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Welcome Back, Kotter a comedy filled TV show which is set in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Kotter is portrayed by comedian Gabe Kaplin who returns to his Alma mater, the fictional James Buchanan High School as a teacher. Mr. Kotter is a slick tongued funny man with an array of unusual students called the sweat hogs. From the cool and sexy to the weird and annoying, this show is filled with laughter. Covering a host of subjects from drugs to teen pregnancy, with witty and quirky remarks; thus softening the blow of the subject matter.

Kotter is married to Julie Kotter, played by Marcia Strassman who is just as funny, with her dry humor balances the two of them. The principle of the school is Mr. Michael Woodman, known as John Sylvester White. A strict disciplinarian that is always on the hunt for Mr.Kotters kids. However, most of the time the kids get away with almost anything because Mr. Kotter has their back. The students are quick witted and think on their feet, but are labeled the school trouble makers.

Vincent "Vinnie" Barbarino played by John Travolta, a proud Italian American that is a cool, tall handsome dude, that all the girls love. He leads the sweat hogs without the title of leader. His home is filled with arguments, which prompts him to be the first of the seat hogs to move out on his own. Next on the role call is Freddie "Boom Boom" Percy Washington who is played by Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs. This African American actor is the star of the James Buchanan High School basketball team and is an additional heartthrob of the bunch. Even though the sweat hogs do not have an official leader he and Vinnie are the front runners.

Arnold Horshack also know as Horshack is portrayed by Ron Palillo, with his annoying laugh and goofy ways, the sweat hogs are just not the same without him. He is probably the smartest of the group; yet the class clown. Last but not least you have Juan Luis Pedro Felipo de Huevos Epstein, played by Robert Hegyes. Epstein is the incredibly proud Puerto Rican Jew that suffers from little man complex and is the toughest of the sweat hogs.

Welcome Back, Kotter is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (95 episodes). The series first aired on September 9, 1975.

Where do I stream Welcome Back, Kotter online? Welcome Back, Kotter is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Welcome Back, Kotter on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 95 Episodes
September 9, 1975
Cast: John Sylvester White, Ron Palillo, John Travolta, Robert Hegyes, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs
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Welcome Back, Kotter Full Episode Guide

  • Epstein goes to interview for a new job and discovers that it's already been taken -- by Washington.

  • Beau's sweet-talking to Mr. Woodman backfires when the guys accuse him of bad-mouthing them.

  • Arnold's relationship with Mary gets serious. Then he finds out he has to move and leave the school. Upset, Arnold decides to propose marriage to Mary. She accepts.

  • Freddie and Juan plan to do an act together for the upcoming talent contest, while Carvelli has some bribed judges up his sleeves. Arnold and Beau take over as judges, leaving Murray in the third spot.

  • Epstein is assigned to the school paper and changes it from a dull, lifeless weekly to a gossipy, sensationalist money-maker -- almost losing his friends in the process.

  • To get up his nerve with Mary, Carvelli offers Arnold liquor. He doesn't like the idea at first, but as time goes on, he becomes addicted to drinking; developing a scary and unlikable new personality that only turns Mary away.

  • Vinnie is forced to deliver a baby in an elevator.

  • Barbarino's wedding is coming up very soon and he's getting cold feet.

  • Vinnie is saddened when his new coat is stolen.

  • The Sweathogs opt to change Mr. Woodman's tired old school song.

  • After Horshack refuses to disect a frog in class, his grade is in jeopardy.

  • Vinnie becomes depressed when it seems that he has lost his way with women.

  • The gang is liable to get in trouble when the x-rated film Carvelli brought into school is accidentally mixed up with a film on sexual education.

  • When Mr. Woodman comes to Vinnie's hospital for an operation, Vinnie loses him and he and the other Sweathogs try to find him.

  • The Sweathogs remember how they tried to buy a used car from Vinnie's uncle.

  • A new girl at Buchanan High contemplates suicide after having a hard time making friends.

