Watch TV Shows on truTV

TruTV was established in the nineties as an American reality cable channel. The main premise was to deliver news shows with a legal perspective. However, in recent years it has changed to a more comedic genre. Shows vary from thirty minutes to one hour long episodes. There are some wildly popular series such as World’s Dumbest, Lizard Lick Towing, Impractical Jokes and Hardcore Pawn. No matter what is watched, the line-up is both entertaining and informational.

World’s Dumbest highlights individuals that take on challenges that others may consider not the smartest thing to do. For example, you will see people trying to complete do-it-yourself projects, daredevils and people who take on sharks, lions and other predators.

Lizard Lick Towing is a show that will have you scratching your head as you watch owner Ron Shirley and his wife Amy avoid mayhem to secure the property of their clients in the countryside of North Carolina.

Impractical Jokes delivers mountains of laughs through a cast of friends that happen to be comedians. They take on dares from each other while in public and sometimes include their fellow man. The caveat to each show is the member who came up short gets to feel the pain.

Hardcore pawn is a show about a Detroit family who makes a living buying and selling items individuals bring to their pawn shop. Tune in to see the items that people try to get money for. There are even some surprise items that have the team at Hardcore Pawn and the customer’s jaws dropping.