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The Cosby Show stars Bill Cosby as the witty and often cantankerous Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable. His wife Clair is played by Phylicia Rashad. The couple have five children, four girls and one boy, who range in age from elementary school to college. The show is designed to be humorous, although it does have moments where serious interaction is called for. The stories revolve around the activities of the married couple as well as the interactions with their children. As a couple, Clair is constantly trying to get Cliff to eat healthier foods, while he prefers dining on Hoagies and salty chips.

The balance in the family unit comes primarily from Clair who is a successful lawyer. While Cliff often reacts to what his children say or do with deadpan one liners, Clair steps in to show compassion and diplomacy. The show does touch on several topics related to raising teenagers, which include smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, sneaking out of the house and teen pregnancy. The show is widely entertaining while also showing the struggles and conflicts families often deal with. The Huxtable family also has extended relatives which show up as Heathcliff's and Clair's parents. These interactions also add humor to the show and bring new perspectives to some of the situations the family deals with.

Heathcliff is a obstetrician who practices out of his Brooklyn brownstone. His office is located on the lower level of the home so he has the opportunity to stay connected with his children while his wife is at work. The interactions between the kids are typical to children of different age groups. Theo, the only boy in the group is often outnumbered by his sisters in many situations. In addition to the various situations the family encounters with each episode, the show also brings a lot of culture to its viewers. Cliff is very fond of jazz and the show often focuses on various musical artists with a special appearance by Stevie Wonder.

The Cosby Show is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (202 episodes). The series first aired on September 20, 1984.

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8 Seasons, 202 Episodes
September 20, 1984
Comedy Drama
Cast: Bill Cosby, Phylicia Rashād, Sabrina Le Beauf, Geoffrey Owens, Lisa Bonet
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The Cosby Show Full Episode Guide

  • In the second part of the two part series finale of The Cosby Show, a lot of things are happening. Denise surprises everyone by calling to announce that she's pregnant. Everyone is confused when Vanessa calls Dabnis "honey." While the ceremony is beginning, Cliff remembers back to the times when he thought that Theo would never graduate, but then becomes upset to learn that the students graduate by section instead of their names getting called out individually. That night, when Cliff and Clair have the house to themselves, they remember all the good times they've had, then the episode closes with them sharing a dance.

  • In this first part of the two part series finale, Theo prepares to graduate from college, and even though each graduate is only supposed to get two tickets, he manages to get ten extras. Vanessa shows up with Dabnis, who she's bringing as her guest, but claims that they are only friends. Olivia gets ready to move to Singapore to live with Martin and Denise, and as a graduation present, Theo will be going with her. Theo has been worried by the way that Cliff has been acting, but Clair reassures him that she and Cliff are only very proud to see their son that used to struggle in school finally graduate.

  • Cliff is upset that he can't claim most of the people that have lived in his house on his taxes. Sondra and Elvin have their own income, Denise and Martin have claimed Olivia, and Clair doesn't want to claim Pam, even though they can because she says that she wouldn't feel right about it. Meanwhile, Kenny throws a rushed birthday party together for Deirdre after he comes to the realization that socks aren't a good birthday present. Deirdre figures out what Kenny did and dumps him. Rudy convinces Stanley to talk to Deirdre on Kenny's behalf, who agrees to take Kenny back, but only if he stops lying and will take "boyfriend lessons" from Stanley.

  • Cliff is excited about getting a chance to meet some of his favorite musicians when he and Clair got to a radio station live performance which is part of the Pan-American Music Festival. Meanwhile, Kenny has problems when he babysits Olivia, and she eventually leaves him so worn out that he can hardly stay awake. Later, Theo comes over to check on things, and after he sends Kenny home, he ends up falling asleep on the couch.