  • Vinnie throws the Sweathogs out of his new apartment.

  • With Barbarino now an ordlery at a hospital, the Sweathogs try to get jobs there, too. Meanwhile, Kotter tries to get the gang to return to school.

  • With Barbarino now an ordlery at a hospital, the Sweathogs try to get jobs there, too. Meanwhile, Kotter tries to get the gang to return to school.

  • Gabe announces that he is now the vice-principal and Mr. Woodman is the principal. The Sweathogs are pleased, until Gabe gets strict. After Vinnie visits the school to tell the gang he's dropped out, the other Sweathogs decide to follow in his footsteps.

  • Arnold, saddened by the rejection he keeps recieving from the opposite sex, gets advice and comfort from Julie before quickly falling in love with her.

  • After performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a female student who has passed out in the classroom, Gabe is accused of molestation, and is in danger of losing his job.

  • Mr. Kripps, the shop teacher, has a heart attack and dies while yelling at Vinnie, who blames himself for the man's death.

  • Freddie becomes addicted to drugs after taking prescribed pain killers. Despite the other Sweathogs' best efforts, the only thing that can bring Freddie around is Arnold's faith in him...and in his "vitamin pills."

  • Gabe must choose between the comedy life, or his life at Buchanan.

  • Gabe finds success as a stand-up comic, using material regarding the Sweathogs. But when the oppportunity for a full-time comedy gig arises, it could mean the end of his teaching career.

  • Kotter is a success at being a comedian but it is putting a strain on his marriage and his relationship with the Sweathogs. Second of a two-part episode.

  • The Sweathogs convince Gabe to audition at a local hot spot, never expecting him to succeed, but after Mr. Charnoff a slick agent gets through with him, it's goodbye teacher, hello show biz.

  • The sweathogs purchase term papers from a couple of local hoods. Kotter recognizes Epstein's paper as one he himself had handed in years ago.

  • Juan paints a great masterpiece on the walls of the school.

  • At Christmas time, the gang reminisces over past episodes_4-18.

  • A new girl joins the Sweathogs.

  • Merriment, mistletoe and menorahs are the beginnings of a Merry Christmas celebration with the Sweathogs and Gabe and Julie Kotter.

  • Freddie cheats on an English test.

  • Kotter has a dream about life when the Sweathogs are old.

  • Vinnie is torn between trying to win the talent competition, or letting his new girlfriend beat him.

  • During a talent competition, Vinnie falls for a girl who the Sweathogs are competing against, and starts spending more time with her then rehearsing with the Sweathogs.

  • The characters in Mr. Woodman's new novel seem to have an awful lot in common with the Sweathogs...

  • Juan, with the help of his uncle, hooks the Kotters up with a new apartment.

  • Arnold is accepted into a religious cult. Mr. Kotter and the three other sweathogs try to get Arnold to snap out of it. Eventually, he does and goes back to his former self, complete with his trademark laugh.

  • Everybody helps Vinnie cram for a make-up test.

  • Emotions mix when it seems that the Sweathogs may win the lottery.

  • Emotions mix when it seems that the Sweathogs may win the lottery.

  • Julie's parents come to see the babies.

  • Julie gives birth to twin girls.

  • Julie goes into labor.

  • Rosalie "Hotsy" Totsy has grown up ... a little too fast. The Sweathogs go to a local strip club on a dare, and learn that Hotsy has gotten a job performing there (yup, she bares all, unknowingly in front of her former classmates).Vinnie, Freddie and Epstein all ride Hotsy's case, but Arnold is sensitive to her plight. Seems that, during a coversation with her former teacher Gabe, Rosalie really lived up to her nickname one night and got pregnant. And getting a job at a strip joint is the only way for this single mother (the baby's father had left Hotsy) to support her child.Gabe and Arnold convince the others to give Hotsy Totsy moral support, and they also refer her to a social agency which can help her finish school and find a more meaningful job.

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