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In Living Color was a television program that ran from 1990-1994. During its four seasons on air, there were many famous actors, comedians and even rappers who made up the cast of the show. Notable actors such as: Jim Carrey, Tommy Davidson, Jaime Foxx, Damon Wayans, Shawn Wayans and Kim Wayans all got their opportunity to showcase their talents on the show.

The program was a series of comedic sketches written and performed by the actors who wrote the script. At the beginning of the show the host (Kenan Ivory Wayans) would introduce different members of the show to the audience. The first act he would introduce would be the Fly Girls, who were an assortment of female dancers. Their job was to bring in the show, cue the commercial breaks as well as end the show with various dance routines. Kenan would then introduce the D.J. for the night who would spin the records for the Fly Girls to dance to.

After the Fly Girl's performance the skits would begin. The program usually showed anywhere from ten to fifteen different skits per night and each skit would be a unique story line all on its own. Each skit would involve some or all of the cast of In Living Color interacting with one another in various ways. For the first four seasons of the show, most of the original cast members played re-occurring roles. Even the Fly girls performed some cameo roles as well as smaller acting parts.

As the show progressed into later seasons some new cast members began to appear on the show. Entertainers such Tupac, James Brown and Rodney Dangerfield, joined the showcase (playing themselves) and adding to the shows repertoire. The show also allowed new acts to perform on stage at the end of each show. Acts such as Kriss-Kross and En-vogue were invited to perform as well as act in the show.

In Living Color is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (122 episodes). The series first aired on April 15, 1990.

Where do I stream In Living Color online? In Living Color is available for streaming on FOX, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch In Living Color on demand at Philo online.

5 Seasons, 122 Episodes
April 15, 1990
Cast: David Alan Grier, Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey, Alexandra Wentworth, Keenen Ivory Wayans
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In Living Color Full Episode Guide

  • Sketches include: "Background Guy at the Haunted House," "The Champ: Back to School," "Prison Cable Network: Lights Out with the Angel," and "Ace and Main Man meet Salt-n-Pepa."/ To Be Continued performs "One on One"

  • Rush And Al's Greatest Hits / Cheap Pete At The Carnival / Loomis Simmons / The Scary Larry Show / East Hollywood Squares

  • Prison Cable Network / Carl The Tooth Williams / Ace And Main Man - Salt And Pepa

  • Master Piece Theater / Candy Canes Last Show / Family Dozens / Duke And Cornbread Turner

  • Rush And Al's Greatest Hits / Cheap Pete At The Carnival / Loomis Simmons / The Scary Larry Show / East Hollywood Squares

  • Loomis Simmons / 66th Annual Academy Awards / Duke And Cornbread Turner / Cheap Pete / Umbilical Barry / Hemorrhoid Guy

  • Dr Kervorkian's Book / Thugs / I'm Gay / Sweet Tooth Jones / Great Moments In Black History

  • Risky Business II / Carl The Tooth Williams / Dirty Dozens Tournament Of Champions / San Fransisco

  • Mrs Ikefire / Dirty Dozens Home Game / East Hollywood Squares / Fire Marshall Bill / Backgound Guy

  • The White League / Funky Finger Productions / Wanna Man / Ace And Main Man / Tonya Harding / Master Piece Theater

  • Tonya Harding / Wanda / Hemorrhoid Guy / All Up In The Family / John Bobbit 6 Million Dollar Man

  • Marlee Matlin / Cheap Pete / AWF's Main Event / East Hollywood Squares

  • Background Guy / Gangsta Group / Sister Act 3 / Duke And Cornbread Turner / The Guy Who Knows Way Too May Specials

  • Joe Jackson / Wheel Of Dozens / Mr Armstrong / Rhonda Hightower / Andy Rooney

  • Mary Tyler Mo / Ace And Main Man / Irish Singer / Loomis Simmons / Geraldo

  • Sammy And Bill / Carl The Tooth Williams / Pavoroti / Vera Demilo / Black Menedez Brothers / Lorena Bobbit / Umbilical Barry

