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Jeff Rosen's "Bo on the Go!" is a 2007 Canadian children's computer animated television show which is broadcast on Canada's CBC Television as well as the United States' Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. channels. The titular Bo is an energetic young girl dressed in blue, red, and purple, who is fond of her catchphrase "Maximum Bo Power" and lives in a castle along with Dezadore, or "Dezzy," a dragon younger than Bo, and a bespectacled, gold tracksuit-wearing wizard, simply named Wizard who occasionally teleports to Bo's aid to give her advice on solving a quest. Bo's exploits within the show's 26 episodes are geared toward getting its child audience active, with her various quests within the show having her call out to them to perform some activity, referred to within the show as "animoves" due to their inspiration from animal movement, with herself and usually Dezzy. One example of this "animovement" is when Bo and Dezzy are blocked from passing due to a group of hula-dancing hippos and become inspired by worms, encouraging the viewers to wiggle back and forth, and slip through the hippo barricade.

"Bo on the Go!" is produced by DHX Media Company's Halifax film in collaboration with CBC and Nickelodeon. The initial English-language voice cast consists of Catherine O'Connor as Bo, Andrew Sabiston as Dezzy the dragon, and Jim Fowler as the wizard. The show airs in a variety of other languages and countries, with the title being changed for each language, such as "1, 2, 3, Bo!" in French-language iterations and "Bo en Accion" in Spanish-languages ones. The series continued in a new direction with new director Stewart Dowds, dropping the characters of Bo and Wizard to focus on the adventures of Dezzy, with the same voice actor. These Dezzy-centric episodes continue to utilize Andrew Sabiston as voice talent but only lasted from the show's 27th episode to its final 46th episode.

Bo on the Go! is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (55 episodes). The series first aired on September 3, 2007.

Where do I stream Bo on the Go! online? Bo on the Go! is available for streaming on CBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bo on the Go! on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, The Roku Channel Free, Google Play, Hoopla, Apple TV, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

3 Seasons, 55 Episodes
September 3, 2007
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Andrew Sabiston, Catherine O'Connor, Jim Fowler
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Bo on the Go! Full Episode Guide

  • Bo and Dezzy's favourite things have shrunk, and Wizard tells them they'll have to find the Teeny-Tiny before more stuff shrinks! To find the Teeny-Tiny, Bo and Dez climb like monkeys to help some little dinosaurs to get their sun hats out of trees, then scurry like Squirrels to avoid wobbly rhinos trying on shoes!

  • Oh-Bo-no! Who took all the dress-up clothes out of Bo's costume trunk? Wizard peeks into his crystal ball and sees the Costume Collector, who just loves to play dress-up! Bo and Dezzy scurry like Squirrels to get through a Duck's dry cleaning shop, then must hop like Bunnies to get up and over some bulldog's speeding costume trunks!

  • Someone is spoiling fun by making everything too super-safe around the Castle! Wizard reveals it to be the work of the Worrywart, who is so soft and sensitive, he's afraid of everything hurting him! Bo and Dezzy climb like Monkeys to help some skunks get their swings out of trees, then stomp like elephants to help football-playing ferrets blow up the footballs the Worrywart deflated!

  • It's a floaty day, as things that usually stay on the ground are floating in the air! Wizard looks in his crystal ball and sees the culprit is the feather-light Float Fairy, who wants things to play with up in the air where she lives.

  • Bo-buddies! Who has been leaving things turned on in the castle? Wizard tells Bo and Dezzy it must be the work of The Power-On Pixie, who is very forgetful. To find the Pixie, our heroes clap like Seals to help some line-dancing lemurs keep the beat, then dig like Gophers to help some jackrabbits get carrots for juice.

  • Things in the Castle have been mysteriously left in pieces, and Wizard tells Bo the culprit must be the Pull-Aparter, who simply loves to see how things are put together! To find the Pull-Aparter, Bo and Dezzy first sneak like a Spider to get past a suspicious meerkat, then pounce like a Puma to gather pieces of a door from some busy beavers.

  • Oh no! Toys in the Castle are being broken! Who could be doing such a thing? Wizard tells Bo and Dezzy it must be the work of the big, clumsy Toy Buster, who accidentally breaks every toy he touches. To find the Toy Buster, Bo and Dezzy scurry like Squirrels to get past wildly whizzing toys belonging to Elephant twins, then Bunny-hop over a Toad's monster trucks!

  • The sparkle is off the Castle, as Bo discovers all of her jewelry is gone! Wizard tells them that to get their jewelry back, they'll have to find the Jeweled Mermaid, who just loves to sparkle and shine. First, Dezzy and Bo gallop like Horses to catch some naughty seahorses, then they dig like Gophers to help fiddler crabs find their buried fiddles.

  • Watch out! The Castle is sh-sh-shaking, and Bo and Dezzy must find out wh-wh-who is causing it! First, they crawl like Critters to get around flying gophers, then must dash around like Galloping Horses to help some Hyenas run a race.

  • Something tricky and sticky is happening in the Castle-the Ick 'Em Stick 'Em has stuck everything down! To find the Ick 'Em Stick 'Em, Bo and Dez jiggle like Jellyfish to help Pandas get unstuck from some trees, then take big steps like Giant-Stepping Giraffes to get over a stick trail on a Tomcat Toboggan hill!

  • Uh-oh! How did everything in the castle get balanced into tippy piles? Wizard tells Bo and Dezzy it must be the work of The Balance Beasty, who just can't resist the temptation to balance things!

