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  • 1982
  • 1 Season
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Voyagers! was a science-fiction television show that aired on NBC Universal from 1982 to 1983. The series starred Jon-Erik Hexum as Phineas Bogg, a time traveler, and Meeno Peluce as Jeffrey Jones, a young boy who stumbled upon Bogg's time machine. The show follows the pair as they travel through time, fixing historical events that went wrong in hopes of keeping the course of history on track.

The show begins with Bogg, a member of a secret society known as the Voyagers, accidentally landing his time-traveling device, an omni, in Jeffrey's bedroom. Jeffrey inadvertently becomes Bogg's traveling companion after he prevents Bogg from correcting a mistake in the timeline. The duo then set out on a journey through different eras in history, attempting to fix events that have gone awry.

Throughout the series, Bogg and Jeffrey encounter an array of historical figures, including Benjamin Franklin, Joan of Arc, and Theodore Roosevelt. They also find themselves in a range of precarious situations such as being held captive in ancient Egypt or facing a gladiatorial fight to the death in ancient Rome. The duo must work together to overcome obstacles and ensure history remains unchanged.

One of the elements of the show that made it unique was the way that history was woven into the storylines. The series approached history in a light-hearted and entertaining way, making it an enjoyable addition to the educational aspect of the show. Each episode was crafted to contain accurate historical events with a fantastical twist. The show explored topics such as ancient mythology, unsolved mysteries, and life in the early American colonies, as well as other relevant historical events.

The show's main focus was on the relationship between Bogg and Jeffrey. Bogg was portrayed as a swashbuckling rogue who travels through time with a devil-may-care attitude, while Jeffrey was often the voice of reason and morality, attempting to keep Bogg on track. Despite their different personalities, the duo's bond grows stronger over the course of the series as they tackle obstacles and become better friends.

Voyagers! was a hit among young viewers due to its fun storytelling, colorful characters, and the educational value embedded within the show. However, controversy arose when actor Jon-Erik Hexum accidentally shot himself while playing with a gun on set in 1984, leading to his death. The tragic incident led to the show's cancellation, ending the series abruptly after only one season.

In conclusion, Voyagers! was a unique television show that blended entertainment with educational value. The show resonated with viewers of all ages, particularly children, who enjoyed the adventurous and educational aspect of the program. The shows' playful take on history, combined with colorful characters, made for a fun and engaging viewing experience. Despite its short run, the show has remained a cult favorite among fans.

Voyagers! is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 1982.

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Jack's Back
20. Jack's Back
November 10, 1983
Reporter Nellie Bly narrowly escapes an attack by Jack the Ripper, who she claims is Phineas.
Barriers of Sound
19. Barriers of Sound
June 12, 1983
The travelers' plan to unite Alexander Graham Bell and a shy deaf girl goes awry.
All Fall Down
18. All Fall Down
March 27, 1983
Phineas spars with boxing legend Joe Louis; Jeffrey must land a 747 after a hijacking.
Destiny's Choice
17. Destiny's Choice
March 13, 1983
Phineas and Jeffrey travel to 1928 Hollywood and find that Franklin Delano Roosevelt is a movie director.
16. Pursuit
March 6, 1983
Phineas and Jeffrey journey to 1945 Austria as they try to steer Wernher von Braun into the hands of the Allies.
Voyagers of the Titanic
15. Voyagers of the Titanic
February 27, 1983
Phineas tries to rescue the Mona Lisa from the Titanic; Jeffrey is bitten by a rabid dog at Louis Pasteur's lab.
Sneak Attack
14. Sneak Attack
February 20, 1983
While trying to spirit MacArthur away from Pearl Harbor, Phineas and Jeffrey are sent to 1860 Utah.
The Trial of Phineas Bogg
13. The Trial of Phineas Bogg
January 16, 1983
Phineas faces a court martial when a power-hungry prosecutor tries to prove he and Jeffrey violated the sacred Voyager code.
Buffalo Bill & Annie Play the Palace
12. Buffalo Bill & Annie Play the Palace
January 9, 1983
Phineas and Jeffrey meet Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley while trying to stop a marriage between Princess Victoria and a Russian grand duke.
Merry Christmas, Bogg
11. Merry Christmas, Bogg
December 19, 1982
Phineas and Jeffrey travel to Pittsburgh on Christmas Eve in 1892 to help settle a labor dispute.
An Arrow Pointing East
10. An Arrow Pointing East
December 12, 1982
Phineas and Jeffrey encounter a deathly ill Robin Hood in 1194, and Charles Lindbergh as he prepares for his historic flight.
The Travels of Marco... and Friends
9. The Travels of Marco... and Friends
October 3, 1982
Phineas and Jeffrey call on retired Voyager "Wild Man'' Wolfstein to help steer Marco Polo toward his historic journey.
Old Hickory and the Pirate
8. Old Hickory and the Pirate
November 28, 1982
Phineas and Jeffrey give directions to explorers Lewis and Clark after rescuing Captain Jean Lafitte from pirates.
The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln
7. The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln
November 21, 1982
Phineas and Jeffrey try to rescue President Lincoln, who has been kidnapped by Confederate soldiers.
Cleo and the Babe
6. Cleo and the Babe
November 14, 1982
Cleopatra's kiss transports her and Phineas to Manhattan in the 1920s, where Jeffrey discovers Babe Ruth has gone into vaudeville.
Worlds Apart
5. Worlds Apart
November 7, 1982
Captured by the Turks, Phineas attempts to rescue his fellow prisoner Lawrence of Arabia; Jeffrey encounters Thomas Edison.
Agents of Satan
4. Agents of Satan
October 31, 1982
Phineas and Jeffrey are accused of witchcraft after they interrupt a Salem witch hunt.
Bully And Billy
3. Bully And Billy
October 24, 1982
Phineas and Jeffrey try to save Teddy Roosevelt from the old West outlaw Billy the Kid.
Created Equal
2. Created Equal
October 10, 1982
Phineas duels Spartacus in a gladiator match and escapes to Hannibal, Missouri, where Harriet Tubman is fleeing for her life.
1. Voyagers!
October 3, 1982
Phineas and Jeffrey help the Wright Brothers invent the airplane and Cpl. Eddie Rickenbacker defeat the Red Baron.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 3, 1982
  • IMDB Rating
    8.0  (1,729)