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Alphas is one of the Syfy channel's science fiction dramas. Alphas premiered on the Syfy channel on July 11, 2011 and ran for eleven episodes. The series is produced by BermanBraun and Universal Cable Productions. Although there were rumors that the show had been canceled, the Syfy channel renewed the show for a new thirteen episode season.

Alphas refers to human beings who have super powers or abilities. Alphas is about a group of five people with super powers who work for the Department of Defense in an investigative capacity. Over the course of the first season it is discovered that there is an evil group known as Red Flag that uses super powered people to break the law. Another interesting aspect of the series is that it takes place within the same world as two of Syfy's other popular shows. These shows are Eureka and Warehouse 13.

There are multiple main characters that the series focuses on in each episode. The first major character is Gary Bell. Gary is an Alpha with the ability to use and control wireless signals. Gary's ability is referred to as Technopathy, and he is autistic. The next character is Rachel Pirzad. Rachel's character has the ability to enhance any one of her senses to an extreme degree, but only at the cost of her other senses. Dr. Lee Rosen is another major character, but he is not an Alpha. He is responsible for helping the government find and help Alphas, and to use his team to fight evil or destructive Alphas. The next Alpha is Cameron Hicks. Cameron's power is referred to as "hyperkinesis", and allows him to have much better reflexes and accuracy. Bill Harken is another Alpha. Bill has the ability to increase his endurance, speed, and other physical traits for short periods of time. The last major character is Nina Theroux. Nina has the ability to force people into doing whatever she tells them to do, regardless of their personal desires.

In conclusion, Alphas is another superhero show that has been met with mixed reviews. This show has been criticized for doing the same things as every other superhero show. Fans, and some critics, have praised Alphas for making the characters more human than other superhero shows. This human edge has come from the characters having limits to their powers to make them seem less superhuman. Regardless of the critical response, Alphas had the fan and network support to come back for a second season.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
July 11, 2011
Cast: David Strathairn
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Alphas Full Episode Guide

  • Borderline delusional, Rosen is ready to confront Stanton Parish over Dani's fate, while the team races against the clock to keep the Alpha leader's deadly plot from happening.

  • Hicks and Kat transport a crazy memory sponge Alpha named Roland, who may have the knowledge they need to stop Parish. But first they need to fool Roland's seemingly indestructible Alpha "caretaker".

  • While the team struggles with Danielle's death, a mysterious woman drops a baby off at the office and Gary feels it's his duty to protect it.

  • Hicks begins working for Parish. The team uncovers a plot that will cause a blackout.

  • Now that Rosen knows the identity of the mole, he must determine the next best move. Meanwhile, the team takes on their individual family issues: Hicks' son Tyler comes for a surprise visit and John gets to meet Rachel's parents.

  • Parish's evil agenda becomes more apparent.

  • When Rosen seeks Skylar's help to decode Parish's Alpha technology, she puts Skylar and her daughter's life in danger.

  • A powerful Alpha appears to have gone crazy and is attacking people, but as the team tracks him down they all suffer similar symptoms.

  • The Team investigates an Alpha-related crime spree leading to one of their own, who is on the brink of a dangerous emotional breakdown. Our Team races to stop them before anyone is injured.

  • Harken and Hicks go undercover to investigate a secret, underground Alphas-only Fight Club where they meet "Kat", an energetic fellow Alpha who has a valuable talent.

  • The team searches for a killer with super-speed whose mission to find the truth may lead to deadly consequences.

  • The season 2 premiere finds Dr. Rosen confined after revealing the Alphas existence to the world. When a hostage situation occurs, the Alphas must decide if they'll team up to save one of their own.

  • Rosen and his team are forced to choose sides when Red Flag launches a full-out assault on the Department of Defense.

  • The group is held against their will until the traitor is revealed when a member of the team is suspected of being an agent for red flag.

  • The team takes on an Alpha with the talent to remain invisible and undetectable against any opponent.

  • Cameron and Nina are under the power of a cult leader who can make his victims see visions of Heaven... and Hell.

  • Rosen and his team must find a missing young Alpha with the ability to create powerful inventions from common items.

  • Bill and Gary put their Alpha powers to the test when they pursue and outside case.

  • A high school has an outbreak of unexplained deaths which my be the work of an unknown Alpha.

  • While attempting to prevent a Red Flag operation, Rosen and his team come across a captive woman, Anna, who has the ability to translate any language. While the others try to find the Red Flag leader, Gary bonds with Anna over their similar situations.

  • An out of control Alpha puts the team's abilities to the ultimate test.

  • While the Alpha team members attempt to adjust to changes in their personal lives, Rosen tries to cope with his Department of Defense liaison and a former Alpha patient who wants him dead.

  • In the series premiere, Dr. Lee Rosen (David Strathairn) and his team of Alphas, extraordinary individuals who can stretch the capabilities of the human mind, investigate a shocking murder that was organized by the Department of Defense.

Alphas News

SyFy Announces Second Go-Round For 'Alphas'

SyFy President Mark Stern announced this week that the freshman drama "Alphas," about superhuman investigators has so pleased network brass that they've ordered another 13 episodes to start airing next year. Since the July 11 premiere, the series has collected ratings marking a two-year high for any SyFy scripted original series, including "Eureka."

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