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Premiering on NBC is the new sitcom Welcome to Sweden. This new comedy, which also is airing in Sweden, follows the life of Bruce Evans, a successful money manager to celebrities. After meeting and falling in love with Emma Wilk, a beautiful Swedish woman also living in New York, Emma decides to take a job back in Sweden. Bruce makes the decision to move with Emma.

Moving half way around the world for love proves to be a big challenge for Bruce. Leaving the only life he knew back in New York poses its set of hilarious challenges. His lack of the Swedish language and knowledge of the culture prove to be a funny journey. Along with the cultural challenges, Emma?s family do not like Bruce while his own family can not understand his decision to move to Sweden. It all comes together to be an entertaining mess. The sitcom is based on the real life story of Greg Poehler. It will feature guest appearances by Amy Pohler, Gene Simmons, Will Ferrell and Aubrey Plaza, who all play themselves. This show is set to premiere in the US on July 10, 2014.

Welcome to Sweden is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (29 episodes). The series first aired on July 10, 2014. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.6.

Welcome to Sweden is available for streaming on the NBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Welcome to Sweden on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 29 Episodes
July 10, 2014
Cast: Greg Poehler, Josephine Bornebusch, Lena Olin, Claes Månsson, Christopher Wagelin
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Welcome to Sweden Full Episode Guide

  • Emma has everyone dance down the aisle at her and Bruce's wedding however she takes her part a little too far.

  • Bruce and Emma argue over the details of their wedding, leading them to question their compatibility.

  • Bruce and Gustaf try to find marijuana for Amy Poehler, who's in town for a speaking engagement.

  • Bruce has a hard time overcoming the language barrier when he's tasked with coaching a local kids' basketball team.

  • Bruce and Emma are taken by surprise when their friends throw them outrageous bachelor and bachelorette parties.

  • Bruce and Emma are thrown surprise bachelor and bachelorette parties.

  • Bruce and Gustaf visit a club for Americans, and Bruce makes a special friend.

  • Bruce's parents visit and stir things up when they offer to pay for the wedding - on one condition - if it's held in the U.S.

  • Bruce tries to survive on Emma's annual family ski trip.

  • After being dubbed "the guy" to show American celebrities around Stockholm, Bruce must impress Jason Priestley or risk losing his newfound status.

  • After receiving the status as "the guy" to show American celebrities around Stockholm, Bruce works hard to impress Jason Priestley.

  • In the second season premiere, Bruce asks Emma's parents for their blessing as he prepares to propose to Emma. Gustaf runs away from home; Amy Poehler imagines Bruce as "the guy" in Stockholm.

  • In the first season finale, Bruce ends up in a questionable position after a night out with Aubrey Plaza. Emma and Gustav attempt to get their parents back together.

  • Bruce is back in New York to help out an old client (Amy Poehler) in need. Emma has difficulties dealing with her ex-boyfriend staying in her apartment. Viveka wants to recapture her youth and spend a night out on the town with Emma.

  • Bruce returns to New York to work for Amy Poehler while pondering the future of his life in Sweden. Aubrey Plaza and Gustav Roth also guest star.

  • Amy Poehler asks Bruce to move back to New York to help her resolve a financial issue. She even recruits Aubrey Plaza to convince him.

  • Trouble in her parents' marriage impacts Emma and Bruce's plan to move back to America.

  • A family emergency threatens Bruce and Emma's plans to move back to the U.S. Bengt seeks Bruce's help in meeting women. Emma's ex-boyfriend shows up.

  • Just as Bruce tries to return to celebrity money management, Amy Poehler sends Aubrey Plaza to Sweden with an offer that's tough to refuse.

  • Bruce and Emma are faced with a big decision after Bruce gets an offer in America. Aubrey Plaza visits Sweden in her ongoing effort to stalk Bruce and bring him home.

  • Bruce's parents (Patrick Duffy and Illeana Douglas) come to Sweden for a visit and the ultimate culture clash with Emma's parents. Emma tells Bruce she's pregnant. Bruce's father can't tell the difference between gay and European.

  • Cultures clash when Bruce's parents come to visit amidst a pregnancy scare.

  • When Bruce's parents visit, cultural differences create drama with Emma's parents. Bruce wants to prove moving to Sweden was a good idea while Emma shares big news.

  • Things are lost in translation when Bruce tries to fit in with Emma's friends. Later, Bruce tries to win over Viveka.

  • Bruce goes job hunting, but begins to feel isolated when Emma starts making plans without him.

  • Bruce tries to meet the neighbors since he's the new guy. Emma is suspicious of Bruce's former client.

  • Bruce and Emma struggle to get alone time with Emma's parents always around. Bruce takes a language class and makes a new friend. Will Ferrell guest stars.

  • In the series premiere, Bruce Evans decides to leave his job and his life in America to be with his true love in Sweden. Upon his arrival, he gets a rude awakening.