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The Canadian drama series Edgemont tells the story of a group of teenagers in the fictitious Vancouver suburb of Edgemont. Not only does this series provide an insight into the love lives of the main characters, but it also handles a number of serious social issues alongside a number of funny and lighthearted plot lines.

The series initially tells the story of the romance of Mark and Jen, a pair of teenagers who live in Edgemont and share a group of friends, which include Laurel, Chris, Shannon and Gil. As the series progresses, the external influences of their friends and school combine to drive a wedge through the relationship of Jen and Mark as they struggle to come to terms with a number of life changing issues. The arrival of Laurel also sees the relationship of Jen and mark become more and more strained as Mark finds himself attracted to the latest addition to the group of friends within Edgemont.

Edgemont is a Drama series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (70 episodes). The series first aired on January 4, 2001. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.6.

Edgemont is available for streaming on the CBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Edgemont on demand at Amazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

Thursday 4:30 PM et/pt on CBC
5 Seasons, 70 Episodes
January 4, 2001
Cast: Kristin Kreuk, Dominic Zamprogna, Sarah Lind, Grace Park, Vanessa King
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Edgemont Full Episode Guide

  • Laurel and Mark bask in the afterglow of their first night together, but old problems creep up. Gil's Cancun grad stunt plans become a little richer.

  • Laurel & Mark bask in the afterglow of their first night together, but old problems attempt to creep up on them; Gil's Cancun grad stunt plans become a little richer; Jen learns some hard truths from Eddie's girlfriend; Derek pitches an investment deal to Anika; when faced with more trouble with Wayne's parents, Travis takes off. Everyone assumes the worst, when Gil vows revenge against Anika, and the grad money goes missing; Laurel & Mark make plans for their future; Jen & Chris are driven further apart when she reveals she was more than just friends with Eddie; Stevie returns to patch things up with Shannon; A.J. teaches Wayne how to live a little; Travis gets into some big trouble and Mark attempts to help him.

  • Jen contemplates leaving with Eddie; Shannon attempts to patch things up with Stevie, after outing her to her parents; Gil continues planning his grad stunt; Chris & Mark help Laurel move with disastrous results; Wayne finds his soulmate.

  • Laurel begins looking for a place of her own, when Maggie & Mark make it clear their apartment is too crowded; Shannon's up in arms when the principal won't let her talk about her being a lesbian on Tracey's radio show, but her actions may cause her to lose Stevie; Anika learns more about Derek; Derek disapproves of Jen's friendship with Eddie, as Eddie prepares to move on.

  • Jen's brother Derek, returns to town and manages to play knight in shining armour and rescue Anika; Laurel & Mark clash at their apartment after their unofficial breakup; Shannen and Stevie make plans now that they're a couple; Mark attempts to tutor Travis when he learns he's failing math, but once again Becca interferes.

  • Filming begins on Gil's movie with distrastrous results - Becca continues to fawn all over Mark, jeopardizing her relationship with Travis, and Gil & Erin get into a fight when she takes a love scene with Mark too far. Meanwhile, Shannen finds it difficult to continue being friends with Stevie, when she rebuffs her romantic intentions.

  • When Laurel's modeling money comes through, she's inundated with people and their ideas for her money ... including Mark; Gil desperately tries to fire Erin from his movie; Shannen misunderstands when her friend Stevie asks her to a dance; and Chris & Jen attempt to deal with post-breakup issues.

  • Tyler & Anika play an extortion-filled version of cat and mouse, that leaves Craig the victim. Meanwhile aptitude test results affect many, including Mark who's aptitude for art leads him into taking the starring role in Gil's play; and Chris & Jen face an ultimatum.

  • Mark hosts a poker game for all the guys with high stakes results. Meanwhile, Jen continues to drive Chris further away and keeps her budding musical interests apart from him; Craig attempts to deal with Anika and the damage she caused to Tyler's car.

  • Mark considers a job offer that would cause him to quit school. Meanwhile, Anika & Craig compete for a job at the warehouse, things continue to go downhill for Chris & Jen, and Gil & Kevin attempt to avoid their girlfriends' wrath.

  • Laurel starts working at the coffee shop with Maggie, but with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Jen finds out she isn't able to carry a child to term, and the news drives her further away from Chris, Gil & Erin make up when she learns his play is being turned into a film and Kevin has issues with how Tracy sees him.

  • Jen's new musicial interest & friends come between her and Chris. Meanwhile, Gil tries desperately to make up with Erin, Mark has his hands full with his brother Travis & with Laurel's return.

  • Mark and Laurel reconcile, and he insists that she take the job in Japan. Meanwhile, Gil is heartbroken when Kevin escorts Erin to the dance.

  • Gil tries to make amends with Erin, and Kevin loses it when Bekka dumps him for Travis. Jennifer has a health scare. Laurel is offered a modeling gig.

  • Anika hijacks Laurel's part in Gil's play, portraying Erin as a sex-starved vixen. Paige and Mark try to regain their jobs after Tyler fires them.

  • Paige gets dressed to the nines for her first date with Mark, but he gets called in to work. Paige's girls' night out with Jen also goes off track.

  • Wayne's bullies get out of control and spray-paint "homo" on his locker. Shannon, fed up with people's small minds, comes out to the school.

  • Laurel compliments Gil's play, which makes him think Laurel has the hots for him. Mark's hackles rise when Paige goes to a hockey game with Tyler.

  • Mark asks Paige out on a date but backpedals it into a "just friends" thing when Laurel warns him that a single mother has different needs.

  • Gil writes a surprisingly sensitive play he decides to produce at school. Erin is mortified to learn it's "loosely" based on her one night with him.

  • Even though Craig is still with Anika, affections grow between Craig and Kat. That is, until Erin convinces Craig that Shelby is the girl for him.

  • Craig confesses to Kat that he's developed a crush on Shelby, but his affections shift when Kat dons a dress to prove she has a feminine side as well.

  • Paige returns to school to finish her education but loses confidence when her baby, left with Mark for a moment, gets passed from student to student.

  • Mark discovers that Paige is a mother, and when she injures herself at work and is rushed to the hospital, Mark grapples with babysitting.

  • Chris asks Jennifer to go to Mexico with him for the holidays, but Jen has a much bigger decision to make when she discovers she's pregnant.

  • Laurel blows up at Mark when she learns that he and Tracey had a summer fling. Bekka asks Kevin out on a date, but Kevin plays hard-to-get.

  • Mark, in an effort to move on with his life, asks Tracey to be his partner at the grad class car wash. Unfortunately, they run into Laurel afterward.

  • Craig questions his relationship with Anika and winds up breaking it off. Mark's French lessons grow tense when Laurel is assigned to be his tutor.

  • Laurel returns from Houston and tells Mark it's over. Jennifer learns that Shannon came out to her parents and has been kicked out of her home.