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  • TV-14
  • 1992
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.7  (3,045)

Forever Knight is a Canadian-American television series that aired on CBS from 1992 to 1996. The show follows the life of Nick Knight, an 800-year-old vampire who is working as a homicide detective in modern-day Toronto. Throughout the series, Nick struggles to come to terms with his vampirism and to find a way to become mortal again.

The lead character of Nick Knight is played by Geraint Wyn Davies, who delivers a strong performance as the brooding, tormented vampire. His character is complex and multidimensional, as he grapples with the morality of his actions and the consequences of his immortality. Nick is haunted by his past, including centuries-old relationships and conflicts, and he is often plagued by guilt over his vampiric nature.

The show's premise of a vampire working as a detective is an interesting twist, as it allows for a unique blend of horror and crime drama. The episodes often revolve around murders and investigations, with Nick using his vampiric abilities to help solve cases. However, the show also explores the supernatural world that Nick is a part of, as he interacts with other vampires and creatures of the night.

One of the strengths of the show is its supporting cast, including Nigel Bennett as the vampire Lucien LaCroix, Nick's maker and mentor. Bennett's performance is excellent, as he embodies the arrogance and manipulativeness of a powerful vampire. Catherine Disher plays Nick's partner on the police force, and her character brings a level of skepticism and groundedness to the show. Other notable guest stars throughout the series include Sarah Polley, David Warner, and Michael Ironside.

The show's production values are strong, with the gothic aesthetic of Nick's vampire world contrasting nicely with the modern-day setting of Toronto. The cinematography is stylish and visually pleasing, with a lot of use of shadows and atmospheric lighting. The music is also a standout aspect of the show, with a haunting and moody score that perfectly complements the dark themes of the series.

Overall, Forever Knight is an engaging and entertaining show that explores the complexities of the vampire genre. It combines elements of horror, drama, and crime procedural to create a unique and compelling story. Geraint Wyn Davies delivers a standout performance as the tortured protagonist, and the supporting cast and production value are also top-notch. While the show may not have had a long run, it still has a devoted fanbase who have kept the show alive through fanfiction and conventions.

Forever Knight is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (70 episodes). The series first aired on May 5, 1992.

