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In the science fiction series Continuum, a police officer from the year 2077 travels back in time. Her destination is 2012 Vancouver. Her mission is to stop a terrorist group from changing the course of the future. Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster, and Erik Knudsen star. Continuum is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on December 17, 2012.

Where do I stream Continuum online? Continuum is available for streaming on Syfy, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Continuum on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Apple TV online.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
4 Seasons, 43 Episodes
December 17, 2012
Cast: Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster, Erik Knudsen, Tony Amendola, Lexa Doig
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Continuum Full Episode Guide

  • Kiera and Alec risk everything to stop the future soldiers and their devastating plan. Kellog, despite a loose alliance with Kiera, has plans of his own. All factions clash violently in order to determine which path the future will take.

  • Despite sharing her agenda with her partner Kiera pushes Carlos' patience to the limit as she pressures him for more time. Kellog faces unexpected peril. The future soldiers stage a daring raid to free their recently imprisoned leader.

  • Kiera and Brad's trust reaches the breaking point when he seems more in step with the future soldiers plan than with her. Carlos and Kellog come to their own realizations about alliances and deception. A strange encounter forces Alec to reflect on his destiny and his ability to steer the path history.

  • Alec takes a definitive step toward shaping a positive future, by joining Carlos and the VPD. Kiera and Garza form an alliance in order to recon the new future soldiers compound and uncover their plan, but is Kiera's trust of Brad putting everyone in danger?

  • Kellog leverages Alec by exploiting his weakness...Emily. Kiera attempts to negotiate with him unaware that Liber8 have other, darker plans. Meanwhile Alec, tired of feeling helpless, impulsively sets off to save Emily on his own.

  • Newly arrived time travelers threaten to destroy Kiera and her alliance with Brad. But can her reignited desire to return to her own time and son be reconciled with the threat they now pose?

  • Kiera and Liber8 try to stop Alec from using his powerful technology.

  • Kiera and John Doe work together to put an end to the Freelancers. Scar Alec is rescued from the Freelancer facility and reunited with Emily. Carlos puts an end to his free fall and brings balance back to Dillon and the VPD.

  • Kiera and John Doe confront the harsh realities of their relationship's origins while both are put in danger by a direct attack from Liber8. Meanwhile, family bonds are strengthened as Alec grapples with the fact that his new invention is responsible for Jason's increasingly strange behavior.

  • Alec has to cross the rubicon in an effort to protect his legacy. Kiera's relationship is strained.

  • Kiera and her team investigate when a group of intelligent students commit a series of crimes using cutting edge technology.

  • Kiera deals with uncomfortable truths while working with Dillon on an investigation. Julian is thrust into the spotlight by exposing a corporation's dirty deeds. Alec deals with the demands of his new role at Piron and a troublesome secret revealed by Carlos.

  • Kiera makes a crash landing during a prisoner transport and is forced to trust her enemy captive in order to survive.

  • Carlos and Kiera are desperate to prevent a chemical attack on the city. Meanwhile, Carlos struggles emotionally.

  • After Liber8 takes hostages at the TV station, including Dillon, Kiera and Carlos attempt to free them. A business partnership between Kellog and Alec goes awry.

  • Kiera questions how she sees the police when she helps free a college student that is caught in a police cover up.

  • Kiera has to solve a series of Liber8 connected bank heists, and discovers that the robbers are controlled by the recently escaped Lucas. Carlos's new and unwanted knowledge about time travel begins to affect his work. Alec discovers that Escher is his father and inherits Piron Corp.

  • While Kiera investigates the two Alecs in one timeline, Libr8 takes the mayor. Carlos has a hard timae accepting the truth of Kiera's predicament.

  • Kiera is willing to sacrifice everything to prevent Alec from altering history in his quest to save Emily, but can the mysterious group Kiera aligned herself with be trusted?