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This TV series is about a group of five male comedians who take on a new skit each episode and play all the roles by themselves. This includes playing both female, male, scary, old, young, and so forth. The show is Canadian based and ran from 1988 to 1994. The show was slightly controversial back in the day for some of its risqu

The Kids In The Hall is a Talk & Interview series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (111 episodes). The series first aired on January 10, 2014. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.3.

The Kids In The Hall is available for streaming on the CBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Kids In The Hall on demand at Amazon online.

5 Seasons, 111 Episodes
January 10, 2014
Talk & Interview
Cast: Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney
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The Kids In The Hall Full Episode Guide

  • This Season 5 best-of compilation features fan-favorite sketches: "God Is Dead," "Chicken Lady at the Mall," "Hillbilly's Problem," "The Convenience Store Worker," "Meet Your New Male Slave" and "Disgusting Old Man."

  • How to end the final season of the the show? Have everyone fired, shut down Buddy's bar, and witness a burial! Sketches include "End of the Beginning," "Armada Grows Old," "The Sixth Kid," "Buddy's Bar," "A.T. & Love Buyou" and "Burial."

  • A man has problems with his "44" noisy roommates, and a husband and wife read "Memoirs" and reminisce. Sketches include "Noisy Roommates," "Memoirs" and "Journey to the Top of the Stairs."

  • The voiceover guy corrects Francesca Fiore's grammar. Sketches include "Francesca," "Bruno & the Voiceover Guy," "Sperm Bank 1," "The Queen at Tea," "Sperm Bank 2," "Man of Destiny," "Sperm Bank 3," "Heart Channel" and "Sperm Bank 4."

  • The perfect couple practices being perfect, aliens celebrate Bellini Day, and the A.T. & Love boss has a problem. Sketches include "Band Killer," "Brown Stuff," "I'm Late," "Steps," "Bye Stan" and "Bellini Day."

  • A man has a submarine for an office, and three men have a conversation on 555-JERK. Sketches include "Greater Possibilities," "Steps," "'Living Proof' Press Conference" and "Big Bucks."

  • A free spirit writes a police report naked, a Korean War vet doesn't want to lose his cable, and Scott tells of a dream he had. Sketches include "Don't Shut Off My Cable," "Police Department," "Scott on Los Angeles" and "Carlo the Scientist."

  • Ever wonder what it would be like to invite a cyclops to a party? You'll find the answer to this and more in this episode. Sketches include "Cyclops," "The Convenience Store Worker," "Hillbilly's Problem" and "Fran the Italian."

  • A man complains about "Bikini Inspector" T-shirts, and Buddy Cole conducts a wedding ceremony. Sketches include "Police Department," "Bleeding Ear," 'Bikini Inspector," "Wedding at Buddy's" and "Hi-Tech Car Alarm."

  • A man talks to his clothes, and an old man asks women to dance in their underwear. Sketches include "Clothes-Talker," "Sid & Sharisse Wedding," "Whores 1," "Darn Near Puked," "Whores 2," "Scott's Vision" and "Again! Again!"

  • A man complains about being a test-tube baby, and Kathie sleeps with the dry cleaner. Sketches include "The Test-Tube Baby," "Kathie," "Whores 1," "Starving Street Singers," "Communist Threat," "Whores 2" and "Girlfriend's Jobs."

  • The residents of a town are forced to lick it -- the town -- clean, and Scott compares Dave with an elk. Sketches include "Lick Town Clean," "Agents in the Bar," "The Lovers 3," "Noisy Kid," "Dave/Elk," "Humpback Gays," "The Lovers 4," "My Training."

  • The Steps guys discuss coming out to their parents, and an American in Canada wants crab shampoo. Sketches include "Steps 1," "Crab Shampoo," "Obfuscator Boyfriend," "Mr. Tisane's Tea Problem," "Boiled Potatoes" and "Steps 2."

  • A gross guy wants you to call 555-SLUT. Sketches include "Slow Motion Trick," "Ex-Girlfriend Relocation," "Whores 1," "Love," "Breast-Obsessed Businessman," "Whores 2," "Naive Duck Hunting," "Whores 3" and "They Love Me in France."

  • A guy acts slow to make his friend leave. Sketches include "Slow Motion Trick," "Ex-Girlfriend Relocation," "Whores 1," "Love," "Breast-Obsessed Businessman," "Whores 2," "Naive Duck Hunting," "Whores 3" and "They Love Me in France.

