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A Different World is a sitcom that features the college life of the character Denise Huxtable and her college mates at Hillman College. The show is a spinoff of the sitcom The Cosby Show, which was the family Denise grew up in. The show based each episode on issues facing the students at the historically black college and their student life.

A Different World was very controversial, but also groundbreaking, for all the topics and issues of the day that the writers and actors addressed; issues such as the Persian GUlf War, date rape, drug abuse, and HIV/AIDS were discussed. Writers strove to present ideas and situations as they would have happened in a way that would open them up to common discussion and activism.

While the characters changed from season to season, there were a few principal actors that did go on to work in much larger roles on the screen and stage following the final season of A Different World. After the fifth season, and some cross-over between the two shows, producers decided to end the show's production.

A Different World is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (144 episodes). The series first aired on September 24, 1987.

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6 Seasons, 144 Episodes
September 24, 1987
Cast: Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, Darryl M. Bell, Charnele Brown
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A Different World Full Episode Guide

  • Everyone at Hillman is anxiously awaiting the visit of Miss Lena Horne. She's inspired many people, from the Dean, who's singing her praises, to Mr. Gaines, who claims to have met her years ago.

  • Lena, Gina, Charmaine, Dorian and Terrell decide to rent a house together. While seeing the temperamental landlord about a plumbing problem, Gina, Charmaine and Terrell discover that he is Langston Paige, a former major league baseball star.

  • Lena's childhood pals from Baltimore visit her at Hillman and proceed to butt heads with her new college friends.

  • Dwayne is applying for a summer management position at a company in Japan. He seems like the perfect man for this job, so much so, his friends are already planning a celebration.

  • When Terrel and Charmaine are harassed by a street gang, Terrel is embarrassed by his inability to defend himself. Dorian suggests he report the incident but Terrel's solution is to start carrying a gun.

  • It's official, Dwayne and Whitley are expecting a baby, Kimberly and Spencer are engaged and Dwayne's new job means they're moving to Japan! Things get complicated by the meddling, future grandmoms, who aren't so pleased about the Japan move.

  • It takes Kimberly to make Whitley realize she's got all the signs of pregnancy. Whitley is reluctant to tell Dwayne who's all wrapped up pursuing an idea for a computer game that a corporation is very interested in.

  • Ron convinces Mr. Gaines to become his business partner in managing a dance club. However, they each have a different opinion on what the club should be. Ron wants a hot, booty-shaking place and recruits fly girls on campus for cocktail waitresses.

  • Freddie's mother Joan, who is white and a real hippie of the "˜60's, comes to visit for Christmas and creates a stir. She gets the whole dorm chanting and feeling auras.

  • Whitley is up for a job interview and wants a new outfit. Without Dwayne's knowledge she borrows his credit card and buys a $700 suit, intending to return it.

  • Freddie has a group of youth offenders brought to Hillman as part of a pa Program. Dwayne gets two really difficult kids, Michael and Billy. They think only of violence and they're about to kill each other over gang affiliation.

  • Whitley and Dwayne's mothers are both visiting them for Thanksgiving! It's a constant battle as the two moms try to overtake each other starting with Thanksgiving dinner.

  • As Whitley is pounding the pavement looking for secretarial work to help pay the bills, her mother phones with a pre-Thanksgiving message; she's coming to visit for the holiday.

  • No matter what Whitley tries, she can't seem to keep Dwayne's interest. She's convinced that the romance in their marriage is lost. Whitley becomes so desperate that she calls in to the Montel Williams Show for advice.

  • A Halloween costume party prompts Dwayne and Whitley to discuss male and females. Soon Dwayne has a bizarre dream where male and female positions in the political world are switched.

  • Whitley believes her pay raise is imminent and so she persuades a reluctant Dwayne to invest $3,000 for a painting. Ron has also been doing a lot of persuading and finally gets Kim to let him spend the night. Is the grass always greener?

  • Whitley is out of town for a 3-day business trip and Dwayne, missing her, immediately tries to keep himself occupied. When the Colonel, Ron and Mr. Gaines drop by, their conversation only makes Dwayne miss Whitley more.

  • Sharing their first apartment, newlyweds Dwayne and Whitley find themselves in a constant argument over whose belongings will go and whose will stay.

  • Whitley and Dwayne celebrate their honeymoon in Los Angeles just as the riots break out! Perfect timing! During the chaos, the two get separated from each other.

  • The new semester has brought some startling new changes to Hillman. Dwayne and Whitley are back... as a married couple!

  • As she awakens on her wedding day, Whitley is so flustered by her conversation with Dwayne that she can barely remember where she is or the name of her future husband.

  • The day before her wedding, Whitley frets about details until Byron is able to bring her back to reality. Kim volunteers to return to campus and retrieve a special pair of earrings that Whitley had left behind.

  • In the final days before the election, the incumbent accuses Byron of fooling around with a stripper. He refuses to respond to the allegations, and challenges Sen. Hutchinson to a debate.

  • Ron is hired to promote Dion's (a.k.a. I'm Down) concert. Freddie thinks that Gina is in an abusive relationship.

  • Lena struggles to keep her grades high enough to maintain her engineering scholarship. Whitley wants to understand the issues of Byron's campaign in order to help him win.

  • Ron struggles with his new job at a car dealership. A female con artist gets him fired. She apologizes, and they hatch a scheme to get the boss to let them develop an ad campaign.

  • Whitley is upset that Dwayne isn't jealous of her relationship with Byron and when Kim suggests that Whitley speak with Dwayne, she invites him over.

  • Whitley asks for donations for a campus fundraiser from various business owners and meets Byron Douglas III, who is impressed with her and asks her to join his campaign for state senate.

  • Whitley is harassed at work by one of her superior's. Terrence decides to major in dance.

  • Freddie's prison pen pal Jamal is released from jail and needs a job, so Ron turns over his duties as a janitor, where he meets Whitley and asks her out on a date.

  • Dwayne is jealous of Whitley's new boyfriend, so Ron takes him to the big game between Hillman and Virginia A&M to takes his mind off his troubles.

  • Dwayne grows tired of covering the bills for Ron and throws him out. Freddie becomes more obsessed with Shazza.

  • Whitley organizes an art exhibit for the dorm dedication ceremony. Kim has objections to images that Whitley wants to include.

  • Whitley is still reeling after she learns that Dwayne went on a date. Adele and Marion dislike each other immediately causing more tension between Dwayne and Whitley.

  • Whitley is nervous about the engagement party and takes it out on Dwayne, who uses the opportunity to explore other options.

  • Whitley's aunt offers her a job as an art buyer, but first she must entertain her cousin Liza for a weekend visit to Hillman.

  • Ron's band hires Kim to be their vocalist after they are fired from a club, hoping to bring a new sound to the group. Col. Taylor takes up dancing to impress Jaleesa.

  • Whitley discovers Lena has a crush on Dwayne after he agrees to tutor her in calculus. Realizing Lena is homesick Whitley agrees to be her confidante.

  • The Pit becomes a place of refuge when a hurricane approaches Hillman. Ron tries to convince Freddie to play a demo tape of his band on her radio show.

  • Whitley tries to assign her dorm duties to Kim, the resident assistant. Lena faces trouble with the dean when she starts a fire in the dorm.

  • Dwayne's high standards for his class, leads to a student walk-out. Jaleesa starts a temp agency and her first assignment is to find Freddie a job.

  • Dwayne begins teaching classes as Whitley takes a job as a director of a new dorm, encountering her first problem with a freshman seeking a place to stay.

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