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The Carbonaro Effect is an unusual entertainment show that combines magic, humor, and disbelief all into one program. In this reality television show, the host, Michael Carbonaro, works his magic on unsuspecting bystanders in a series of practical jokes and amazing magic tricks. Michael Carbonaro may fancy himself an illusionist, but his routine is much more than meets the eye.

Sometimes with the help of a public store or local business, Carbonaro astonishes people in the most unusual ways, such as by making a bowling bowl or a live puppy appear to come out of a flat mailing envelope. All the time the victims are trying to figure out what just happened, the cool Carbonaro simply acts as if everything were quite normal.

On other occasions he makes an image or personal data such as name or date of birth appear on an inanimate product such as a milk carton or wine bottle. As the unsuspecting customer is checking out in the store, they see their personal image or data and ask where it came from. Once again they are shocked and captivated by the overly cool Carbonaro, who does not seem at all surprised. This is what they call the Carbonaro Effect.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on truTV
8 Seasons, 90 Episodes
May 15, 2014
Cast: Michael Carbonaro
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The Carbonaro Effect Full Episode Guide

  • Michael gives a confused woman the license to speed at the DMV; unclogs a "crumby" toaster at a return counter, and blows the mind of a beach attendant.

  • In this special, Michael revisits some of the spookiest bits of Carbonaro past to reveal fresh frights with never-before-seen reactions tricks, including the Alien Abduction, Musical Ghosts, and Mad Science Experiments gone wrong.

  • Michael explores the true depth of a deep-dish pizza and, later, plays doctor to a patient questioning his own vision and sanity. Also: as a locksmith, Michael stuns his assistant with a surprise on the other side of the door.

  • Michael chops salad at a cooking class and brings the heat to instantly cook a meatball with his breath. Later, Michael chills his assistant to her bones when a cryotherapy experiment freezes.

  • In an ice cream shop, Michael whips up a mind-boggling app; at a party store, he spills the tea on a self-brewing decoration; and at a farm, Michael's helper looks like he saw a ghost after a run-in with a spirited scarecrow.

  • In this special, a trip down memory lane turns trippy when Michael revisits classic bits - including the hallucinogenic frog and the glue-sniffing mishap to unlock never-before-seen reactions to your favorite jaw-dropping tricks.

  • Michael turns iced tea into a tea candle and later, at a pet store, he reveals that caterpillars have wicks. Also: Michael stumps his assistant at a warehouse when he proves that big tricks come in shrink-wrapped packages.

  • Michael shows off a seashell from the seashore that still has the seashore in it; and reveals desserts that break the mold. Also: At a farm, Michael startles his assistant with a trick that's "out-of-this-world."

  • Michael visits a ski shop to demonstrate the latest in winter gear

  • Michael shocks people with every trick in the book at a library, including a voice-controlled page turner and outfit changes that almost get him recognized. Later, Michael amazes a trainee with a weightless mattress.

  • Michael shocks a receptionist with a medical procedure that leaves both their jaws on the floor, and then at a party store, Michael reveals a regenerating piece of gum. Plus, an electrifying trick rewrites history.

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