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Today's difficult economic times make paying bills difficult for many people, and one of the more expensive bills that people must deal with is a car payment. Operation Repo allows viewers to see what happens when the people whose cars must be repossessed do not agree with the people that come to collect the vehicles. Although the repossessions shown throughout the show stem from actual incidents, the TV show's cast members are simply recreating past events and adding a bit of drama to the stores.

Yes, that means that the show is staged, but it does not take away from the fact that in many cases, the vehicles that were repossessed did have arguments, physical altercations, and even owners that were so reluctant to turn their vehicles over that they attempted foolish stunts like driving away after their car was hooked to the truck, destroying the vehicles, and even making threats or putting their hands on the repossession agents.

First aired on Telemundo, Operation Repo has been airing in English since 2008, and ended its eighth season in April of 2011. Though a few new faces have been added to the cast over the years, and some members have left, the basic crew has remained the same. Lou, Sonia, Lyndah, Froy, Matt and Ashley comprise the main crew while newcomers Carlos and Ronnie still have to work their way up the ranks to becoming as well known as the others. These cast members have recreated many different repossessions, and some are just downright strange.

Not only having to collect cars and trucks, the crew has had their fair share of other items with overdue payments. Everything from boats and ATVs to tanning beds and even hot air balloons has come to the attention of these men and women throughout the years, and although odd, they have done the necessary work to reclaim them from the owners with delinquent owners.

As the economy shows no signs of turning itself around anytime soon, it seems that the Operation Repo crew will have their hands full for the foreseeable future. The fact that the repossessions are on the behalf of different finance agencies makes it uncertain as to what the next adventure for the crew will be, but what the can promise is entertainment. Their large fan base and number of viewers seems to ensure that as long as there are vehicles with unpredictable and bad tempered owners being repossessed, the team from Operation Repo will be there.

Operation Repo is a series that is currently running and has 13 seasons (201 episodes). The series first aired on November 17, 2008.

Where do I stream Operation Repo online? Operation Repo is available for streaming on truTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Operation Repo on demand at Amazon Prime, Tubi TV online.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on truTV
13 Seasons, 201 Episodes
November 17, 2008
Cast: Sonia Pizarro
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Operation Repo Full Episode Guide

  • A professional stunt driver slips through Froy and Sonia's grasp, sending them on a violent high speed chase. Matt offends a pretty RO who seeks womanly revenge, and Froy and Carlos go undercover at a lowrider show. And when Sonia announces a dangerous plan to save the company from the lawsuit, the team must decide whether they're willing to risk it all.

  • A repo goes awry for Sonia; a hovercraft owner with an attitude; Sonia tells the team about the sale of the company.

  • Sonia and Froy interrupt a hayride full of yuppies, who refuse to take no for an answer; Lou and Sonia reclaim a car from a perplexed homeowner.

  • A hoarder with a secret tries to pull a fast one on Matt and Froy, and Sonia takes sides in a dramatic lover's quarrel. Froy finally gets a shot at recovering the Lamborghini, but will his ingenious plan come crashing down around him?

  • Lyndah rejects unwanted and inappropriate advances from Frankie while dealing with a crying debtor who is calling the police; Matt and Froy get a stripped down car and the phone number of the owner's ex-girlfriend. Plus, a classic case of mistaken identity.

  • A city employee has a run in with Froy and Sonia; a mechanic's plot stirs up trouble for Matt and Ronnie; Froy is persuaded to break an important rule.

  • In the 11th-season finale, Froy and Sonia visit a lake house to retrieve a water blob; and Matt gets his way when Sonia's forced to offer him a position on the airplane.

  • Matt wants to join Sonia for an airplane repo; Ronnie and Sonia encounter trouble at a winery; Matt and Carlos attempt to repossess a concrete breaker, but the guys using it attack the repo truck while Carlos is still inside.

  • Carlos goes undercover at a frat house, but when the party gets the best of him Sonia has to step in and fight the drunken mob. And when Matt and Ronnie go after some wanna-be internet sensations, they become the RO's ticket to fame in a violent potato launcher attack bound to go viral.

  • Sonia, the new boss, is still feeling her way through, but when tragedy strikes on a routine repossession, her reign at the top faces its biggest challenge yet. Matt and Froy hit the club to take a sports car away from a deadbeat DJ.

  • Things don't go as planned during the repossession of vehicles.

  • Things don't go as planned during the repossession of vehicles.

  • The team is confused by Sonia's actions. Meanwhile, Ronnie goes undercover.

  • Things don't go as planned during the repossession of vehicles.

  • The team returns from a successful mission in Vegas, but there's trouble brewing. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Carlos repo from a self-defense instructor who lets his students to do his dirty work.

  • Still upset about Froy's departure, Matt loses his temper on a dominatrix and her client and packs his bags to return to LA.

  • Things don't go as planned during the repossession of vehicles.

  • The Vegas mission is running smoothly, until Froy brings unwanted trouble to the office, while Carlos and Sonia repo a car from a lottery winner.

  • In the twelfth season premiere, Lou takes a big risk in Las Vegas.