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Johnny and Moira Rose are living the high life of money and luxury on the back of the chain of video stores Johnny owns and operates, as the video market closes down Johnny and Moira are forced into some major cost cutting exercises. The couple are shown losing everything they own in this Canadian sitcom until they are finally left with only the town of Schitt's Creek they bought for a joke decades earlier. With nowhere else to go they move to the small rural community and must adapt to life without their longed for luxuries.

Tuesdays at 9:00 pm on CBC
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
January 13, 2015
Cast: Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy
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Schitt's Creek Full Episode Guide

  • Johnny and Stevie are delighted to have an excuse to put up the motel's No Vacancy sign for the first time. While Moira and the Jazzagals prepare for an upcoming festival gig, Alexis gets ready for her high school graduation and makes a big decision for her future. David is secretly bitter that the family forgot his birthday, but gets closer to Patrick after the two go on an accidental date.

  • Moira tracks down the Roses' gigantic family portrait as a gift for Johnny, but the family struggles to find a place to put it. David organizes a soft launch of his new store, but becomes concerned after word begins to spread and the guest list gets out of hand. Alexis and Ted become awkward around each other after sharing a friendly kiss.

  • Moira is wary after the town council decides to name a questionable flower garden after her. Meanwhile, Johnny must do damage control after Alexis spreads head lice throughout the motel. In an effort to flee the lice epidemic, David schemes his way into spending the night at Stevie's apartment.

  • David's photographer ex-boyfriend arrives in town to do a photo series on Moira, but Moira soon realizes his intentions might be less than complimentary. Meanwhile, David confronts the failure of his and Simon's relationship. Johnny and Roland attend Bob's poker night, and attempt to turn the tables on Bob and Gwen after realizing they might be conspiring to cheat. Alexis accompanies Ted to a seniors' dance and begins to reevaluate her relationship with him.

  • Roland and Moira attend a conference of regional town councilors in Elmdale, and score a major coup for Schitt's Creek. However, the ensuing celebration leads to an awkward encounter the following morning. Meanwhile, Johnny and Jocelyn become concerned that their spouses are keeping secrets from them. As David and Patrick prepare the store for opening, David becomes jealous of Alexis's flirting with Patrick.

  • David gets flustered when Ray's assistant Patrick tries to help him set up his business. Johnny is called before Alexis's teacher, but has trouble mounting a defense against the academic charges. Moira's hospitality skills are put to the test when she's forced to deal with a high-maintenance motel guest.

  • When David contemplates starting a new business in town, Moira uses her seat on town council to protect her son's interests. Alexis discovers high school isn't as easy as it used to be. Johnny reluctantly helps Ivan, the hapless baker, with romantic advice in return for muffins for the motel's continental breakfast.

  • Johnny and Stevie visit a nearby golf course to pitch a package deal with the motel, but Johnny becomes distracted by his desire to play a round of golf. After agreeing to attend Twyla's murder mystery party, Moira must help her recruit other guests. Alexis entertains a suggestion from Ted to go back to school.

  • Johnny rents rooms to a morally shady enterprise, while David helps Moira tape a film audition.

  • As the new owner of the motel, Stevie is in over her head, and Johnny and Moira employ different strategies to discourage Stevie from selling. Meanwhile, Alexis drives a stressed-out David to his driving test, and Alexis finds herself in the unusual position of coaching her older brother.

  • Johnny decides to buy a new car, and he and Moira craft an increasingly elaborate ruse to avoid getting gouged by the dealership. David accompanies Stevie as she says goodbye to her great-aunt and confronts her own mortality in the process. Alexis and Ted negotiate the rules of their professional relationship when Ted receives a gift from a female client.

  • Johnny offers to help out an injured Twyla by waiting tables at the cafe, but soon gets in over his head. Alexis and Moira make a plan to have lunch, despite the fact that they're both anxious about spending time alone together. David and Stevie try to figure out the boundaries of their three-way relationship with Jake.

  • Johnny struggles to get a new business venture off the ground while dealing with unwelcome competition at Bob's Garage. Moira makes a splash at her first Town Council meeting, but quickly encounters roadblocks from the other councilors. Meanwhile, David and Stevie are shocked to learn that their romantic lives are intersecting; and Alexis receives a generous offer with Mutt, but has to deal with Mutt's new girlfriend.

  • Johnny and Moira go out for their anniversary and run into a couple they knew from their former lives, while Alexis and David attend Mutt's annual barn party, making up with some friends, and making out with others.

  • Moira's campaign takes a turn when some of her lawn signs dissappear.

  • Johnny and Moira have to deal with a surprise motel guest while Alexis and David go apartment hunting.

  • Johnny and Moira on the campaign trail meet with a key demographic. Alexis struggles in her new job. David offers awkward emotional support to his boss' 14-year-old daughter.

  • Moira worries that salacious photos from her past will jeopardize the campaign. Johnny swallows his pride to ask for financial help. Alexis becomes gainfully and surprisingly employed.

  • Alexis accidentally gets Johnny into the raw milk business. Moira tries to connect with the townsfolk and David gives style advice to the competition without fully considering the consequences.

  • Johnny contemplates running for Town Council. David and Stevie look for love in all the wrong places while Alexis comes to terms with single life.

  • Moira attempts to beautify the town. David misuses the company credit card. And Alexis and Mutt question their relationship after a personal grooming misstep.

  • Johnny talks himself into an unlikely business partnership with Bob. David gets an interview at a woman's clothing store while Moira reluctantly cares for an ailing Alexis.

  • Johnny and Moira go to an estate sale. Mutt surprises Alexis with a bike, while Roland asks David to help him shop for a special item.

  • Moira attempts to join the town's a cappella group. Alexis enjoys the heady first days of her latest relationship. And Johnny helps out at Bob's Garage despite himself.

  • Moira decides to cook dinner with the help of David. Johnny scopes out an office for his consulting business. And Alexis finally comes clean with Ted about their engagement.

  • The Roses search for their missing son, David, while Alexis takes her relationship with Mutt to the next level despite technically being engaged to Ted.

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