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Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" is a paranormal investigation television series featuring Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Nick Groff. Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans narrates each episode. Ghost Adventures has visited famous haunted residences with dark histories such as the home of the axe murderer Lizzy Borden, the Winchester Mystery House and the Peabody-Whitehead Mansion where potentially dangerous ghosts have been reported and are thought to be extremely active.

Each episode, the investigators head to a haunted location where they interview eyewitnesses and speak with local historians and building caretakers. After gathering information about the area's history, they lock themselves in the building overnight, from sundown-to-sunrise, during a time that they refer to as "lock-down." During lock-down, host Bagans uses aggressive methods to evoke ghosts by verbally assaulting them, which he believes causes the ghosts to become angry enough to make their presence known.

While investigating, the three men explore the location and attempt to capture evidence of ghosts reported to haunt the area with night-vision cameras, audio recorders, electromagnetic field meters, digital thermometers and a device called the Ovilus. The Ovilus takes temperature and EMF readings, adds them together and uses the number to pick a word from a database, which it says out loud.

After lock-down, they analyze the spirit photos, electronic voice phenomena and video footage of ghosts that they recorded and use it to prove that the location is haunted.

The award winning "Ghost Adventures" TV series is based on a documentary of the same name that aired on the Sy-Fy Channel in 2007. Previous guest investigators include Vince Neil, Chad Lindberg and Bruce Westcott. In addition to the regular episodes, "Ghost Adventures" also features one-hour specials such as Ghost Adventures Live: The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Best Evidence and Scariest Moments.

"Ghost Adventures" premiered October 2008. As of July 10, 2012 filming of the show's seventh season is currently underway. The seventh season will air on Travel Channel in the fall of 2012.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
18 Seasons, 224 Episodes
October 17, 2008
Documentary & Biography, Reality, Science Fiction
Cast: Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Nick Groff, Billy Tolley
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Ghost Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • Zak Bagans and his crew head to Upper Fruitland, New Mexico, to help a family who are troubled by the ghost of a faceless young boy. During the intense lockdown inside the Navajo Nation, the guys capture a chair moving on its own.

  • The Ghost Adventures crew is given special permission from the Navajo Nation to investigate Skinwalker Canyon, a place where many residents refuse to enter in fear of encountering shape-shifting creatures.

  • Zak and the team visit Erie, Colo., along with Bishop Bryan Ouellette, to carry out an exorcism on a young man to help him be free of a demonic attachment he gained after attempting to conjure an entity years ago.

  • Zak and the team show up in sunny Los Angeles to examine the infamous Silent Movie Theatre.

  • Zak and the team visit New Mexico to check out the Double Eagle Restaurant and the Dona Ana County Courthouse.

  • Zak and the team examine an abandoned prison in Guthrie, Oklahoma, which in the 1990s served as the main center for the Samaritan Foundation, an organization with rumored links to murder and terrorism.

  • Zak and the team examine the site of a 1996 double homicide in Los Angeles' