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Barney Miller is an American TV sitcom based on a fictional New York police captain running a precinct and supervising an array of characters as they deal with a variety of criminal activities. Barney Miller, played by Hal Linden, tries to be the voice of moderation as he copes with a steady stream of offbeat characters that pass through his day. He also deals with a wife who wishes her husband would quit his job and find something much safer to do for a living.

Under his command is Philip Fish, played by Abe Vigoda, an aging and often grumpy police officer facing enforced retirement. Wojo Wojciehowicz, played by Max Gail, is a young officer who views Miller as a mentor. Ron Harris, played by Ron Glass, plays a fashionable sergeant interested in acquiring the finer things in life and developing a writing career. Nick Yemana, played by Jack Soo, handles the office work and always expresses the humor in the situation as he struggles to make decent coffee. Arthur Dietrich, played Steve Landesberg, is the very educated and well-read detective whose body of knowledge is a constant source of irritation to Harris. Frank Luger, played by James Gregory, is Miller's superior and represents an older, out-of-fashion view of law enforcement. He likes to spend his day reminiscing with Miller as the captain tries to do his job. Carl Levitt, played by Ron Carey, is a uniformed officer who wants to be promoted to the plain clothes detective division that makes up most of the cast.

The show deals with a range of crimes from minor infractions to the more serious without showing the violence of these crimes. Most of the shows are staged in the detective squad room or Miller's office. In these locations, the officers question suspects and witnesses as they deal with the victims. The series has tackled such issues as marital rape and criminal behavior mixed with psychiatric problems.

Barney Miller is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (171 episodes). The series first aired on January 23, 1975.

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8 Seasons, 171 Episodes
January 23, 1975
Cast: Hal Linden, Barbara Barrie, Abe Vigoda, Max Gail, Ron Glass
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Barney Miller Full Episode Guide

  • Old faces stop by the 12th precinct to bid farewell to Barney and the squad. Harris decides to resign instead of being reassigned to Flushing Meadow.

  • Dietrich shuts down a school for criminals and a pair of its students. Inspector Luger decides he doesn't want to get married to Perlita. The 12th precinct is sold to a real estate developer.

  • A buyer is interested in purchasing the 12th precinct after Wojo discovers an ancient weapon hidden away. A South American immigrant requests a return home after being released as a political hostage. An unemployed man is robbed while at an ATM machine.

  • An Indian is arrested after he steals an ancestral bone from a museum exhibit. A Boy Scout master apprehends a mugger. Meanwhile, the 12th precinct's plumbing has once again shut down.

  • When shyster lawyer, Alan Ripkin threatens Harris with a second law suit, he retaliates with physical harm. A mugging victim confesses she has had a romantic spark for Barney the past 25 years.

  • A has-been, former child actor assaults his former agent with a telephone. An old college flame of Dietrich's, spends the day with him.

  • When the administrator for an exclusive school denies a child a place in the kindergarten class, the parents retaliate with violence. Wojo is charged with unnecessary violence during an arrest, causing an investigation with Internal Affairs.

  • A citizen is angered when a local newspaper prematurely prints his obituary. A chicken thief models himself as a modern day Robin Hood.

  • Inspector Luger's mail-order bride finally arrives, and will meet for the first time. A man claims he was mugged by an elderly woman. Petty crimes are being committed by a man with a genius IQ.

  • Harris and Dietrich are driving each other insane while watching over an uncooperative witness to a homicide. A wealthy robbery victim charges Lt. Scanlon with harassment.

  • A wealthy mugging victim catches Lt. Scanlon's eye. The owner of a restaurant is charged with breaking into his business. Harris and Dietrich are forced to share a hotel room with the only witness to a murder.

  • Street clowns are being single out for a rash of serial muggings. A bureaucrat eases jail overcrowding by releasing the prisoners from Madison Avenue onto the streets during the dark of night.

  • Inspector Luger roughs up a suspect, and then chastises Barney for being too soft. Meanwhile, the officers are on the streets in uniform while Levitt and others take a sergeants examination.

  • One of the two survivors of a tontine plans to commit suicide so his cousin can enjoy the money he would receive.

