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WKRP in Cincinnati is a show about a staff at a radio station and their day to day life at work on and off the air. The cast includes actor Gary Sandy who played as program director Andy Travis. Andy was hired to come in and turn a failing radio station around. Andy was the straight man in the comedic exchanges.Actor Gordon Jump played Arthur Carlson as the general manager who's mother owned the station thereby landing him the job even though had no experience at it. He was often referred to as "Big Guy". DJ Dr. Johnny Fever a burned out, cynical veteran from L.A. was played by Howard Hesseman,he went by a great number of on air names such as;Johnny Cool, Midnight Style, Rip tide and Heavy Early just to name a few.

Actor Richard Sanders played bow tied wearing reporter Les Nessman who always wore a bandage to cover the attack wounds from his dog who could be heard but never seen. Actress Loni Anderson played the gorgeous blonde bombshell receptionist who was the highest paid employee on the staff despite her unwillingness type letters or make coffee a fact that the men seemed ok with since they enjoyed just looking at her, she seemed to be able to handle almost any situation that came her way.

The stations plaid pant and white shoe wearing advertising executive Herb Tarlek was played by Frank Bonner, Tarlek was unable to land any big sponsors and usually had some small crazy named ads he was constantly pursuing receptionist Jennifer who was not at all interested. DJ Venus Fly Trap the smooth talking mood lighting Vietnam Vet evening DJ was played by Tim Reid.

On air reporter Bailey Quarters is played by Jan Smithers. Quarters longed to be a Broadcast Executive, she is the girlfriend of DJ Johnny Fever. Mrs Carlson the rich and successful domineering mother of Arthur Carlson played by Sylvia Sidney in the pilot episode and by Carol Bruce was not quiet about the fact that WKRP was just a tax write off.

This cast of actors and actresses play off each other well, they keep viewers laughing and waiting for the next episode.

WKRP in Cincinnati is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (90 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 1978.

WKRP in Cincinnati is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch WKRP in Cincinnati on demand atAmazon, Vudu, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 90 Episodes
September 18, 1978
Cast: Gary Sandy, Gordon Jump, Loni Anderson, Richard Sanders, Frank Bonner
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WKRP in Cincinnati Full Episode Guide

  • Mama Carlson announces that she is switching to an all-news format just as the station made its way up to #6 in the ratings.

  • Herbs incompetence has finally caught up to him after making a huge mistake by giving the printers a picture of himself instead of Venus for an advertisement of a hair treatment for African Americans.

  • Les is off to New York City to bring th em a video clip in hopes of getting a job on network news. Unknown by the others who have created a surprise birthday party for him.

  • A slip of the lip reveals the lie Andy told about Venus' past job experience when he first convinced Mama Carlson to hire him.

  • A fire in the Flimm building has Jennifer and Herb trapped in an elevator.

  • Venus is framed by his new girlfriend who happens to be a thief casing the building during his nightly DJ slot.

  • Herb helps Les find a date through the I'll Take Romance Dating Service unaware it's a front for prostitutes.

  • Johnny asks for Jennifer's help to raise the $40,000 dollars needed to rebuild the Vine Street Mission after a fire destroys the kitchen.

  • Venus adopts a new image after discovering that he will be interviewed by a militant black magazine. Jennifer agrees to change Herb's looks, starting with his clothes.

  • The weight loss pills being advertised on WKRP seems to be for 'legalized speed' but the new client has an iron clad contract.

  • Mr. Carlson learns of the real reason he and Carmen started dating during a trip to his college reunion. Meanwhile, Bailey wants a computer for the billing department and Venus is having trouble finding free time with his new girlfriend.

  • Andy becomes Mama Carlson's escort in hopes of convincing her to buy a new transmitter for the station, but then gets the idea she wants more than a casual relationship .

  • Mama Carlson hires Norris Breeze, a radio consultant and an old friend of Andy's, to look over WKRP and find our what changes should be made.

  • Jennifer is named executrix of Colonel Buchanan's will after he unexpectedly passes away, and must try to keep away his money hungry relatives.

  • After receiving a $24,000 legal settlement, Venus convinces Johnny to spend it on a condominium at Gone With the Wind Estates.

  • Les discovers that Herb's upcoming vacation is really a trip to the hospital for tests on his heart.

  • Johnny's stay at Bailey's apartment leads to some locker room rumors around the station. Johnny is also worried why Andy is try out a new DJ in his time slot.

  • Mr. Carlson is disheartened after the staff talks of joining a union.

  • Andy is frustrated when he is unable to call Venus and Johnny to warn them that the bomb may be in the transmitting tower. Mr. Carlson goes to Joyce Armor's hotel room.

  • A bomb threat from Black Monday forces the staff to evacuate the station. Johnny and Venus go on the air from the old transmitting tower, cut off from the world after Dr. Fever smashes the phone in frustration over placing a bet on a horse race. Meanwhile a former employee returns to Cincinnati and propositions Carlson.

  • Dr. Bob Halyers, head of the organization ''CURB" sets out to clean up obscenities on the radio, starting with WKRP.

  • Everyone is jumpy at WKRP after a robbery takes place at the station. The situation turns comical when Johnny and Venus attempt to retrieve a gun in Herb's desk after hearing a noise during the night.

  • The Carlson's 25th wedding anniversary is to be something special as the couple plan an intimate second wedding. But Mama Carlson wants to turn it into a catered affair.

  • Herb's three martini luncheons with his advertising clients leads to a severe drinking problem.

  • Les uncovers the truth about his father after being denied a press pass by the secret service for a presidential press conference.

  • Bailey sets out to save the Flimm building as a landmark with the support of everyone until Mama agrees to let Mr. Carlson build his dream station.

  • Jennifer fills in wonderfully as the new advice show hostess until one of her suggestions brings frightful results.

  • Unable to get out of his contract Johnny goes on TV as Rip Tide, a flashy DJ spinning dance music.

  • Johnny signs a contract to host a music TV program unaware that the songs will be disco.

  • The cleaning lady asks Venus to talk with her son, a big, muscular gang member, who plans on dropping out of school.

  • Herb is devastated after accidentally spray painting his daughter's pet frog "Greenpeace" pink. Johnny is convinced by Les that he is suffering from "schistosomiasis."

  • Mr. Carlson's boring speech sends each of the staff into a dream world of their own.

  • Herb and Bailey go to a charity auction that Mr.Carlson's church is running. Herb inadvertently wins a painting that Bailey wanted, offering it to her for a price after learning that the painting may be valuable.

  • A broken furnace and a surpise visit from Mama Carlson finds everyone on edge.

  • Christmas eve, Johnny's brownies and holding back on Christmas bonuses leads Mr. Carlson into his own personal version of ''A Christmas Carol."

  • When Herb is called for jury duty, Andy takes over as sales manager and soon discovers just how tough it is trying to sell advertising time or collect from deadbeat clients. Meanwhile, Venus becomes acting program director and has to deal with Les's plan to disguise himself as a black man so that he can do a series of reports based on the book Black Like Me.

  • The staff from WKRP visit the hospital for the birth of the Carlson's child.

  • Herb's family will be on a TV show called "Real Families," which follows around a typical American family to see what they are truly like. But panic sets in over what the gang at WKRP will reveal about him and what he had told the show's producer.

  • Jealous over WPIG's helicopter traffic reports, Les uses a crop dusting WWI bi-plane to broadcast his own reports.

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