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"Alice" is a classic American situation comedy that aired in prime time for nine seasons. The namesake of the show is a widowed waitress named Alice Hyatt who is singlehandedly raising her son. Alice works at a restaurant near Phoenix, Arizona named Mel's Diner. Mel's Diner is a greasy spoon type of eatery that is owned by a man named Mel Sharples. Mel is the cook at the diner and he is usually dressed in white kitchen pants and a white T-shirt.

The character of Alice is played by Linda Lavin and Mel Sharples is played by Vic Tayback. There is plenty of sarcastic interaction between Alice and Mel but they actually do like each other.

Alice works hard at the restaurant and she takes her parenting seriously. Over the course of the show's nine seasons her son grew from an adolescent into a college student. Alice and Tommy have a good relationship and he even helps out at the restaurant sometimes. Tommy is played by Philip McKeon.

Much of "Alice" takes place at Mel's Diner where several other waitresses also work. One of them is a kind yet spacey woman named Vera played by Beth Howland and another is a wise-cracking, flirtatious woman named Flo played by Polly Holliday. Flo is well-known for exclaiming "Kiss my grits" when she is displeased.

Alice, Vera and Flo are all good friends and they enjoy working together. The three women get into all sorts of funny situations most of which take place at the diner.

A wide assortment of regular customers eat at Mel's Diner. Marvin Kaplan plays a telephone company worker who is always telling jokes, Charles Levin plays a local police officer and Dave Madden plays a basketball coach.

Each episode of "Alice" is 30 minutes in length and more than 200 episodes were made. The "Alice" television show is based upon the movie "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore".

Alice is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (96 episodes). The series first aired on October 13, 1976.

Where do I stream Alice online? Alice is available for streaming on Syfy, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Alice on demand at Hulu, Microsoft Movies & TV online.

Saturday 11:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
4 Seasons, 96 Episodes
October 13, 1976
Cast: Linda Lavin, Beth Howland, Vic Tayback, Philip McKeon, Polly Holliday
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Alice Full Episode Guide

  • Alice (LINDA LAVIN), dressed as a rabbit, decides to check up on Tommy (PHILIP McKEON), who is spending his Easter vacation at Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) apartment, and feels a little stupid when she is caught by Tommy and Mel.

  • Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) greed for business gets him into a very dangerous situation with a pretty girl (PAMELA MYERS) and her bodybuilding brother (REB BROWN).

  • Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) financial troubles almost cost his waitresses a salary cut until Alice (LINDA LAVIN) comes up with a profit sharing plan.

  • Belle (DIANE LADD) turns Vera (BETH HOWLAND) into a sexpot only to find out that everyone loves the old Vera.

  • Belle (DIANE LADD) decides to take over Alice (LINDA LAVIN) and Vera's (BETH HOWLAND) boyfriends and the running of the diner, but all her plans backfire.

  • When Belle's (DIANE LADD) big break as a songwriter falls through, she accepts a job in Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) Diner, much to the relief of the overworked Alice (LINDA LAVIN) and Vera (BETH HOWLAND).

  • Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) old Navy buddy (EDDIE BARTH) turns up at the diner after his wife (REVA ROSE) leaves him, and his visit turns into a nightmare for Alice (LINDA LAVIN), Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) and Vera (BETH HOWLAND).

  • Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) saves the day for Tommy (PHILIP McKEON) when she outfits him with a tux for the Valentine's Day dance at his school.

  • Mel (VIC TAYBACK) is almost a "no-show" at his mother's (MARTHA RAYE) wedding but has a change of heart at the last minute.

  • When Mel (VIC TAYBACK) installs a time clock in the diner, he learns that time is money.

  • When Tommy (PHILIP McKEON) admits on television that Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) is his favorite adult, Alice (LINDA LAVIN) wants to know why.

  • Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) tries to prove to her new boyfriend that she can drive a big semitrailer, but it turns out to be a disaster for Mel (VIC TAYBACK) and his diner.

  • Mel (VIC TAYBACK) saves Christmas for all his friends when he turns into a real Santa Claus.

  • Vera (BETH HOWLAND) convinces Art Carney (HIMSELF) to endorse Mel's chili...until the profits are discussed and Mel (VIC TAYBACK) finds out he won't make any money.

  • Alice, Flo, and Vera retreat to a cabin for a weekend and are surprised by Mel and his date. A tornado warning almost ruins the weekend for all of them.

  • Mel (VIC TAYBACK) is invited to prepare his famous chili on "The Dinah Shore Show," and the girls all want to go too.

  • Mel's mother (MARTHA RAYE) takes over the running of Mel's Diner when Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) bad back keeps him home in bed, and much to Mel's dismay, she doubles his business.

