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Popeye the sailor is a staple of many people's childhoods. It is not until we get older that we begin to see the clever message underlying the funny antics of everyone's favorite sailor, Popeye. Time and time again, Popeye's sweetheart, Olive Oyl, has her safety threatened by the hulking, titan of a man, Bluto, who tries to take her away and use her for his own amusement. Popeye, being the brave bloke that he is, always tries to save his girl but almost always gets pummeled into the ground. It is not until Popeye rips open his can of spinach and drinks it like a frat boy does a beer during the Superbowl. With his super spinach in him, his muscles then acquire the boost they need to be able to successfully thwart Bluto's attempt at taking Olive Oyl.

16 Seasons, 254 Episodes
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Jack Mercer, Mae Questel, Jackson Beck
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Popeye the Sailor Full Episode Guide

  • Bluto takes Olive to a carnival to visit the lady fortune teller, who is really Popeye in disguise. The gypsy warns of a mountain trip and in fade-out we see our threesome battling each other and the elements as they climb the Alps.

  • Bluto and Popeye both propose to Olive Oyl and it's Popeye who wins her hand. At least it looks that way, until Bluto does everything short of mayhem to keep the prospective bridegroom from getting to the church on time.

  • Cowboys Popeye and Bluto both apply for a job at Olive's ranch. Both men compete in various types of bronco busting and trick riding. When Popeye gets the job, a jealous Bluto causes a cattle stampede.

  • Olive shocks Popeye by announcing she has become a Policewoman and is off to patrol her beat. He follows fearfully to save his lady love from harm. In a series of comical mishaps, it is Popeye who winds up being protected by his lady of the law.

  • Popeye and Bluto compete to spend a day at the beach with the object of their affections, Olive Oyl.

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