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Adam 12 was a television series created by Jack Webb. It told the story of two Los Angeles police officers, one veteran and one rookie, who patrol the streets of Los Angeles keeping the peace. It starred Martin Milner as Police Officer Pete Malloy, and Kent McChord as Police Officer Jim Reed. It was a very popular series because of Jack Webb.

Jack Webb, with his Mark VII Limited production company, was a stickler for authenticity. Which is why Jack Webb's most famous series; Dragnet was so successful. The American viewing audience was educated, by the dialogue on Adam 12, on normal police procedure and police jargon.

The reason the show was named Adam 12 because that was the call sign you heard on the police radio in the patrol car. The patrol car they used was fully authentic as a police cruiser. This devotion to detail was what made Adam 12 so popular, that it was on for 7 years.

What Kent McCord and Martin Milner brought to their characters, contributed greatly to the success of the series also. They had a relationship that was both professional and personal. They liked and respected each other. That came out in every aspect of the calls they were dispatched on. Many other cop shows have been on television in the past. But none of them influenced so many viewers to become police officers themselves. That is another contributing factor that Adam 12 had to the American public. Jack Webb found a gold mine with Adam 12.

Adam 12 is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (174 episodes). The series first aired on September 21, 1968.

Adam 12 is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Adam 12 on demand atAmazon, iTunes online.

7 Seasons, 174 Episodes
September 21, 1968
Cast: Martin Milner, Kent McCord
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Adam 12 Full Episode Guide

  • Having just recovered from being shot, Malloy returns to work and finds out Reed is thinking about becoming an investigator. If Reed passes the investigator's exam, he'll wind up with a desk job -- and Malloy will need a new partner.

  • With his wife telling him to quit the force, Reed wonders whether he's really making a difference as a police officer. In order to better serve his community, Reed volunteers to work with the narcotics department.

  • Female cop Dana Hall isn't getting any respect at the Los Angeles precinct from the male officers, so she sets out to prove her toughness. But Dana's attempts to impress everyone end up backfiring and creating major problems.

  • Mark Harmon guest stars as Gus Corbin, a rookie cop who becomes Reed's temporary partner. While Malloy works a desk job, Reed struggles to keep Corbin from taking unnecessary risks in the line of duty.

  • It's strange when Malloy misses an appointment, so Reed starts looking for him. By retracing his partner's steps, Reed discovers he's been kidnapped by a group of young revolutionaries who want to trade him for one of their friends.

  • Someone has been stealing horses from a horse riding academy, and the company's owner is considered one of the prime suspects. Malloy and Reed investigate the case, trying to find out who the horse thief really is.

  • A homeowner who's been the victim of several burglaries purchases a gun for safety, but he doesn't know how to properly use it. After calling in the police for help, the man accidentally fires his weapon at Officer Wells.

  • During a night off, Reed and his wife decide to meet up with Malloy and his girlfriend for a dinner together. But their evening plans quickly change when the Reeds see someone robbing a gas station.

  • New recruit Ernie Sampson doesn't tell anyone he has an occasional stuttering problem because he fears it might cost him his job. But Ernie gets into big trouble when his stutter prevents him from telling Reed and Malloy about a potential ambush.

  • A shopkeeper is critically wounded during a holdup, and one of the two robbers gets away. Receiving lots of pressure and guilt from the victim's daughter, Reed tries to find the criminal who's still on the loose.

  • The statistics for auto thefts are on the rise, particularly for older-model vehicles. Since they haven't had much luck locating the missing cars, Malloy and Reed turn their attention to investigating scrap metal yards.

  • Malloy spends his day off catching up on household chores, including doing his laundry. When he gets to the laundromat, Malloy discovers that all of the dryers are being used by a man who's processing marijuana.

  • It's Christmas, and Reed and Malloy are stuck with patrol duty. Reed wants to donate a Christmas tree to a senior citizens center, but Malloy says they can't use their police cruiser for personal business.

  • While applying for a credit card, Reed discovers he's been labeled a major credit risk by a computer database. Determined to find out why, he sets off on a mission to get to the bottom of his sagging credit rating.

  • Reed and Malloy get a kick out of a funny drunkard they're arresting. But when the alcoholic, who appears harmless, gets into a tragic accident later in the day, the two cops step in to investigate. Dick Van Patten guest stars.

  • Reed and Malloy's search for a missing girl ends in a foot chase with a suspect. In the process of arresting the alleged child molester, Malloy loses his cool and is later charged with excessive force.

  • A violent criminal is on the loose attacking and raping young girls. In order to have a better shot at catching this creep, Malloy and Reed start working with a female police officer, Sgt. Gloria Tyler.

