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Outcast is a television show that tells the adventures of a group of interplanetary pioneers desperately searching for a home. Traveling to the newly discovered planed of Carpathia President Richard Tate and a rag tag group he calls his pioneers settle in a town called Forthaven.

In one episode, a deadly virus attacks Forthaven killing many and threatening the entire settlement. While at the same time the character Berger uncovers a tantalizing secret and tries to topple Tate's government.

The show demonstrates the hard realities involved in building a stable and peaceful civilization while also dealing with the inevitable human condition. Love, lust, pride, envy, and especially greed wages war against the better parts of man, and woman. The show dives hard into the emotional aspects of frontier life. Each character has to learn to deal with his or her feels in their own way, some succeed, but others fail miserably. Those who can't find productive ways to cope turn to more sinister means of release.

1 Season, 21 Episodes
June 3, 2016
Horror & Suspense
Cast: Finn Elliot, Hattie Morahan, Greg Wise, Nathaniel Parker
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Outcast Full Episode Guide

  • In the Season 2 premiere, Kyle and Amber return to Rome; Rev. Anderson struggles to comfort Patricia, knowing he may have inadvertently been complicit in her son's death; Sidney disappears; and Byron determines to keep the state police from investigating the arson attack.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'To the Sea.' Season Two Finale. Simon attempts to convince Kyle to make the ultimate sacrifice.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'This Is How It Starts.' (Season Two) Kyle gets ambushed en route to help Giles and Rose, who's showing first signs of possession.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'Mercy.' (Season Two) Kyle sees grim evidence of his father's old tactics; Dr. Park recruits a familiar face from Kyle's past.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'Alone When It Comes.' (Season Two) Megan seeks refuge among Dakota's flock; Giles becomes a suspect in a Rome murder.

  • Kyle's family and friends mourn the aftermath of a disaster – until a revelation from Reverend Anderson compels them to use Amber's unique powers. Allison rejoins her family in Rome.

  • Kyle gets closer to finding Sidney, while Anderson discovers anunexpected potential ally. A prominent member of the Rome communityis revealed to be an agent of the possessed, and few characters willescape his plan unscathed.

  • A dangerous fugitive on the loose threatens the town of Rome, aswell as Reverend Andersons sanity. Kyle struggles with a newunderstanding of where his powers -- and his curse -- originated. Meganand Holly attempt to rebuild their lives.

  • Megan must face the consequences of her actions in Ep. 202.Meanwhile, a disappearance in Rome leads Kyle and Anderson to a newand dangerous consequence of the rise in possessions.

  • Part Two of an adaptation of Sadie Jones's prize-winning bestseller. A young man returns home from prison determined to make amends for his past.

  • Kyle discovers the possession phenomenon to be more extensive than he had thought, while Reverend Anderson battles with remorse for his actions.

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