  • Is Bo seeing double? Or is the Copy Critter making copies of things he loves? Before the Castle fills up with all kinds of copies, Bo and Dezzy must leap like Frogs to cross some Flying Carpets, then march like Giant-Stepping Giraffes to get past some Marching Stork Cadets!

  • Bo and Dezzy can't get comfy and cozy because all their slippers, blankies and bathrobes are missing from the Castle! Wizard points them in the direction of the Cozy Critter, a funny little creature who can never be comfy and cozy enough!

  • Ha-CHOO! What is causing the big winds that keep blowing through the castle? Turns out to be poor Mr. Ha-Choo, who is so bothered by dust that he can't stop sneezing! Bo and Dez scamper like Speedy Foxes to catch falling oranges for Orangutans, then jump like Kangaroos to help Miss Hippo Gonzalez retrieve blown-away kites for little Koalas!

  • Someone is giving everyone-and everything-in the Castle wacky makeovers! Wizard tells Bo and Dezzy that they'll have to find The Loony Groomy if they want to put a stop to the silly grooming. They flap like a bat to get through a Penguin's Pet Shop, then scamper like a Speeding Fox to catch some made-over dogs in the park!

  • Every kind of dot has been taken from the castle, and Wizard reveals the culprit to be none other than the Polka Dot Snatcher! To track her down, Bo and Dezzy must jump like Kangaroos over a Mechanical Elephant's flying discs, then crawl like Critters under a Dalmatian's tug-of-war game.

  • Everything in the castle is Upside Down. It can only mean one thing-the Wrong Side Uppy has been there! Bo and Dezzy must scamper like a Fox to stay out of the way of some wacky Ostriches, and waddle like penguins to round up some Polar Bear Cubs, before they find the Wrong Side Uppy in his upside down house.

  • A berry shortage hits the castle, and Wizard discovers it's the work of the Berrygrabber, who loves all kinds of berries! Bo and Dezzy have to crawl like Critters to keep out of the way of some silly pie-throwing Clowns, then stomp like Elephants to shake some berries off trees for Teddy Bears, to find the Berrygrabber.

  • Someone is spoiling Bo and Dezzy's fun by unwrapping presents! It can only be the surprise-loving Unwrapping Chappy! To find the Chappy, Bo and Dezzy climb like monkeys up and over some Giraffe's gift boxes, then gallop like Horses to get past some swinging Orangutans.

  • An industrious Eager Beaver has been finishing all of Bo and Dezzy's building projects for them, taking away all their building fun! They creep Kitty-like across a wobbly card bridge, and Bunny-hop across some racetracks to find the Eager Beaver. They give him an Ever-Changing-Toy-Car-Kit, which keeps him busily building happily ever after!

  • Who could be taking all the pictures from the castle? Could it be, the Picture Snitcher? Wizard sends Bo and Dezzy on a hunt for the picture nabber, and they must fly high like flapping Bats to get over some Emus, then tip-toe like Turtles through a Puppy's Painting class to find him!

  • Huggly Snugs needs a stuffed animal friend to play with! Where are they going to find one? Wizard points Bo and Dezzy in the direction of the Fun Fair. To get there, they must scamper like Foxes past some Polar Bears on pogo sticks, and then Leapfrog over some bowling Armadillos.

  • Ring the alarm! Bells are disappearing from the castle. Only one person could be responsible, the Ding-A-Ling! Bo and Dezzy have to help a momma Bear wake up her babies by jiggling like Jellyfish, and then bring some noisy Parrots in from the playground by clapping like Seals.

  • When their musical instruments go missing, Bo and Dezzy must seek out the Melody Maestro, a fellow who loves music so much; he wants ALL of the musical instruments in the world! After stomping like Elephants to make a beat for some guitar-playing Bullfrogs, and Bunny-hopping on an Octopus' keyboard, Bo and Dezzy come face-toface with the Melody Maestro himself.

  • Good grief! The Blockhead is taking everything that's square-shaped, so that he can build a tower of blocks up to the sky! To track him down, Bo and Dezzy have to waddle like Penguins past some ice block-cutting Walruses, then climb like Monkeys over a very BIG bay's castle!

  • The Gobsobber is so sad; he makes puddles of tears everywhere! To cheer him up, Bo and Dezzy have to jump like Kangaroos across open umbrellas, then waddle like Penguins around bumping snowmen. They make their way to the Gobsobber's lonely and sad room, and cheer him up with the Forever Friendly Snowman! No more tears!

  • There's a flower thief on the loose-the Stuffy Sniffler! Bo and Dezzy creep like kitties through a Fox's Flower Shop, then flap like Bats to help some Hummingbirds up into their nests. They are able to give a Super-Sized Hanky to the Stuffy Sniffler, who blows his nose, and is delighted to find he can smell again! He won't have to take everybody's flowers looking for one he can smell!

  • Wizard reveals all the noisy creaks in the castle are the work of The Creaky Crink, who makes everything around him Bo-creaky and stiff! After creeping like Kitties past some Sleeping Sailor Dogs, and hopping like Bunnies while playing checkers with Bullfrogs, Bo and Dezzy find the Creaky Crink. A little Super-Slippery-Goop and the Crink spreads creaks no more!

  • Someone has been taking all of Bo and Dezzy's glittery, sparkly stars and jewels! Wizard sends them on a quest to find the Glimmer Critter, a creature that loves anything and everything shiny. After galloping like a Horse past a tickling Panda Pirate Ship, and Kangaroo-jumping high to catch Shooting Stars, Bo and Dezzy find the Glimmer Critter.

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