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  • 1975
  • 8 Seasons
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Barney Miller is a television sitcom that aired on ABC from 1975 to 1982. The show stars Hal Linden as the titular character, Barney Miller, a no-nonsense captain of the 12th Precinct in New York City. He is joined by a diverse cast of characters, including Detective Wojciehowicz (Max Gail), Detective Harris (Ron Glass), Detective Chano (Gregory Sierra), Detective Fish (Abe Vigoda), and Officer Levitt (Ron Carey). The show often featured guest appearances by other actors as well.

Barbara Barrie also starred as Barney's wife Liz throughout the show's run. The show was set almost entirely within the precinct, with a few exceptions throughout the show's run. Each episode played out in real-time of the day, usually following the officers as they handled various cases and encountered a variety of personalities throughout the precinct and the city.

The show's cast of characters was what made it stand out from other police procedural shows at the time. Each character brought a unique view of the world to the precinct and contributed to the humor and drama of the show. Barney was the calming force in the precinct, keeping everyone on task and focused on the job at hand. Wojciehowicz was the fun-loving cop who was always looking to make a joke or prank someone, but was also fiercely loyal to his colleagues. Harris was the intellectual of the group, always ready with a witty remark or obscure reference to literature or philosophy. Chano was the tough guy of the group with a heart of gold, and Fish was the aging detective who would rather be retired but keeps coming back for one more case.

The precinct itself also had a personality of its own, with a revolving door of quirky characters and various other employees who appeared throughout the show's run. The show tackled a variety of issues that were relevant to the time period, including homosexuality, drug addiction, and racial tensions.

The show's writing was sharp and witty, with each episode containing a mix of humor and drama. The show's humor was often derived from the character's interactions with one another and their reactions to the various situations that arose throughout the show. The drama was often centered around the cases that the characters worked on, with each case touching on a different issue or theme.

The show's closing scene often featured Barney typing out his report for the day, with a voiceover reading the closing lines of the report. The show's theme song, composed by Jack Elliott and Allyn Ferguson, was also a memorable part of the show.

Overall, Barney Miller was a groundbreaking show for its time, featuring a diverse cast of characters and tackling a variety of issues relevant to the time period. It was a unique mix of humor and drama that still holds up well today.

Barney Miller is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (188 episodes). The series first aired on January 23, 1975.

Barney Miller
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Landmark (3)
22. Landmark (3)
May 20, 1982
Old faces stop by the 12th precinct to bid farewell to Barney and the squad. Harris decides to resign instead of being reassigned to Flushing Meadow.
Landmark (2)
21. Landmark (2)
May 13, 1982
Dietrich shuts down a school for criminals and a pair of its students. Inspector Luger decides he doesn't want to get married to Perlita. The 12th precinct is sold to a real estate developer.
Landmark (1)
20. Landmark (1)
May 6, 1982
A buyer is interested in purchasing the 12th precinct after Wojo discovers an ancient weapon hidden away. A South American immigrant requests a return home after being released as a political hostage. An unemployed man is robbed while at an ATM machine.
19. Bones
April 29, 1982
An Indian is arrested after he steals an ancestral bone from a museum exhibit. A Boy Scout master apprehends a mugger. Meanwhile, the 12th precinct's plumbing has once again shut down.
18. Altercation
April 9, 1982
When shyster lawyer, Alan Ripkin threatens Harris with a second law suit, he retaliates with physical harm. A mugging victim confesses she has had a romantic spark for Barney the past 25 years.
Old Love
17. Old Love
April 2, 1982
A has-been, former child actor assaults his former agent with a telephone. An old college flame of Dietrich's, spends the day with him.
16. Inquiry
March 26, 1982
When the administrator for an exclusive school denies a child a place in the kindergarten class, the parents retaliate with violence. Wojo is charged with unnecessary violence during an arrest, causing an investigation with Internal Affairs.
15. Obituary
March 11, 1982
A citizen is angered when a local newspaper prematurely prints his obituary. A chicken thief models himself as a modern day Robin Hood.
14. Arrival
February 25, 1982
Inspector Luger's mail-order bride finally arrives, and will meet for the first time. A man claims he was mugged by an elderly woman. Petty crimes are being committed by a man with a genius IQ.
Hunger Strike
13. Hunger Strike
February 18, 1982
An activist holds a hunger strike as a protest to the nuclear arms race. Dietrich assists a man who is either speaking a foreign language, or is truly psychotic. Barney decides not to accept a nomination for promotion.
Chinatown (2)
12. Chinatown (2)
February 11, 1982
Harris and Dietrich are driving each other insane while watching over an uncooperative witness to a homicide. A wealthy robbery victim charges Lt. Scanlon with harassment.
Chinatown (1)
11. Chinatown (1)
February 4, 1982
A wealthy mugging victim catches Lt. Scanlon's eye. The owner of a restaurant is charged with breaking into his business. Harris and Dietrich are forced to share a hotel room with the only witness to a murder.
The Clown
10. The Clown
January 21, 1982
Street clowns are being single out for a rash of serial muggings. A bureaucrat eases jail overcrowding by releasing the prisoners from Madison Avenue onto the streets during the dark of night.
Examination Day
9. Examination Day
January 14, 1982
Inspector Luger roughs up a suspect, and then chastises Barney for being too soft. Meanwhile, the officers are on the streets in uniform while Levitt and others take a sergeants examination.
The Tontine
8. The Tontine
January 7, 1982
One of the two survivors of a tontine plans to commit suicide so his cousin can enjoy the money he would receive.
7. Homeless
December 17, 1981
Christmas eve finds a group of homeless people gathering for shelter at the 12th precinct. An upset greeting card designer loses his job. A merchant is arrested for using a cattle prod on a vagrant.
6. Games
December 10, 1981
An Army WAC is supplementing her income as a prostitute in Greenwich Village. A created of video game chips is accused of being a KGB spy.
Stress Analyzer
5. Stress Analyzer
November 26, 1981
A recruiter for the Peace Corps goes berserk during a job fair. Barney fears Dietrich has been shot when a new stress analyzer sets off a alert.
4. Possession
November 19, 1981
A man charged with disorderly conduct believes he is possessed by the devil, in which is exercised by a department chaplain. A man is charged with assault after forcing his full figured wife into a pair of designer jeans.
The Car
3. The Car
November 12, 1981
A litterbug is threatened at gunpoint by a sanitation cop. Levitt performs a heroic act concerning a child. A car thief confesses 25 years after the crime, and still has the evidence in mint condition.
2. Advancement
November 5, 1981
Inspector Luger asks for Barney's assistance in writing a letter to his mail-order bride. A couple are threatened by the winner of the lottery after losing his winning ticket. Harris signs a deal to pen another novel.
1. Paternity
October 29, 1981
A purse is stolen from a beauty queen. A movie goer vandalizes a theater which runs snuff films, and a women charges Wojo with a paternity suit, only to make a upsetting discovery.
Car, The
151. Car, The
November 12, 1981
A car that was stolen 25 years ago is found in perfect condition, a sanitation officer freaks out and assaults a litter bug, little Levitt becomes a hero, and Harris is still in a huff over missing his publisher's luncheon.
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    January 23, 1975
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    8.3  (7,294)