  • Background Guy / Wile E Coyote / Candy Cane / Go On Girl / Honey Mooners '93

  • Rush And Al's / All Up In The Family / The Guy Who Know Way Too Many Specials / Wanda And Barry Bonds / East Hollywood Squares

  • Wanda / AT&T / Sam Kinison - Live From Hell / Dr. Innapropriato / The Dirty Dozens

  • Wanda / Fire Marshall Bill / Circus Of The Black Stars / Carl The Tooth Williams / Magnifico

  • Droop! There It Is / Andy Rooney / Rush And Al's / Background Guy / Cheap Pete

  • L.A. Riot / NBA Harasser / Irish Singer / Wanda / Anorexic Sumo Wrestler / Rhonda Hightower / Jodeci

  • Unpoetic Justice / Carl The Tooth Williams / Prison Cable Network / Funky Finger Productions

  • Ike Turner And Hooch / Honey Mooners '93 / Snow / Cheap Pete / Ace And Main Man.

  • Micheal Jackson / The Dirty Dozens / Revival Olympics / Fire Marshall Bill / Ball Park Breast Implants

  • Strikes Back / Wanda / Sammy / Seinfeld - Ace And Main Man / Russell Simmons Def Strawberry Jam.

  • A pair of elderly waitresses vie for the attention of a dapper old gentleman.

  • Joe Jackson / In Living Color Feed Back Line / Lashawn / Carl The Tooth Williams / Funky Finger Productions / Why

  • Duke And Cornbread Turner / Vera Demilo / Snack N Shack / Bunny Clive / Dysfunctional Home Show

  • Straight Pride Parade / P.S.A. / Cal Hoon Tubbs / Phone Lady / Wanda / Thelma And Louise Jefferson

  • Undigable Hosts / Lommis Simmons / Carl The Tooth Williams / MTV's Teen Court / Groom Room - James Brown

  • P.S.A. / Lonny Anderson / Stacy Koon's Police Academy / Proud Gay Guy / Snucky

  • Black Barbra Striesand / Al Macafee / Lashawn / Black People Show / Stereotype Lady

  • Rodney King / Why? / Trail Mix-A-Lot / Wanda / Oswald Bates / Driving Miss Shott / Lori Davis Beauty System / Ross Perot

  • Weezies / A Different Message / Why? / Super Dave / Charles Bronson / Duke And Cornbread Turner

  • Boyz 2 Wimps / Wanda With En Vouge / Passenger 227 / Background Guy / Dysfunctional Homeshow

  • Joe Jackson / Thigh Master / Geraldo / Rodney Dangerfield / Mr And Mrs Brooks / Cal Hoon Tubbs / Dirty Little Dick

  • Oswald Bates / Fire Marshall Bill / Forever Silky / Lashawn / P.S.A

  • Alive II / Loomis Simmons / The Info Group / Cops - Stacy Koon

  • Capital Hillbilies / Ross Perot / Tales From The Crib / Amy Fisher / Benita Butrell / You Bet You Life

  • Vera Demilo / Why? / Mr And Mrs Brooks / Cousin Elsee / The Dysfunctional Home Christmas Show / The Body Guard

  • Driving Miss Shott / Why? / Benita Butrell / Ice Poe / Al Macafee / Cephus And Reese

  • Deon Warwick / Madonna / Wanda / Gays In The Military / Lil' Magic

  • Prince / Men On Cooking / Mr And Mrs Brooks / Candy Cane

  • Anonymous Express / Handi Man / Wanda / Loomis Simmons

  • Snuf And Rome / Homey D Clown Meets His Son / Dysfunctional Homeshow

  • Bill Clinton / Head Detective / Ice Poe / Anton / Sue Goober

  • Trail Mix-A-Lot / Baby Lonnie / Super Bimbo / Def Comedy Jam / Juicemania

  • Vanessa Williams / Jay Leno / Lori Davis Beauty System / Black People's Awards / George Hamilton Luggage

  • Mtv Rock The Vote / Vera Demilo / Snack N Shack / Bunny And Clive / Dysfunctional Home Show

  • Crescan / Basic Instank / Snuf And Rome

  • Ross Perot / Rodney King And Reginald Deny / Edward James Almos / Fire Marshall Bill / Benita Butrell

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