  • Cliff is happy when Theo decides to decline the job offer and go to graduate school because he didn't want Theo to move so far away. Later, at the community center, Eugene finds a wallet that has $600 in it. Eugene really wants to keep the money because his family needs it, but Theo lets the kids have a debate on what they should do with the money, and they decide that the right thing to do would be to give it back to the owner making Theo very proud. Meanwhile, Olivia and Marlon are writing a paper for school on what Cliff was like at their age. After they find out that all the stories Cliff had been telling them were really lies, they decide to call Russell up to get the real story. Cliff eventually impresses them by telling them a true story of how he got his picture in the newspaper by collecting tin foil for the war effort during World War II.

  • Sondra and Elvin are excited as they prepare for their housewarming party, but are upset when they have to move it to the Huxtable house because of a faulty furnace. This of course doesn't make Cliff happy, but he cheers up when Russell comes over to report that Dabnis and Vanessa have set a wedding date. However, Cliff and Clair soon learn from Vanessa that it was just a rumor, and that they have actually broken up. They beg Cliff and Clair to keep it a secret at the party which causes many uncomfortable moments. Vanessa confesses that she just isn't ready to get married, but Dabnis explains that he wishes that Vanessa would just say what she's feeling instead of talking in twisted metaphors.

  • While Sondra and Elvin are moving into their new house in New Jersey, they ask Cliff to watch the twins. Cliff ends up breaking the grandfather clock in the living room while playing hide-and-seek with the twins after they wouldn't let him take a nap. The movers save Cliff by having the clock sent to a repair shop when they arrive and see what happened. When Elvin returns for the twins, he tries to talk Cliff into letting him buy his old station wagon since they will be needing one anyway.

  • While Clair is away at a law conference in Washington, D.C., everyone is expecting him to follow in his normal path of pigging-out on junk food. Cliff surprises them though by eating very healthy meals. Meanwhile, when Rudy, Susan, and Danielle find out that everyone is taking a cab instead of being driven by their parents to the school dance, they decide they want to stand out by taking the subway. But Cliff won't allow this until Pam and Charmaine agree to ride both ways with them while they are seeing a movie. After they leave, Sondra stops by to check on Cliff just as a delivery man shows up with pizza, buffalo wings, and ice cream. He's still intent on eating the fatty food until he receives a call from Clair and she talks to him about trust causing him to feel guilty.

  • While Pam fills in for Dr. Huxtable's assistant on a Saturday, one of his patients, Mrs. Minnifield, ends up giving birth in a cab after she ignores his instructions and heads for the hospital too late. Meanwhile, Rudy becomes jealous when Kenny shows up with a girl named Deirdre to work on a group project with her and Stanley. But Rudy soon stops being jealous when she feels that Kenny made up the whole thing just to try and get to her. Kenny begins to feel bad after he learns that Deirdre has actually liked him for a long time. He eventually convinces both Rudy and Deirdre to forgive him, and they agree to go on double dates sometime.

  • Pam's old babysitter, Mrs. Whitaker, decides to bring some of her friends along with her on her weekly trip to the market with Pam on Saturday. Once they get back, Mrs. Whitaker and her friends decide to start a protest against a company that owns two markets that sell different things. One of them sells high quality food for low prices, while the other sells poor quality food for high prices. They feel that it's unfair to make some people who can't drive to the better market pay high prices for bad food. Their first plan of attack is to buy all of the dented cans from one market and return them to the other, but their plan fails when the markets hear about this and prepare for it. They then decide to pay for everything with pennies which seems to be effective. In the end, Pam decides to continue driving Mrs. Whitaker and her friends to the market every Saturday so that they can pay with their pennies until something happens.

  • After Theo gets accepted to graduate school, Cliff and Clair are ecstatic and agree to continue to pay his tuition. Later, Theo and a friend go to a corporation's recruiting dinner just so they can fill up on free food, but a surprise comes when Theo is offered a job interview by an executive who likes his off-hand comments about the company's philosophy. Theo is excited to tell Cliff and Clair that if he takes the job, it would pay $30,000.00 a year, and he wouldn't have to sponge off of them anymore. Things get a little bit complicated when a kid at the community center, Eugene, hears about this and thinks that Theo is leaving them. But Theo convinces him that he is just trying to keep his options open. Meanwhile, Clair gets tired of Cliff's habit of stealing the remote while she is watching a program, so she decides to put a stop to it.

