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  • TV-14
  • 2014
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.4  (7,542)

Transporter is an action-packed TV show that aired on Cinemax between 2012 and 2014. It starred the charismatic and rugged Chris Vance as Frank Martin, a highly skilled and professional driver hired to transport goods and people under any circumstances. The show follows Frank's adventures as he navigates dangerous situations, confronts hostile forces, and outwits his enemies all around Europe and beyond.

The premise of Transporter is simple yet thrilling. Each episode, Frank is given a task to transport a valuable or a person, and he must complete it without fail. However, his jobs often involve shady clients, powerful adversaries, and unexpected twists and turns along the way. Frank must use his keen sense of observation, quick reflexes, and martial arts prowess to stay alive and accomplish his missions.

Most episodes of Transporter have a self-contained storyline that can be enjoyed independently. However, there is also an overarching plot that develops over the course of the series, revealing more about Frank's mysterious past and his complicated relationships with certain characters. The show strikes a good balance between episodic and serialized storytelling, keeping things fresh and exciting without losing its coherence.

One of the highlights of Transporter is the action scenes. Chris Vance performs most of his own stunts, and his athleticism and fighting skills are impressive to watch. The show features a mix of car chases, hand-to-hand combat, gunfights, and explosive set pieces that are executed with flair and creativity. Moreover, the show's cinematography and editing are slick and dynamic, enhancing the adrenaline-fueled nature of the scenes.

Another strength of Transporter is its cast of supporting characters. Although Frank is the main focus of the show, he interacts with a diverse range of people, some of which become recurring allies or foes. Notably, the character of Inspector Tarconi, played by François Berléand, has a strong rapport with Frank and provides comic relief and emotional grounding to the show. Other notable characters include Delia, a feisty hacker who helps Frank occasionally, and Carla, a femme fatale who shares a complicated history with him.

Besides the action and the characters, Transporter also benefits from its international settings. The show is filmed in various European locations, such as Paris, Berlin, Nice, and Amsterdam, among others. Each episode showcases the culture, landmarks, and atmosphere of the respective city, adding an extra layer of immersion and authenticity.

In terms of flaws, Transporter has some weaknesses that may detract from its appeal. For example, some of the plotlines are predictable or formulaic, relying on familiar tropes and clichés of the action genre. Additionally, the show's treatment of women can be questionable at times, with some female characters being reduced to damsels in distress or sexual objects. Furthermore, the show's tone can be uneven, oscillating between seriousness and lightheartedness in a way that may not suit all viewers.

Overall, however, Transporter is a fun and engaging TV show that delivers on its promise of pulse-pounding action and international intrigue. Chris Vance's charismatic performance as Frank Martin makes him a likable and compelling protagonist, and the supporting cast and guest stars add flavor and depth to the world. Whether you are a fan of car chases, espionage thrillers, or just want to see some exciting fight scenes, Transporter is a show worth checking out.

Transporter is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on October 18, 2014.

