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Fame is an American television show based on a 1980 movie of the same name focusing on the lives of students and teachers at a New York school for the performing arts. Produced by MGM Television for NBC the show was one of the first to become more popular outisde the U.S. than in the country and secure funding for later series from foreign TV companies. The show has attracted a cult following since its cancellation in 1987 after six seasons beginning in 1982. The first two seasons of Fame were broadcast and produced for American network NBC; despite critical success the show was cancelled because of low ratings and only returned to the television screens after receiving funding from the U.K., Australia and Italy.

The 136 episodes of Fame are loosely based on the real Fiorella H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and performing Arts. The school in Fame is called the New York City High School for the Performing Arts created by series creator Christopher Gore. Fame tackles social issues and academic problems facing young people living in New York from a variety of different backgrounds. One of the most famous and popular characters in the show was transferred from the motion picture in the form of Leroy Johnson, a petty criminal from the poor areas of New York who has the ability, but not always the commitment to learn to dance.

Other characters that transferred from the movie included Bruno, whose stories focused on the academic problems he faced with piano teacher Shorofsky. Other characters were drawn from a mixture of backgrounds and explored social issues through the clash of cultures and availablity of money. Each episode of the show generally focused on a stand alone story and a number of smaller, less significant stories; each episode usually included at least two musical numbers including singing and dancing by the characters in the show.

Fame is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (134 episodes). The series first aired on January 7, 1982.

Where do I stream Fame online? Fame is available for streaming on Syndicated, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Fame on demand at Amazon, Apple TV online.

6 Seasons, 134 Episodes
January 7, 1982
Cast: Debbie Allen, Jesse Borrego, Lee Curreri, Cynthia Gibb, Erica Gimpel
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Fame Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Alumni Week brings back some familiar faces, including Miss Sherwood, Bruno, Coco, Doris, Holly, and Montgomery, who are interviewed for the School of the Arts first video yearbook. Meanwhile, Leroy questions his ability and his desire to make it on his own after Miss Grant suggests he leave the school to pursue his dancing; and Chris lies about his success in the real world when he is asked to be a guest speaker for Mr. Seeger's class.

  • The kids hustle up a pocketful of miracles for Mrs. Berg, who has misrepresented her position to an old friend who's on his way to visit; Reggie helps a student with an aversion to frog dissection.

  • Clips from past shows illustrate the choices for the school's contribution to a time capsule; schemer Miltie may face expulsion if he fails to come up with an original song for Shorofsky.

  • When a cafeteria worker, who always had dreams of being a singer, is laid off, Reggie persuades her to get her high-school diploma... at the School of the Arts.

  • Jillian's computer error puts Christopher's life in danger when he comes into possession of a cassette labeled "top secret" by a conglomerate involved in national security. Meanwhile, Reggie, Ian and Dusty compete in a video contest.

  • Danny reacts with confusion when his longtime pal confides he's gay; Leroy and Lydia compete for the chance to choreograph a commercial.

  • Ian is torn when his old band comes to town; Lou runs for the presidency of a bowling-operators' association.

  • Christopher, Leroy, Jillian and Miltie create frustration for Jesse who, with a key borrowed from Shorofsky, lets them all into the school on a Saturday to complete a weekend project.

  • Reggie, Danny and Jesse learn about wishes coming true after Shorofsky receives a violin with a magical legend.

  • Christopher fails to heed Lou's warning that the contract offered by his brother comes with strings attached. Meanwhile, Mr. Seeger tries to establish harmony on the school newspaper.

  • Lydia connects with a high-school sweetheart who's done quite well since their last meeting; a rift widens between Ian and his father.

  • Jesse's role as a swashbuckling hero is being played for real in the hallways by an unlikely masked crusader fighting a substitute principal's "code of conduct."

  • A film crew's arrival has special effects on Jillian, assigned as the director's assistant; Dyrenforth, who receives a bit part; and the teenage leading lady, Maxie Sharp.

  • Danny struggles with guilt and Jesse with revenge when the School of the Arts loses one of their own in a drunken-driving accident.

  • A one-time singing idol offers Nicole a chance to sing backup on her comeback record, but fate might change everything in just a second; Danny and Jesse play matchmaker for Dyrenforth.

  • Shorofsky is a victim of mistaken identity when he's forced to spend Christmas in the same hospital as a prominent producer; Leroy burns the candle at both ends trying to please his niece Tina.

  • Danny slips into the second-banana position on a comedy show; Dusty misinterprets flattering comments from Jesse.

  • The plight of the homeless unites two disparate spirits: Dusty's minister father, who disapproves of the school, and Reggie, who finds disapproval from the school for her latest experiments in performance art.

  • The School of the Arts works to put together a 30's-style play for a prestigious competition, but funding issues and lead, Nicole, coming down with laryngitis may just cost them the win... and the $20,000 prize that comes with it.

  • A new dance student accuses Leroy of discrimination after he awards a lead role to a black dancer; Shorofsky learns a surprising fact about guitarist Ian; and Leroy introduces Dusty to the Apollo Theatre.

  • A cab-driving actor reluctantly joins the faculty, while an 11-year-old pianist joins the student body, and both have difficulties adjusting to their new surroundings.

  • Nicole's discontent with her and Jesse's relationship affects her rehearsals for a performance at the wedding of Christopher's cousin; Danny gets the once-over thrice when he dates an Irish cop's daughter who has a marine and a cop for brothers.

  • Graduate Christopher finds the real world less than impressed with his arrival; Shorofsky suffers from job burnout; Reggie dabbles in performance art; and a new music student Ian Ware claims friendships with the likes of Prince, Mark Knopfler and Mick Jagger.

  • Jesse is forced into joining a neighborhood gang, leading Nicole to have visions that Jesse is in danger. Meanwhile, Shorofsky befriends a young gang member who expresses an interest in the trumpet.

  • Christopher falls for a beautiful, talented new dancer with a secret; Danny feels uneasy when his recently separated mother starts dating Lou Mackie.

  • Jesse struggles with "selling out" after winning a prestigious song-writing contest. Meanwhile, Shorofsky also struggles with "selling out" when he auditions a former football jock and mediocre violin enthusiast, whose father, dependent on his son getting in, is willing to make a generous donation that could reform many budget-related deficiencies at the school.

  • After meeting his favorite western hero, Bronco Bob, and his sidekick, Prince the Miracle Horse, Danny involves the School of the Arts in a fund-raising production to help Bronco save Prince from the clutches of his acting rival, who, just to spite Bronco, plans to buy, shoot and stuff the horse.

  • Leroy becomes a member of the school faculty; Chris and Danny have to play women in their class; Nicole and Holly fight for a lead role, and new student, Dusty, a minister's daughter, finds herself feeling out of place.