Watch TV Shows on Carsey Werner

Carsey-Werner Television is a prominent independent television studio that was established in 1981. The studio runs out of Encino, California. It was initially referred to as Carsey-Werner Productions, then Carsey-Werner-Mandabach Productions.

As the name suggests, the company was established by people named Carsey and Werner. TV producer Marcy Carsey and director/screenwriter/producer Tom Werner are behind the creation of this production company.

Carsey-Werner Television is a leading name in the television world due to many famed programs. These programs include global and national sensations like Roseanne, The Cosby Show, A Different World, That 70s Show, Grounded For Life, Grace Under Fire, Cybill and 3rd Rock From the Sun. Other television productions that have been part of the company over the past three decades or so include Men Behaving Badly, God, the Devil and Bob, The Tracy Morgan Show, Normal, Ohio and Good Girls Don't.

The production company has operated under a long held policy that was determined by Carsey and Werner back when it first started. This policy is "quality over quantity." The team at Carsey-Werner Television aims to only work on television programs that undeniably deserve the broadcast slots they're receiving.

Carsey-Werner Television has had a significant international effect since its introduction in the early 1980s. They've accessed television viewers in 50 different tongues living in 175 plus nations all around the planet. The production company has over the years been recognized numerous times for their accomplishments. They've racked up People's Choice, Golden Globe and Emmy award nominations.