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Adapted from the popular Transporter films starring Jason Statham, this butt kicking, gasoline fueled television series follows the many adventures of Frank Martin. The ex special ops agent is revving his engine on the opposite side of the law and doesn't plan on slowing down. Three rules, a snappy suit, and plenty of money is all Frank Martin needs.

Transporter is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on October 18, 2014.

Where do I stream Transporter online? Transporter is available for streaming on Cinemax, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Transporter on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV online.

2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
October 18, 2014
Cast: Chris Vance, François Berléand, Andrea Osvárt, Delphine Chanéac, Charly Hübner
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Transporter Full Episode Guide

  • Frank tries to get a cyber bomb so he can save the life of the woman he loves, but Caterina is certain it's a set up.

  • Frank and Caterina are hired to save a worker from a warlord.

  • Frank searches for a woman who was once in an abusive relationship with a tech-company CEO.

  • Frank is assigned to deliver a briefcase to a mine in the Sahara, but something goes wrong.

  • The FBI asks Frank to seize a chemical weapon from a Chinese crime lord operating in a restaurant in Chicago's Chinatown.

  • Frank is asked to retrieve a vital document from a villa in Crimea. The villa is heavily guarded and just getting across the border will be a challenge.

  • AN old army buddy enlists Frank to go to Libya to rescue their mutual friend, but Frank soon realizes everything isn't as it seems.

  • Frank retreives a package from an Albanian pimp, only to end up tangled up in sex trafficking and a young woman's disappearance.

  • Season 2 premiere. Frank has to protect a 12 year old.

  • Frank works to protect a boy who witnessed his father's murder and safely deliver him to court to testify.

  • Frank has to transport money to the South of France.

  • When waiting for a delivery in Toronto, Frank gets thrown in jail. However, he soon discovers his mission is to get an important package out of the prison.

  • A simple Paris delivery becomes a complicated bomb plot as Frank finds himself caught in a deadly revenge plot. The elder brother of the victim of a police shooting, Gassam, is determined to set Paris ablaze, while sister Mauga would prefer to stay isolated with her street gang. Frank must pit blood against blood in order to save the city, a family, and his own life.

  • Frank is assigned to transport Delia, a rich young socialite, to a safe house, but the job turns bad when a German crimelord attempts to kidnap her. With the enemy closing in, Frank must get Delia on a flight back to America, but a sudden betrayal places Delia in deadly jeopardy, and Frank must use all his skills to save her.

  • Frank is hired to deliver a masterpiece that ends up being a fraud.

  • Frank is hired to deliver a priceless painting to an eccentric art collector, but the trip is complicated by forgery, among other things.

  • A member of Frank's SAS unit back when he was in the army sets him up to take the fall for a drug-related robbery. From high-class hotels to seedy apartment projects, following missing drugs and duffel bags full of cash, Frank must patch things up with his delusional brother-in-arms in order to fend off the deadly Russian who wants him dead.

  • Frank is hired to deliver a stolen microchip which is to be used for the development of advanced weapons, with the delivery system rigged to kill him if he doesn't deliver in 12 hours. The dropoff is compromised, and Frank races against time to force the client to neutralize the threat before he dies.

  • Frank has to deliver a lot of money in the South of France.

  • Frank must deliver a million euros to the south of France in a race against two elite couriers: the client whose "Transporter" wins will get a valuable missile contract. Other gangs learn about this race, and try to steal all the money for themselves, and Frank has to prove his skills as the only real Transporter in the business. As the chaos mounts, Frank's shadowed by the mysterious Juliette, who wants to know a great deal about the world of the Transporter.

  • The Transporter's in Philadelphia, where he's been hired to help an ex-CIA agent who's desperate to come in from the cold but suspects he's being framed from within the agency. The only thing that can save him is a package of classified files, which will reveal the identity of a mole within the agency. Eluding the trained CIA operatives and killers who want the files kept secret is made even more difficult by the fact that the agent, once top in his field, is losing his vision, and his help puts Frank in even more danger.

  • Frank must fend off hired thugs from a fuel company while he races to deliver a new engine prototype to the Paris Auto Show in time to showcase it for the world media. Unfortunately for him and his passenger Trina, the prototype emits a tracking signal, and even more unfortunate, they can't turn it off, so are unable to hide from the ruthless Le Loup who is determined to kill Frank before the prototype can be delivered.

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