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12. Endgame
February 7, 2015
Frank tries to get a cyber bomb so he can save the life of the woman he loves, but Caterina is certain it's a set up.
Beacon of Hope
11. Beacon of Hope
February 7, 2015
Frank and Caterina are hired to save a worker from a warlord.
Sixteen Hands
10. Sixteen Hands
January 31, 2015
Frank Martin has been hired to transport a thoroughbred racehorse, Daksha, worth ten million dollars, from her stables in Kentucky to the racetrack of the prestigious Belmont Stakes race in New York. Frank and Jules Faroux arrive at the stables just as an armed intruder has broken in and is attacking the stable's security guard and Daksha's jockey, Alice Budd. Frank and Jules intervene but the attacker escapes. Although there is little proof, both Alice and Daksha's owner, Rae Henson, believe the attack is somehow linked to casino and fellow racehorse owner, Howard Woyczyk. Before beginning their 12 hour journey, Frank surreptitiously moves Daksha from one vehicle to another in order to maintain secrecy and goads the assailant-at-large into following them. After a car chase, the masked attacker is caught and revealed to be Tommy Sands, who worked as a horse trainer for Rae's father before he began sabotaging horses for money. Frank is all too aware that anyone could be a suspect at the moment, particularly as Rae is in real financial difficultly herself. Rae fiercely denies this accusation and decides to call Woyczyk, angrily demanding they meet alone. Howard offers her a deal: he will have fake bets placed on his own racehorse through his internet betting sites, which he will then split in half with her if she agrees to let his horse, Snowclash win the Belmont. Rae cannot hide the temptation, but she refuses to comply.
9. Trust
January 24, 2015
Frank searches for a woman who was once in an abusive relationship with a tech-company CEO.
8. Boom
January 17, 2015
Frank is assigned to deliver a briefcase to a mine in the Sahara, but something goes wrong.
7. Euphro
January 10, 2015
Inspector Tarconi arrives with a SWAT team at a villa in rural Belarus, looking to arrest Anatole Reichenberg, a counterfeiter whose fake medicines have killed many children. As the SWAT team searches the house, Tarconi finds himself locked in a room with leaking gas. The police are corrupt and have conspired with Reichenberg to kill him, making it look like an accident. With Tarconi struggling to escape, the house explodes. Frank arrives at a farmhouse where a local woman, Elena Romanchuk, has been hiding Tarconi. Now a wanted man, Tarconi needs Frank's help to escape. He is disappointed to flee without having stopped another shipment of fake medicine, codenamed 'Euphro,' due to be dispatched tomorrow. When Elena's neighbour spots them, Frank, Tarconi and Elena are forced to run from the police. Frank steals a 4x4 and the group travel off road to the border. But no sooner have they escaped than Caterina Boldieu reveals she's learned the 'Euphro' shipment will be leaving from a disused monastery back in Belarus. Frank, Caterina and Tarconi must risk their lives to return to Belarus to stop Reichenberg.
6. Chimera
January 3, 2015
The FBI asks Frank to seize a chemical weapon from a Chinese crime lord operating in a restaurant in Chicago's Chinatown.
5. T2
December 27, 2014
Frank is asked to retrieve a vital document from a villa in Crimea. The villa is heavily guarded and just getting across the border will be a challenge.
4. Diva
December 20, 2014
FRANK MARTIN has been hired to transport a famous singer, FERRARA MCINTYRE to and from her concert venues. However when a MOTORCYCLIST opens fire on the Audi, Frank realises something more sinister is going on. The following day, Ferrara receives another ominous threat but undeterred, she travels with Frank to her next venue. However a group of protesters are brandishing placards outside the venue. CATERINA BOLDIEU explains that Ferrara sang at the birthday party of an African dictator's son, BENOIT NSHOMBO. Unbeknown to Frank, the motorcyclist has managed to enter the backstage area and mid-concert poisons Ferrara. Frank rushes her to hospital. As Ferrara recovers, Caterina has discovered that themotorcyclist named JEAN-MARC VINCENT works for Nshombo. Ferrara is forced to reveal that she got pregnant with Nshombo's baby but when she miscarried, Nshombo believed she'd had an abortion. Now he is trying to punish her. But as they talk, Vincent manages to cause a distraction, kidnapping Ferrara. With Caterina's help, Frank tracks Ferrara down toa disused warehouse. Nshombo tries to kill Ferrara but after an intense and dangerous battle with Vincent, Frank arrives just in time to save her life.
We Go Back
3. We Go Back
December 13, 2014
AN old army buddy enlists Frank to go to Libya to rescue their mutual friend, but Frank soon realizes everything isn't as it seems.
Sex, Lies And Video Tapes
2. Sex, Lies And Video Tapes
December 6, 2014
Frank retreives a package from an Albanian pimp, only to end up tangled up in sex trafficking and a young woman's disappearance.
2B or not 2B
1. 2B or not 2B
November 29, 2014
Season 2 premiere. Frank has to protect a 12 year old.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 18, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (7,542)