  • After their attempted robbery fails, two men take a woman hostage and head to the roof of a shopping center. Reed and Malloy try their best to capture the two criminals without harming the hostage.

  • An old ex-con is having trouble adjusting to life in the real world outside of prison, so he desperately wants to go back in. The man turns to Malloy for help, but there is very little the cop can legally do.

  • Reed goes undercover as a pizza delivery boy to attract and capture a gang of robbers. When an unknown police officer makes a desperate call for help, the rest of the force begins a frantic search all over town.

  • Malloy is having trouble keeping a delinquent youth in check, so he sends him to a special summer camp to get straightened out. Meanwhile, Reed pays a visit to a young woman who claims she was molested.

  • The fact that a young boy is small doesn't stop him from getting into big trouble and clashing with his overprotective mother. As he tries to break free from her grip, he gets picked up by the police and winds up spending time with Malloy.

  • When Malloy and Reed discover a dead man who expired from diabetic shock with an oscillator belt wrapped around his body, they launch an investigation of malpractice at a local clinic.

  • While on temporary assignment at the bustling Los Angeles International Airport, Malloy and Reed track down some robbery suspects and trip up a clever criminal smuggling drugs.

  • In the conclusion of a two-part cliffhanger, Malloy and Reed work together while piloting two Air Support Division helicopters to bring down a pilot flying a stolen airplane.

  • When a pilot takes off in a stolen airplane, Malloy and Reed take to the skies in a pair of helicopters borrowed from the police force's Air Support Division.

  • It's a busy day for Reed and Malloy when they pull over a car with suspicious license plates, save two young men from drowning, and help victims of a car crash. All this, and Reed is plagued with a painful sunburn.

  • Malloy and Reed brace themselves for a serious showdown with a band of four young thugs who stole a car loaded with guns and have decided to hold target practice on the streets of Los Angeles.

  • Malloy leaves the comforts of his swanky new car to pursue a purse snatcher on foot with Reed, only to have his automobile hit while it's sitting unattended.

  • Malloy and Reed don't know what to think when they take a call from a frantic woman who's convinced she heard a lion roaring in her neighborhood. Later, Malloy gets the star treatment when he agrees to be the subject of an article Reed is writing.

  • A routine deposit at the bank finds Reed in the center of a robbery attempt run by a pair of unstable criminals. Before the veteran police officer knows what hit him, he's been handcuffed and turned into a hostage.

  • When a perfume bottle breaks in the back of their cruiser, Malloy and Reed are forced to breathe in an oppressive smell that threatens to break their concentration. Later, they're called in to investigate a priest accused of robbing his own church.

  • After answering a panicked call about a persistent peeping tom, Malloy and Reed are amused to discover that the suspect is none other than a run-of-the-mill meter reader.

  • It doesn't take long for Malloy to realize that new shoes with a stubborn squeak aren't the best footwear for sneaking up on criminals. But with Reed's help, he also has to find a boy who's been hiding out in a building marked for demolition.

  • Malloy and Reed take on a little bit of everything when they're called in to deal with an armed robbery, the curious burial of a household pet on residential property, and a neighborhood bully who's been using his motorcycle as a weapon.

  • Officers Malloy and Reed (Martin Milner and Kent McCord) are joined by Robert Conrad (star of "The D.A.") in...

  • The police force is thrown into a tailspin when a rookie cop takes a cavalier attitude toward the rules and puts everyone's life in danger -- including his own.

  • Reed's persistent attempts to tease Malloy about his new moustache are interrupted by a pilot who crashes his plane and gets booked for drunk driving flying under the influence.

  • While chasing a fast, young criminal on foot, Malloy and Reed stumble upon a father who's been keeping his daughter hostage with the help of a loaded gun.

  • Carefree, beach community Venice isn't quite so idyllic for LAPD officers Malloy and Reed, who have to arrest an obscene caller and apprehend a star who's illegally sunbathing in the nude.

  • While tailing a motorcyclist in a high-speed police pursuit, officers Malloy and Reed seek help from members of an LAPD helicopter team, who provide a bird's eye view of the action on the ground.

  • In a memorable police chase that captures the spirit of the Old West, officers Malloy and Reed track a gang of criminals through the Los Angeles hills on horseback.

  • While on assignment in Los Angeles's Rampart district, officers Malloy and Reed mix with a group of spirited senior citizens who know all too well what it's like to be the victim of a crime.

  • Malloy and Reed try to figure out what to do with a drunken sailor when they're assigned to patrol the harbor area. They also launch a search for a forger and come face to face with a clairvoyant with bad driving skills.

Adam 12 News

Adam 12 Star Martin Milner Dies at 83

Martin Milner, a familiar face on 1960s and 70s television, died this week at the age of 83.