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  • TV-G
  • 1972
  • 6 Seasons
  • 7.8  (5,914)

Emergency! is a classic American drama TV show that aired on NBC from 1972 to 1979. The show revolves around the daily lives of the Los Angeles County Fire Department's Station 51 emergency crew, consisting of paramedics and firefighters, portrayed by Robert Fuller, Julie London, Bobby Troup, Randolph Mantooth, Kevin Tighe, Tim Donnelly, Mike Stoker, Marco Lopez, Michael Norell, and Ron Pinkard.

The premise of the show centers on the crew of Station 51 responding to various emergency calls and rescuing people from life-threatening situations. The cases they handle usually involve accidents, fires, and medical emergencies. The team operates a pair of specially-equipped rescue vehicles, the "squad" and the "engine."

Every episode follows a similar pattern and opens with a voice-over introduction by Robert Fuller, who plays the captain of Station 51. Then, the team is called out to the latest emergency, and they quickly respond to the scene. After arriving, the crew assesses the situation and employs their medical and firefighting expertise to save the lives of those involved.

One significant aspect of Emergency! is its focus on medical emergencies. The show was groundbreaking at the time in portraying paramedics as highly-skilled medical professionals. It was one of the very first shows to do so, and it gained a dedicated audience because of its accurate portrayals of how trained paramedics handle various real-life medical emergencies.

Emergency! also features notable guest stars like Christopher Norris, Ted Eccles, and many more. Every episode featured storylines that were exciting, intense, and heartfelt, making them highly engaging to viewers.

The show is well-known for being able to balance intense drama with moments of humor successfully. This made the show even more popular among the audiences, as they were introduced to multiple components of firefighting and paramedic work, and life outside of work as well. The cast was so committed to their roles that they often trained as firefighters to prepare for their parts.

Overall, Emergency! is a fantastic show that has stood the test of time. It is easily one of the best dramas ever produced on television. The actors deliver excellent performances, demonstrating the hard work and commitment it takes to become firefighters and paramedics. It is a perfect show for people who love action, drama, and emotion.

If you are interested in reliving the excitement of this classic show, go ahead and Watch Emergency! Online. It is a perfect watch for everybody who appreciates the heroism, bravery, and hard work of the emergency workers. The passion and dedication of this amazing team are sure to keep you engaged and entertained.

Emergency! is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (123 episodes). The series first aired on January 22, 1972.

