Watch TV Shows on NBC Universal

NBC Universal is one of the most popular television stations in the history of the world. Literally, hundreds of millions of people watch the television channel every year. In the past, NBC Universal had very little competition from only a handful of channels. However, in the past ten to twenty years, the numbers of channels available to consumers has exploded. Because of this increased competition, NBC has had to change the way they market to consumers and change the types of programming that they show. Instead of just focusing on news, NBC now shows sports programming like the Super Bowl and hit shows like The Office.

As the number of total channels continues to increase, NBC will continue to face increased competition from other channels. However, NBC Universal has a great brand name recognition in its corner as it is one of the most popular channels in the history of the world in terms of total viewers. Having marquee events shown on the channel will only serve to further increase the channel's brand name recognition.

Finally, online television viewing continues to increase. NBC has been on the cutting edge of this technology as they were one of the first television stations to develop a mobile app. Being on the cutting edge of this change has allowed NBC to maintain and gain customers that they other wise would not have been able to do. NBC Universal is poised to continue its growth and maintaining its iconic image as one of the great television companies.