  • Sketches are "Fight-Picking Guy 1," "Weston & Virgil in 1972," "Power-Mad After Promotion," "Sick About Crime," "Laundromat Business Opportunities," "Fight-Picking Guy 2," "Post-Apocalypse Poets," "Fight-Picking Guy 3," "Coal-Shoveler with Angst."

  • Meet the butt freak film buff and the man who sells sounds. Sketches include "Steps 1," "Stump Hand Waiter," "Butt Freak Film Buff," "Police Department," "Steps 2," "Guy Who Consoles People in Hospital," "Steps 3" and "Evan the Stereo Salesman."

  • The whores contemplate raising their prices, and Buddy Cole delivers a monologue about Mario from Montreal. Sketches include "God Is Dead," "New Boots," "Accelerated-Time Breakup," "Whores 1," "Buddy's Bar," "Whores 2" and "Dipping Areas."

  • Buddy Cole discusses how to care for your new male slave, and a man on a date reveals he has a Jughead tattoo. Sketches include "Whores 1," "Meet Your New Male Slave," "Someone Doesn't Like You," "Whores 2," "Poreef," "The Tattoo" and "The Hit."

  • Sketches include "Police Department 1," "Disgusting Old Man," "The Chosen One Thinker," "Chance Meeting," "Police Department 2," "Firing Documentary," "Police Department 3," "Grizzly" and "Police Department 4."

  • This "best of" compilation features fan-favorite sketches that include a husband and wife creating the greeting for their answering machine.

  • The "best of the best" skits from the show's fourth season include a man negotiating for a piece of "art" to add to his collection and a documentary about an escape artist.

  • You won't believe what the Bigot Cabbie, the whores and the cops are all up to in this hilarious installment.

  • An architect doesn't react well to a proposal suggesting that he leave out the atrium, and an art class rebels against the stereotypical beauty personified by the model.

  • In this episode, Kevin considers using his celebrity status to his advantage, Buddy remembers a friend during a visit to a cemetery, and the whores discuss who they pretend to be while they're working.

  • Francesca Fiore goes to Yugoslavia, a group of businessmen takes part in an office flirting competition, and a man is amazed at how much has changed after he wakes up from a 20-minute nap.

  • A heroin junkie explains to his date that smack will always come first and she'll come second, and an unbridled flirt is really just trying to make new friends.

  • Sketches in this installment include an inexperienced cannibal on trial, a visit from Santa Claus and the announcement of the "Spot Bellini" contest winner.

  • From a man who demonstrates the sound his refrigerator makes to Mark announcing that he's unlocked the secret of nudity, this episode is sure to keep you in stitches.

  • In this episode, the kids discuss the fine line between a nice guy, a loser and a potential stalker. Meanwhile, a man lives through his hangover to tell the tale.

  • Anus-probing aliens question their work, the kids sing "Do, a Deer," and the whores discuss plastic surgery.

  • From Michael, the incompetent receptionist who can't remember anything, to the psychics who take advantage of old women, the sketches in this episode will keep you laughing.

  • This "Chalet 2000" installment is a hilarious, episode-long sketch starring Buddy, the queen of England and a beaver.

  • A man is visited by door-to-door religious missionaries, and a businessman is stunned to discover that his colleagues can read his "thoughts." Meanwhile, Kevin discusses the similarities between his family and the Airport film series.

  • The Chicken Lady visits the house she grew up in, and a doctor mixes up his patients' names.

  • Kathie describes how she became a Blue Jays fan, Fran learns about salsa, peanut sauce and meals in a pill, and an ax murderer needs his blade sharpened during a killing.

  • In this wacky episode, a seriously injured patient takes time out for a few gags, a Jamaican director introduces his "very sexist" new film, and Myra has an out-of-body experience while choking at a Thanksgiving dinner.

  • A governor calls a wrong number at a crucial moment, and the fight pickers take on a biker and his goldfish. Meanwhile, Bruce talks about a variety of sad people.

  • In this installment, Cathy and Kathie gossip about the new girl, and Darryl sees an oompah band in his head while out on a date.

  • In the season opener, a man has a loveless relationship with his dog, a manic businessman has heart problems, and the Bigot Cabbie delivers a baby during rush hour.

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