  • Pam, Rudy, and Olivia become depressed when Clair spends the whole day in her new room after Cliff surprises her by finishing it early. The girls initially claim that they need Clair's help to bake the Christmas cookies, but then admit that the cookies are just more fun to make with Clair. Meanwhile, when Cliff tries to pass off the "tradition" of hanging the Christmas lights on Theo, Cliff leaves him bewildered.

  • Dabnis confronts Vanessa about her being reluctant to set a wedding date after she runs home to Cliff and Clair's house. Dabnis wonders why she is pushing him away when she was the one to pursue him in the first place. In the end, Vanessa apologizes and asks Dabnis to be patient with her while she is trying to figure out exactly what she wants. Meanwhile, Kenny consoles Rudy after her break-up with Stanley by hanging around the house all day. Kenny is surprised when Stanley shows up and claims that he will win Rudy back, and uses Kenny's exact words about friendship and caring to patch things up between him and Rudy. Also, Cliff gets on Clair's nerves by revealing hints to the end of a book that Clair is reading.

  • While Miriam Makeba, a famous singer, is over visiting at the Huxtable house, Olivia disappeared. Everyone begins to search the house frantically for her, but Miriam is eventually the one who finds her hiding in a closet. Olivia explains that she is hiding to try to keep Martin from leaving. Miriam convinces her of how lucky she is to have such a big family that cares about her, and Olivia decides to come back to the party.

  • After Theo convinces Cliff to teach a class for men only at the community center, the students misinterpret his intentions when Cliff brings Olivia's doll to the class by thinking that he will teach on sex education. The conversation eventually gets turned around to the young teen boys who are already fathers, and want to support their children, but don't want to get stuck with minimum wage jobs where they are treated like garbage. In the end, Cliff helps them all to get jobs. Meanwhile, while babysitting for Olivia and one of her friends, Russell becomes hooked on a video game.

  • Cliff and his neighbor, Jeffrey, chaperon Olivia and her classmates on a field trip. Meanwhile, Theo decides to put messages on T-Shirts and sell them at street fairs as a fundraiser for the community center, but is upset after he thinks that he got a great deal on the shirts, just to discover that they don't have neck holes. Theo plans on taking care of the situation by himself, but Clair steps in to work things out.

  • In order to go to a club called The Exchange, and possibly win a dance with JT Freeze, Rudy tells Cliff and Clair that she is going to a Bible study, and makes no mention that you are supposed to be over 16 to get in. When Cliff and Clair learn of her deception from Lance, Charmaine, and Pam, they send them to spy on Rudy in disguises. As luck would have it, Pam wins the dance with JT Freeze, and when she introduces him to Rudy and her friends, they freeze up making fools of themselves. In the end, Rudy has to work at a retirement home as her punishment, while Lance, Pam, and Charmaine are off partying at JT's hotel.

  • Pam applies to all of the same colleges as Charmaine in the hopes that they will be able to stay together. But Pam, Charmaine, and her guidance counselor all have their doubts that her grades are up to par with the college's academic standards. Pam then decides that if she doesn't get accepted to any of those colleges, she will move back to California with her mother to study fashion design.

  • While in a parent-teacher conference, Theo develops a mutual attraction with one of his student's parent. When she invites him out for coffee, he declines stating that it wouldn't be in the best interest for the child. Theo is shocked, however, when he explains to Clair what happened, and she tells him that her clients hit on her all the time. Meanwhile, a boy named Stanley, who Rudy meets at the open house, is instantly smitten with her. So he can ask her out, he gets Rudy's phone number from Theo. But when Kenny hears about this, he gets jealous and hopes to sabotage their date.