  • Alice (LINDA LAVIN) is in a state of shock when she finds out that her new beau is working his way through law school by posing in the nude for art classes.

  • Flo's (POLLY HOLLIDAY) romance turns sour when she refuses to give her new boyfriend Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) chili recipe.

  • Vera (BETH HOWLAND) and Tommy (PHILIP McKEON) go to the movies together and before the evening is over Tommy has a crush on her.

  • Alice (LINDA LAVIN) tries to save Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) "on-again-off-again" romance with Marie (VICTORIA CARROLL) but to no avail.

  • Mel (VIC TAYBACK) introduces "SMILE" buttons in his diner to increase business and offers customers a free meal if the waitress forgets to smile. Meanwhile, Tommy's (PHILIP McKEON) enthusiasm over Alice's (LINDA LAVIN) new boyfriend (ROBERT HOGAN) almost scares him away.

  • Telly Savalas (HIMSELF) surprises everyone by walking into Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) Diner and causes a lot of excitement and havoc.

  • Vera's (BETH HOWLAND) attempt at show business fails, but she finds her waitress job at Mel's diner waiting for her.

  • Alice (LINDA LAVIN) auditions for "Cinderella" and falls in love with the 25-year-old director.

  • Mel (VIC TAYBACK) finds a buyer for the diner and retires, leaving Alice, Flo and Vera (LINDA LAVIN, POLLY HOLLIDAY and BETH HOWLAND) in the hands of an annoying perfectionist.

  • Alice's (LINDA LAVIN) big break into show business is thwarted by a case of the hiccups.

  • Vera's (BETH HOWLAND) state of depression because of a broken heart is cured by her three friends and a young, attractive delivery boy.

  • Martha Raye plays Carrie Sharples, Mel's mother, who shows up as a surprise to visit with her son in Phoenix. Mel must face up to Carrie and remind her he's no longer her little boy.

  • Alice (LINDA LAVIN) is beside herself with worry when Tommy (PHILIP McKEON) runs away from home but with Flo's (POLLY HOLLIDAY) help, Tommy realizes that his mother really isn't all bad

  • When Mel's brother Al (CARMINE CARIDI), an old flame of Flo's(POLLY HOLLIDAY), shows up in Phoenix after his third divorce, a wedding is held in Mel's Diner.

  • Alice (LINDA LAVIN) and her boyfriend (RON RIFKIN) are heroes when they offer Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) and Vera (BETH HOWLAND) tickets to the Charity Ball, but the friendships turn sour when there aren't enough tickets to go around.

  • Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) winds up without a date for New Year's Eve so Mel (VIC TAYBACK) recruits her to work in the diner. When she blurts out over the telephone to a radio show that she's alone, she suddenly has more company than anyone could bargain for.

  • Alice (LINDA LAVIN) causes problems for Tommy (PHILIP McKEON) when she falls for his school principal (GARY COLLINS).

  • Vera discovers that she has ESP, and no one believes her--until she successfully predicts five events, including a long-shot horse for Mel. But when she sees Mel being shot by a stranger, she sends Mel and the diner into a panic.

  • Mel fires Alice when she takes a job as a singing messenger to help finance Tommy's education.

  • Mel (VIC TAYBACK) has trouble with turkeys when he decides to open for Thanksgiving.

  • Mel (VIC TAYBACK) feels glum --he misses having a family--so Alice (LINDA LAVIN) invites him to dinner, but Mel, misreading her intentions, all but moves in on her and Tommy (PHILIP McKEON).

  • Mel (VIC TAYBACK) decides to open the diner on Saturday night, and the biggest customer is a gunman.

  • When Vera (BETH HOWLAND) gets an invitation to a high school reunion, Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) decides it's time to get her diploma, but she can't stick to her studies long enough to pass.

  • Mel (VIC TAYBACK) almost loses the diner in a bet, so Alice (LINDA LAVIN), Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) and Vera (BETH HOWLAND) all give up a bad habit to help Mel kick his.

  • Vera (BETH HOWLAND) has a boyfriend (ALAN HAUFRECT) and Alice (LINDA LAVIN), Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) and Mel (VIC TAYBACK) can't wait to meet him.

  • Mel (VIC TAYBACK) witnesses a robbery and thinks the thief is after him.

  • Mel (VIC TAYBACK) sells his old car to the girls, but the "car wars" break out when Jason (PATRICK CRONIN) makes a higher offer.

  • Alice's son, Tommy (PHILIP McKEON), is becoming a behavior problem at home. Mel (VIC TAYBACK) thinks he can raise him but finds their lifestyles collide, with a bang.

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