get out of it so that Posie can finish her potion.A Sparkle Storm threatens Charmville, unless Posie can learn a special song from the Fairies.

  • Hazel-Nuts: Hazel gives everyone in town charmed bracelets, but the spell makes them copy Hazel.Charming Cookies: Hazel tries to win a cookie-making contest with magic and winds up with mud cookies.

  • The Charmers' magic dancing spell makes all the shoes in town dance to their princess party; Hazel takes a break from her enchantress training.

  • Hazel tries to help Lavender memorize a potion but a spell makes Lavender forget everything; the Little Charmers accidentally turn their no-fun babysitter into a party animal.

  • When Hazel accidentally ruins Sparkle Night for all of Charmville, the Charmers hope that Santa Sparkle's magic will set things right. But they discover that the greatest magic of all is thinking of others before yourself.

  • After the Charmers spell their instruments to play better, they can't stop the music! / Hazel's painting of Posie 'captures' Posie for real, when Posie gets trapped inside!

  • Wandering Wand: Hazel's super-sized wand accidentally transforms Parsley into a super-sized baby.Good Knight, Good Day: When the Charmers play princesses, they spell Parsley to be their knight in shining armor.

  • Hazel accidentally shrinks her parents; Hazel uses a spell to open her birthday present.

  • While on a camping trip, Hazel accidentally shrinks her parents.

  • Hazel uses magic on a spoon that spreads body-switching potion around town.

  • Hazel tries to magically fix a baby unicorn's horn.

  • Charming Nightlights: Faced with a long day of enchanted chores, Hazel magics the night to come faster. Charming Babies: To earn a babysitting Charm Scout charm, the girls look after Posie's baby brother, Thistle.

  • Hurry Up Hazel: To finish her Enchantress lessons in a hurry, Hazel casts a spell that gives her super speed. No Charm in the House: When the Charmhouse refuses to open its doors to the Little Charmers, what could be wrong?

  • Dad's Hat Magic: When Hazel spells Dad's old magic hat, things get a bit tricky.Charming Ogres: A game of Brooms and Ogres gets a little too real for Hazel and her friends.

  • Sing Song Pox: Hazel gets the Sing-Song Pox from her dad and accidentally spreads it around Charmville.Tooth on the Loose: Hazel has a loose tooth and really wants to meet the Tooth Fairy.

  • Hazel presents the music of Charmville, performed by the Charmers and everything magical in Charmville.

  • Dad fondly reminisces about Hazel's magical mistakes as a Charmer in Training and how Hazel, Posie, and Lavender always make things right in the end.

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Hazel charms herself into a unicorn to help a baby unicorn learn to jump rainbows.Circus Surprise: Hazel and the Charmers put on a circus for Hazel's mom and dad with a surprising final act.