  • Clair is surprised when Cliff shows her plans to add on a soundproof room to the house where she can escape the children. Cliff and Clair have co-signed a loan for Sondra and Elvin to get their first home. They sell their apartment, and are set to move, but then the couple that is selling the house that they want to buy files for divorce, complicating the sell, and in the process, leaving Sondra and Elvin homeless. They beg Cliff and Clair to let them and the twins stay in Martin and Denise's room while they are away in Japan, and when Cliff agrees, he forgets about the idea of adding on the room for Clair because he feels like he will never be able to escape the children. So instead of building the addition, they decide to build on an addition to the kitchen.

  • In this first part of the two part season seven finale, Theo begins an internship as a seventh grade counselor at the community center. The kids give him a little trouble at first, but Theo handles it easily. His main problem though comes from a boy named Stanley who refuses to do his homework. After taking him outside to read a paper, on a hunch, Theo has him tested for dyslexia. Meanwhile, everyone doesn't know what to think when Cliff insists that they let him fix the sink by himself.

  • When Cliff goes to Jake's hardware store for a sale, despite the family trying to keep him from knowing about it, he accidentally rekindles an old feud between Jake and his old friend, Stanley, from ten years ago. To make it worse, neither Jake nor Stanley know that their children want to get married, which will be difficult since Jake and Stanley hate each other. But, in the end, Jake and Stanley reconcile their differences and allow their children to get married.

  • After Cliff goes out bowling with Russell, Elvin, and some friends, everyone on his team makes fun of him because his bad bowling caused their team to lose. Meanwhile, Rudy has Olivia memorize the answers to a TV game show so that they can trick Cliff and Clair into thinking that Olivia is a child prodigy.

  • Rudy has a nightmare in which Olivia gets away with whatever she wants to. Olivia schemes to take over Rudy's room as her own, causing Rudy to eventually lose her room to Olivia's new pony. In the end though, Cliff and Clair stop doing whatever Olivia tells them to do, and when Olivia asks Rudy what she did, Rudy tells her, "It's my dream!"

  • Disaster ensues after Denny misinterprets a surprise that his girlfriend, Ellen, is planning with Theo for him. This doesn't help Theo get ready for his romantic evening with Cheryl, even more so when everyone keeps interrupting him.

  • Cliff decides to team up with his friend, Jim Harmon, in an upcoming pinochle tournament, so that he's sure to win. However, Clair and Nicole, Jim's wife, feel like they could certainly win the tournament if they team up together. In the end, Cliff and Jim's confidence gets the best of them, and Clair and Nicole end up taking first place, with Cliff and Jim in second place. Meanwhile, Rudy gets her first babysitting job babysitting Olivia for Martin and Denise when they are away, and while Cliff and Clair are out at the pinochle tournament. Olivia demands that Rudy let her stay up late and watch a horror movie, even though Rudy tries to convince her that she shouldn't. After the movie, Olivia becomes deathly afraid that vampire wolves are going to come and attack them, and when Rudy tries to calm her down, she becomes just as frightened as Olivia. When Cliff and Clair return home, they are amused at what they find.

  • Even after Ray Evans and his wife Alicia feel that they are prepared for every possible situation in her delivery, Ray goes into a panic when his wife goes into labor. Ray becomes extremely upset when his wife snaps at him in the delivery room and runs into the hall crying, but Cliff convinces him to come back in by telling him to face it like adversity in a basketball game.

  • When Pam's grades improve after taking study tips from Theo, Slide tells her that it is pointless for her to try so hard to get good grades since she won't be able to afford college anyway. Pam, now discouraged, has a talk with Charmaine, who tells her that she shouldn't worry because Pam has always beaten the odds in the past. Now enthusiastic, Pam comes home and starts planning about college. And even though Pam seems like she is willing to work her way through, Cliff feels that deep down, Pam secretly wants Clair and him to pay for her college.

  • Sondra ruins Elvin's plans to watch the Giants-Eagles playoffs at the Huxtable house when she tells him that she told one of her friends that they would help her move, which just happens to be at the same time as the football game. Elvin is in such a hurry to watch the game, that he gets Theo and Martin to help him. They end up getting in constant trouble from Sondra's friend when they don't pack carefully enough. The guys come up with the scheme to get lost on the way to the new apartment, but Sondra soon figures out their plans. When they get home later that night, they are overjoyed to find that Cliff has recorded the whole game for them.