  • Christmas eve finds a group of homeless people gathering for shelter at the 12th precinct. An upset greeting card designer loses his job. A merchant is arrested for using a cattle prod on a vagrant.

  • An Army WAC is supplementing her income as a prostitute in Greenwich Village. A created of video game chips is accused of being a KGB spy.

  • A recruiter for the Peace Corps goes berserk during a job fair. Barney fears Dietrich has been shot when a new stress analyzer sets off a alert.

  • A man charged with disorderly conduct believes he is possessed by the devil, in which is exercised by a department chaplain. A man is charged with assault after forcing his full figured wife into a pair of designer jeans.

  • A litterbug is threatened at gunpoint by a sanitation cop. Levitt performs a heroic act concerning a child. A car thief confesses 25 years after the crime, and still has the evidence in mint condition.

  • A purse is stolen from a beauty queen. A movie goer vandalizes a theater which runs snuff films, and a women charges Wojo with a paternity suit, only to make a upsetting discovery.

  • Harris must sell everything he owns in order to raise the $320,000 he lost to lawyer Alan Ripkin in a libel suit.

  • An old man is apprehended during a ceremony in Washington Park, who was hired by the city officials as a rain maker to end a city-wide drought.

  • The officers are against wearing the new bullet proof vests issued by the department. Inspector Luger writes down the squads personal information for the purpose of writing their obituaries.

  • When Inspector Luger takes charge of a small disturbance of Hasidic Jews against the police department it turns into a full blown riot. A city steam tunnel is the home of a pair of urban survivalists.

  • Sgt. Fish pays a visit to the 12th precinct. Harris loses his libel lawsuit with shyster lawyer Arnold Ripner. A quiet woman reveals that she has a homemade bomb in her purse and wants to blow up the 12th precinct.

  • A priceless antique doll is held for a ransom. An naive optician claims he bought a ticket to ride on the space shuttle. Inspector Luger wants to add Barney as a beneficiary of his will.

  • Barney's absence puts Harris in charge of the 12th precinct.

  • Refusing to reveal the name of an informant has Barney charged with contempt of court. A man contends that he was refused service in a restaurant because he was deemed too ugly.

  • A sporting goods store operator concocts an elaborate and dangerous anti-theft system. Shyster lawyer Arnold Ripner returns with a lawsuit against Harris for using him in his novel, without consent. Wojo wants to ask Barney's daughter Rachel out for a date.

  • To keep things quiet, a librarian brings a loaded gun to work. A novelty store owner is being harassed daily by a gypsy.

  • Wojo's pursuit of a looter ends with both men jumping into the Hudson River. Meanwhile, a deaf woman is arrested as a prostitute.

  • A linguist defaces an advertising billboard as a protest over their use of horrid grammar. Meanwhile, a psychic stops a purse snatching before is happens.

  • Harris proudly displays his wildly over-budgeted, spectacular porno flick to the men of the 12th precinct and their guests, a blind mugging victim and an overly enthusiastic charity collector.

  • A veteran radio newsman is charged with assaulting an inept TV anchorman. The department asks Harris to create a short pornographic movie.

  • Internal Affairs receives incriminating evidence from inside the 12th precinct. A burglar celebrates his fiftieth anniversary of robbing homes, while Harris helps him reunite with his wife who had reported him missing many years earlier.

  • After shooting a robbery suspect, Dietrich is consumed with guilt. A playwright assaults an actor he believes is ruining his work.

  • Dorsey plays the protector of a young prostitute. A hooker gives Harris financial stock advice. Dietrich is thinking about becoming celibate.

  • When an apartment complex goes clothing optional, one woman puts up a protest. A Vietnam vet claims his problems all stem from being exposed to Agent Orange.

  • A newly assigned officer is discovered to be an impostor. A disorderly vagrant seems to be left over from the 1976 Democratic Convention.

  • The squad must hunt down a man scheduled to be killed by a hit man. Also, Harris is smitten with the new crime photographer.

  • A man confesses to murdering his barber after receiving a horrible hair cut. Meanwhile, a woman decides to cancel the contract she had with a hit man to kill her husband.

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