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Hill Street Blues, was a stand out police drama show of the 1980's. It featured a stellar standout cast, and ran for seven seasons. The show regularly garnered awards during it's original run. It was a show that became a blueprint for police and crime shows that followed it. The premise of the show centers around a police precinct in an American city that is not specified. The show was known as one of the first, to feature more true to life language in the regular dialogue then any other show that had previously been aired. The show focused on work related issues, as well as the private lives of the central characters. Hill Street Blues was one of the first nightly shows that featured story lines that did not necessarily end at the end of sixty minutes. Some story lines were played out and continued through out the season. It was also highly regarded for tackling important issues that had previously never been addressed in dramatic television shows.

Many viewers and television insiders, speculated that the show takes place in Chicago, or a similar mid western city, however, the city was never disclosed. The proverbial patriarch of the cast was the fictional Captain Frank Furillo, played by the seasoned actor, Daniel J. Travanti. His character more often then not set the tone, for the episode to follow. The character of Joyce Davenport, was a district attorney in the show, she was played by Veronica Hamel. Davenport and Furillo become romantically involved, and that makes for some rather interesting story lines, outside of the police precinct. Famed character actor Michael Conrad, played the endearing character of, Sargent Phil Esterhaus. Conrad would pass away after the third season of the show, and his character died off as well. In addition to extraordinary story lines and critically acclaimed performances, the show also had music that received musical accolades.

Hill Street Blues is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (217 episodes). The series first aired on January 15, 1981.

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7 Seasons, 217 Episodes
January 15, 1981
Cast: Daniel J. Travanti, Taurean Blacque, Bruce Weitz, Joe Spano, Kiel Martin
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Hill Street Blues Full Episode Guide

  • A nighttime fire sweeps through the station. Buntz experiences fear for the first time when he is suspended on charges of stealing cocaine.

  • Hunter is rescued after being buried alive for eleven days and is advised by Furillo to avoid any references to the Donner party.

  • A football star gets caught in a Hill Street hooker sweep, and Prunella returns to look for the missing Hunter.

  • Renko attempts a reconciliation with his wife, Belker returns and Hunter gathers the troops for a hostage siege.

  • Buntz tracks down Belker's snitch as the whole station house works to find out who shot Mick. Renko is forced to be honest with Daryl Ann by a blackmailing hooker.

  • Renko erupts in jealousy over Daryl Ann's business partner, and Flaherty allows his feelings for Russo to interfere in a bust.

  • Goldblume and Furillo clash over using a former gang member to obtain evidence against a gang leader in a murder case. Renko's mounting problems affect his work.

  • During his day in station command, Buntz mounts a campaign to confiscate $130,000 worth of illegal substances, while Belker busts a tough kid who runs drugs.

  • Buntz worries over the state of Furillo's marriage, while LaRue and Washington get lots of help in their quest for a prize winning cockroach and Belker pursues a purse-snatching dog.

  • A sanitation workers' strike causes problems for some of the men, especially Hill. Russo and Flaherty become friends.

  • Buntz reassures Officer McBride about her shooting of an armed robber, while Goldblume is kidnapped while trying to start a short, much-needed vacation.

  • Joyce Davenport is taken hostage by a desperate suspect who holes up in a market with her and a wounded victim. Belker wrecks a car belonging to LaRue's brother-in-law.

  • Racial tensions rise when a white undercover officer shoots his black partner, and a temporarily blind Buntz goes undercover with Belker as a beggar.

  • Furillo faces a moral and emotional dilemma when his father is shot, while Belker has nightmares about nuclear destruction.

  • Daniels pushes Furillo to drop the Wade investigation, while a literary agent offers Goldblume a chance to write his memoirs.

  • Grace Gardner, the highly sexual former flame of Sgt Esterhaus, returns to the police station as Sister Chastity, a nun who now seeks Furillo's help.

  • Renko worries all day when a gypsy places a curse on him, while Larue is giddy about the glory he will get when a suspect he arrests admits to more than a dozen murders.

  • It's the odd couple revisited when Buntz lets 'Sid the Snitch' bunk in his apartment to hide from a vengeful ex-con.

  • Furillo is asked to help a proud Calletano head off a mutiny when his precinct officers are on the verge of a racial war among themselves.

  • After the public defenders walk out, the blues have to use discretion in making borderline arrests as the station overflows with suspects.

  • Hunter shoots a boy caught robbing a convenience store, while Belker struggles to protect senior citizens from a violent mugger.

  • Goldblume investigates a suspected case of aspirin tampering, while Belker works undercover looking into a scam.

  • The precinct reaches a crisis point after Hill and Renko rescue an escaped mass murderer from a vigilante mob.

  • Wachtel sentences a landlord to spend time in his dilapidated buildings, and Furillo finds Cleveland could benefit from an investigation into Donahue's death.

  • A prostitute files a complaint of sexual harassment against officer McBride, and Goldblume takes his frustrations out on a rookie.

  • Furillo tries to soothe excitable ex-gang leader Jesus Martinez to help catch a corrupt judge.

  • An all-out search for the murderer of a beloved cop has Huntz pressing a harrassed Bate for a positive ID of the suspect.

  • Joyce reflects on her past relationship with Furillo as she waits for him to come out of surgery after a shooting incident.

  • The director of a music video production has set up shop in the station. He recruits a disapproving Jablonski and borrows Hunter's Shar-Pei puppy for atmosphere in his bizarre…

  • LaRue and Washington continue to stake out the tattoo parlor for a killer, while Bates has a tough decision to make about Fabian.

  • Hunter hallucinates he's aboard a Russian submarine, Belker finally gets married, and Renko busts his favourite country singer again.

  • IAD Shipman continues investigating the Garfield shooting, while Hill and Renko get a nasty surprise when they're delivering corpses to the morgue.

  • Hill, Renko and Buntz look like heroes when they retrieve a stolen heart needed for a transplant, while rookie officer Ron Garfield finds himself in trouble again.

  • Coffey tries to mediate between an irate landlord and a tenant who insists an image on his water stained wall is that of the Virgin Mary.

  • Belker goes to the dogs working undercover at the pound, while Furillo chases down the reason he's been denied mortgage insurance.

  • On the verge of an open drug war, Furillo is opposed by Davenport and the police brass when he persists in obtaining evidence on a major drug supplier.

  • Reports of a massive influx of vagrants on the hill prompt Renko and Hill to take pity on one poor soul who might provide some answers and Hunter finds an admirer at his dog's obedience…

  • Buntz catches a mugger only to lose him when the victim won't press charges, and a sculptor refuses to let anyone remove his obscene work of art.

  • Furillo's corruption commission delivers its findings and antagonises Daniels, who is willing to sacrifice a night shift cop.

  • Sid turns Louis Russ over to Buntz, which begins the unravelling of Keenan and Garibaldi's deaths, and Jablonski tries to deal with an incompetent khaki officer.

  • Daniels asks Furillo to head up an internal investigation of corruption arising out of Keenan's death, and Garibaldi's death shakes the station house.

  • Belker goes undercover as a cabbie in a volatile cab territory war, while Hill and Renko try to cool the resentment between a Korean grocer and his black neighbours.

  • Coffey, Renko, LaRue and Washington bet on who can drive to work the fastest, while Renko has to bust his favourite singer for cocaine possession.