Forever Knight
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Last Knight
22. Last Knight
May 18, 1996
In this tragic final episode, Nick and Natalie lose a mutual close friend. In working through their grief, Natalie recognizes the magnitude of her for Nick, and Nick realizes that he must finally choose between eternal life or eternal love.
21. Francesca
May 4, 1996
Nick and Tracy find themselves on the path of a brutal murderer who is the reincarnation of a seductress vampire Nick knew long ago. With the help of a psychotherapist, who has been counseling the killer, the detectives try to circumvent another crime from occurring. However, Nick and the killer square off for one last act of vengeance, but this time only one of them will survive.
Ashes to Ashes
20. Ashes to Ashes
May 11, 1996
Mysterious, gory deaths are haunting the town, and the vampires are the targets! Nick and Tracy's search to uncover the mysterious crime spree leads them to Lacroix and ultimately, his vampire daughter. Seeking revenge against her father, she threatens to destroy all those associated with him.
Jane Doe
19. Jane Doe
April 27, 1996
Nick and Reese investigate a trail of murders only to discover that the lead suspect is a Hitler-type racist from Reese's past. When the killer devises a plan to get Reese removed from the case, the Captain's rage intensifies. Concerned that Reese may be on a personal vendetta, Nick soon learns that the Captain is one step ahead of the killer (and him) in cleverly obtaining incriminating evidence.
Fallen Idol
18. Fallen Idol
February 24, 1996
The murder of a popular wrestler leads Nick and Tracy to a rival competitor whose secret steroid use has been discovered. After arresting him, they discover that he has a mentally handicapped teenage nephew, who Nick and Natalie volunteer for joint custody until the case is resolved. When the real killer later confesses the crime, Nick and Natalie focus their attention on helping the boy and his uncle rebuild their lives.
Avenging Angel
17. Avenging Angel
February 17, 1996
When a battered woman is brutally murdered inside her daughter's room at a shelter, Nick searches for her husband as the prime suspect. Despite an eyewitness account from the daughter, Nick and Tracy cannot find enough evidence to convict him.
The Human Factor
16. The Human Factor
February 10, 1996
Nick and Janette are reunited when a police sketch artist produces Janette's image as the main suspect in the murder of an arson investigator. When Janette confesses to the murder, Nick struggles to find the truth behind Janette's bizarre behavior, ultimately discovering the startling secret behind her mysterious disappearance from Toronto.
The Games Vampires Play
15. The Games Vampires Play
February 3, 1996
Investigating the murder of a virtual reality software designer, Nick Knight turns to a VR game filled with vampires. Knowing it's only a game, Nick indulges in intoxicating vampire feedings, unaware he is rekindling his lust for blood and killing in the real world. The closer he gets to solving the crime, the stronger his urges grow.
Dead of Night
14. Dead of Night
January 27, 1996
While investigating a seemingly accidental death in a house rumored to be haunted, Nick, Tracy and Natalie each encounter the ghost of a loved one. The sight of the apparitions clouds their search for the truth as the three struggle to come to terms with tragic events from their past.
13. Fever
January 20, 1996
A rat infected with a newly engineered virus escapes from the lab when the scientist is murdered, and soon becomes Screed's next meal. Designed to combat HIV, the new virus is a first only mildly harmful to vampires but intensifies with each successive "feeding," quickly becoming lethal. As the virus spreads rapidly through the vampire community, ultimately infecting both and Lacroix, Nick races against time to find the killer?and hopefully a cure.
12. Strings
January 13, 1996
Intense therapy for a debilitating drug addiction has popular singer Christie Black staying at the home of controversial psychotherapist Dr. Ben McGee. When Christie's mother is murdered, her brother Matthew becomes Nick's prime suspect, though he doesn't have enough evidence to hold him. As Matthew is leaving the police station, Nick focuses his investigation on McGee who he believes has programmed Christie to be a robot killer.
Sons of Belial
11. Sons of Belial
November 25, 1995
When an investigation puts Nick in the midst of an exorcism ritual, he is overtaken by an evil so powerful, even Lacroix is powerless against the demon. Only a new exorcism, replete with the very religious paraphernalia every vampire abhors, can rid Nick of this evil.
Night in Question
10. Night in Question
November 18, 1995
A lethal bullet wound to the head brings Nick to the emergency room where doctors, unable to find a pulse, pronounce him dead. Lacroix uses his vampire powers to revive him and force the attending physicians to forget his "death." Dr. Natalie Lambert then explains away Nick's condition as not being as serious as first thought. Although his physical wound is healing, his mind has been struck with acute amnesia. Now he must struggle to find the identity of both the killer and himself.
Let No Man Tear Asunder
9. Let No Man Tear Asunder
November 11, 1995
An autopsy reveals a murdered woman's heart has been surgically removed, prompting Nick and Tracy to investigate the black market for human organs. Working undercover, Tracy visits a suspected dealer at the local hospital, unaware that Natalie Lambert is scheduled for a routine knee operation at the same facility. Upon learning Natalie has been chosen as the next "donor," Tracy is overcome by the dealer and prepped for the operation instead.
Trophy Girl
8. Trophy Girl
November 4, 1995
Forced to take time off after shooting a perpetrator, Tracy ignores her orders and goes undercover at an escort service to investigate the murder of an employee. After Vachon blows her cover, she is left alone on the street and gets abducted by the killer. Meanwhile, Nick enlists the help of an infamous psychotic killer for clues to the personality of this murderer.
Hearts of Darkness
7. Hearts of Darkness
October 28, 1995
When a stripper wakes to discover the man she picked up at The Raven has been stabbed to death, even a polygraph test cannot spark her memory of how she got into his apartment. A lack of blood at the murder scene leads to the discovery of a vampire bite on the victim. Nick and Tracy must now search for the killer without revealing to each other their knowledge of vampires. The investigation takes a bizarre twist when their suspect exhibits multiple personalities, only one of which is a vampire, with the other two personalities operating as true mortals.
My Boyfriend is a Vampire
6. My Boyfriend is a Vampire
October 21, 1995
Ratings at any cost is the agenda for the producer of a popular TV talk show. When the cost becomes murder, Tracy unwittingly goes undercover, unaware that she has been chosen as the next victim -- for a televised murder -- designed to satisfy a jealous rage and boost the program's ratings.
Blind Faith
5. Blind Faith
October 14, 1995
A serial rapist's reign of terror is ended when a vicious dog literally tears him to shreds. Concerned over the extent of the fatal injuries, Nick fears the worst -- that a carouche, a lower form of vampire who typically feeds on animals, may be on the loose. The investigation focuses on a blind police dispatcher's guide dog and Nick is faced with the task of protecting the dispatcher from her most devoted friend.
4. Blackwing
October 7, 1995
A court battle over Native American land leads to betrayal and murder, as the loss of an ancient document naming the rightful owner threatens to derail the Native Americans' case. Nick gets directly involved when his powers converge with those of the Native Americans' culture. As he embraces this new spiritual world, in his continuing quest to cure his "darkness," Nick soon realizes he has transferred his evil and desire to kill to an innocent member of the tribe.
Outside the Lines
3. Outside the Lines
September 30, 1995
When a young woman is murdered at a nightclub known to cater to drug users and dealers, the crime complicates an ongoing narcotics investigation. Detective Bruce Spencer, having worked the drug case for some time undercover, is certain he knows the killer. But forensic evidence proves he has accused the wrong man and becomes the prime suspect himself, exposing his long record of using excessive force on the job.
Black Buddha Part 2
2. Black Buddha Part 2
September 23, 1995
Vachon, like Nick, has tired of his centuries of killing and chooses to spare Tracy's life -- confident she will keep his dark secret. In another chance meeting with an odd character, Tracy has a brief date with Vudu. Unaware he is the bomber, she attempts to return a bag he left behind, discovering too late the package contains another bomb.
Black Buddha Part 1
1. Black Buddha Part 1
September 16, 1995
When an airplane transporting a bombing suspect explodes, the victims of the tragedy include officers from Nick's department. Racked with guilt for letting his partner accompany the prisoner on the plane instead of going himself, Nick turns in his badge, ready to move on to a new life. But as bombs explode at police stations in other parts of town, and a device mysteriously turns up on his captain's desk, Nick rejoins the effort to catch the killer.Meanwhile, Tracy Vetter, the department's newest detective, encounters Vachon, the only survivor of the crash who somehow walked away from the crash even though his body was tagged as "dead." Eager to solve the bombing, she seeks out Vachon, discovering his secret to survival -- he is a vampire! Vachon, whose vamping abilities have been diminished by his still healing injuries, is unable to erase Tracy's memory of his secret and now must consider the only other means of silencing her.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 5, 1992
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (3,045)