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All Night Long
22. All Night Long
May 28, 1977
Roy and Johnny treat a singer suffering chest pains. The station responds to a night time auto accident and a daredevil attempting a tight walk between two buildings who has become trapped. Johnny tries to write a game show.
The Exam
21. The Exam
November 13, 1976
The widow of a firefighter constantly calls for help with matters that aren't emergencies to anyone but her. But when the woman's daughter is injured in a bad fall, the rescue workers quickly realize that she has a real emergency on her hands.
That Time of Year
20. That Time of Year
March 19, 1977
Roy is gearing up for a much-needed vacation, and everyone has suggestions for where he should go. But Roy's holiday and health could be in jeopardy when he gets lightheaded during a fire at a singles' club. Linda Gray guest stars.
The Unlikely Heirs
19. The Unlikely Heirs
March 12, 1977
A homeless man is trapped in a burning building, and John and Roy rescue him in the nick of time. Even though he doesn't appear to have a penny to his name, the grateful man presents the guys with a gift they never could have expected.
Fair Fight
18. Fair Fight
March 5, 1977
John goes underground when two workers are seriously injured in a tunnel. In the midst of the rescue, a cave-in traps John in the tunnel, too. Now, it's a race against time as Roy tries to save John and the injured men before their oxygen runs out.
Bottom Line
17. Bottom Line
February 26, 1977
Roy and Johnny feel Dr. Morton is too cautious, keeping them at scenes too long and limiting their availability for other rescues. Dr. Morton, of course, believes his caution is appropriate, and all three of them end up arguing it out with Dr. Brackett as the unhappy referee. Paramedics help a drowning man they discover when responding to another call, and rescue Vince from a traffic accident, except that Vince's head injury changes his reality, and he nearly shoots Johnny! Rampart treats a child beaned by an errant baseball and a man injured by a phosphorus grenade.
Family Ties
16. Family Ties
February 19, 1977
Roy dreads his mother-in-law's impending visit. Firemen must respond to a fire at... Rampart Emergency Hospital! A model rocket sets an attic on fire, endangering two kids and then Chet when he tries to rescue them. A quack nostrum gives a man lead poisoning, and doctors Brackett and Early argue over a medical convention in a very nice spot!
15. Breakdown
February 12, 1977
An intermittent electrical problem periodically kills the power in the squad. Armed with a manual, Roy and Johnny set out to fix it, figuring it can't be that hard. A naturalist couple comes to Rampart with a version of anthrax. The paramedics rescue a man from an amusement part ride.
Insanity Epidemic
14. Insanity Epidemic
February 5, 1977
Captain Stanley begins to worry when he learns one of his past captains is now his battalion chief, and his unfortunate mood proves contagious. Paramedics rescue a man whose car hits a truck carrying pesticides and a man shot in the chest by nail gun. The entire station tries to end a fight at an ice skating rink, and Marco is endangered by electricity and fire at a gas station.
Not Available
13. Not Available
October 2, 1976
No one ever said being a paramedic in Los Angeles was easy. But when a foolish law prevents John and Roy from driving outside their zone, the two find it nearly impossible to provide prompt emergency care to those who need it most.
Loose Ends
12. Loose Ends
January 15, 1977
Doctor Brackett has a car accident that costs the other driver his life, and leaves that victim's daughter mute; the doctor's compassion leads him to blame himself. Later, the squad's fanbelt breaks, and when they pull over to repair it, Johnny and Roy become involved in a shootout, and eventually must treat a policeman with heart problems. Fire breaks out on a pier, and a boxcar full of ammonia makes fighting it far more dangerous.
11. Paperwork
January 8, 1977
Chet and Marko face the unpleasant task of correcting a filing problem caused by a computer error. A new supply system at Rampart still needs work, and the nurse in charge causes problems for the paramedics. A kid nearly drowns in a storm drain, a janitor drinks some *very old* wine and firemen respond to a warehouse blaze.
Welcome to Santa Rosa County
10. Welcome to Santa Rosa County
December 25, 1976
Johnny and Roy plan a fishing trip to Santa Rosa, but stranded climbers and a boat explosion delay them. Finally arriving, they offer their ideas to the local sheriff when he expresses interest in adding emergency medical services to his jurisdiction.
Computer Terror
9. Computer Terror
December 4, 1976
Gage gets a windfall: a paycheck for thousands of dollars! It's a computer error, of course, but frustration mounts has he tries to put it right. A vagrant falls asleep in a junked car - and finds himself in a car crusher! Johnny and Roy face problems trying to help a man with back problems - from the man's dog! Firefighters must retrieve two injured men from a scaffold.
Rules of Order
8. Rules of Order
November 20, 1976
Roy and John are thrilled when they are invited to join the paramedic advisory committee. But their excitement quickly fades when they're forced to deal with Craig Brice, an annoying paramedic and fellow committee member.
7. Hypochondri-Cap
November 13, 1976
Paramedics must from time to time prove they know their craft, and for Roy and Johnny that time has come: the dreaded recertification exams. While trying to cram, they must deal with a fireman's widow who has come to rely on the station just a little too much - to the point that when she actually needs help, they're not sure whether to believe her. Also, a stunt that goes wrong causes a fire.
Upward and Onward
6. Upward and Onward
November 6, 1976
Johnny and Roy are called to serve on the paramedic advisory committee, and there encounter Johnny's temporary replacement, Craig Brice, a man with whom even easy-going Roy has difficulty working. A car hits a utility pole, injuring the lineman working atop it. Paramedics must make another climbing rescue: a pair of mountain climbers trapped on the side of a building.
5. Limelight
October 30, 1976
The laziest mascot in the long history of lazy mascots, Henry the Hound, joins Station 51, taking a place on the couch from which only great effort can dislodge him. At an industrial plant that does government work, plant security will not permit Roy and Johnny into a secret room to search for victims because they lack the needed clearance. A husband and wife who "therapeutically argue" keep allowing their arguments to escalate out of control. A tunnel cave-in traps Johnny when he tries to rescue as pair of injured workers.
4. Isolation
October 23, 1976
Roy gets dizzy following a fire in a nightclub. Paramedics help an instructor injured while teaching self-defense and a pair of hang glider pilots following an unfortunate encounter with a cliff. As Roy's vacation draws near, the station becomes crowded with people offering destination advice.
The Boat
3. The Boat
October 9, 1976
Firefighters rescue an elderly homeless man from a fire, and discover a small fortune in his mattress, a part of which he tries to donate to the station in gratitude, refusing to understand that they cannot take the money. A bride faints walking up the aisle and a plane crashes into a warehouse. At Rampart, Dixie must give a tetanus shot to a young boy.
Captain Hook
2. Captain Hook
October 2, 1976
The strict and unpopular Capt. Hookrader is on the verge of retirement, and the guys can't wait to see him go. The firefighters plan an elaborate farewell dinner that's actually a celebration of the captain's imminent departure.
An Ounce of Prevention
1. An Ounce of Prevention
September 25, 1976
Roy and Johnny draw what might be an envious assignment: to provide medical coverage for a football game. But they're too busy with a choking victim, a man with breathing problems, an announcer who has a heart attack and a photographer. The also help a man trapped in a tree.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 22, 1972
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (5,914)