  • Cliff and menopausal Clair decide to play a trick on the kids by making them think that Clair has gone insane after they treat her like an invalid. Meanwhile, when Aaron, Pam's new boyfriend, wins her over with romantic gestures and thoughts, Lance tries to copy him to impress Charmaine.

  • When Denise and Martin grow annoyed by their lack of privacy, they decide that it's time to move out of the Huxtable house. This thrills everyone, especially Rudy who is overjoyed to finally be getting her own room. Olivia vows never to leave the Huxtable house however, and her wish comes true when Denise and Martin have no luck finding a house. Everyone then becomes terrified of Rudy after they tell her that she will have to continue sharing a room with Olivia.

  • Kenny and Rudy have to do a video project on a parent's job. They choose Clair since they figure the life of a lawyer is exciting, but once they get there, they realize that Clair's job isn't nearly as exciting and adventurous as they expected. When Cliff has to leave to deliver a baby, Rudy jumps on it and begs him to let them come along. He agrees, but only on the condition that they stay in the waiting room. They end up disobeying and get into trouble. They eventually decide to do the video with clips of patients telling how good a doctor that Cliff is, and they end up winning first place.

  • Cliff and Clair come home from vacation to their predatory children. Rudy begs Cliff and Clair to let her sign up for ice skating lesson, which cost $200.00, successfully. Theo keeps asking to borrow furniture for his apartment. Olivia breaks the washing machine by washing her crayons. And Vanessa tries to hide that she busted the headlight on the station wagon by ramming it into a parked car on accident.

  • After her grandmother gets sick, and her mom goes to take care of her, Clair's second cousin, Pam, moves in with the Huxtables. She tries to adjust to the new rules, and when her boyfriend, Slide, invites her to a party in the Bronx, Rudy informs her that curfew is at 10. Slide eventually convinces her to ask Cliff to let her break curfew, and he denies her request. Later, Slide comes over with his friends, Lance and Charmaine, and they convince her to sneak out to the party while Cliff and Clair are away. But, Cliff and Clair walk in right as they are about to leave, and Pam confesses about what she was going to do. In the end, they forgive her, and tell her that she should think of the Huxtable house as her own.

  • Theo plans to throw a bachelor party for Martin after he finds out that Denise got a wedding shower, but Martin didn't get a bachelor party. But Denise is horrified when Theo suggests they get a stripper, and Martin doesn't object, he just smiles and says no. Soon it turns into a sexist battle at the barbecue that Cliff has been planning.

  • Cliff takes on his arch rival, Jim Harmon, in an auction for an original copy of Charlie Parker's Night In Tunisia. Before he leaves for the auction, he offers to drive Olivia to preschool on his way to the auction for Denise. He ends up regretting that decision though when he finds out that it was Denise's day to help at school, and the teacher won't let Cliff leave until Denise shows up. Cliff calls Denise and she tells him that she forgot all about that, she even offers to come up there right away, but Cliff won't let her because she has a project to work on. Cliff really wants to bid on that painting, so he decides to bid by phone. But unknowingly to Cliff, he ends up bidding against Clair, who went down to try to win the painting since Cliff wasn't able to. Cliff finds out about it when he gets home and sees the painting that Clair won.

  • Cliff is overwhelmed with joy on the first day of school. Vanessa, who has taken summer classes to graduate high school a year early, leaves for college, Denise starts her first semester at Medgar Evans, and Olivia begins preschool. Rudy is going to start sixth grade, but she refuses to go to school, and hides in her room. She reveals to Cliff that the reason that she doesn't want to go to school is because she doesn't have breasts yet, but Cliff convinces her to go to school anyway. Rudy is good to go until her friend who developed over the summer, Margie, shows up. Clair eventually convinces Rudy that all girls develop at different rates, and that she will develop soon. Cliff and Clair finally have some peace and quiet- until Theo returns from Europe.

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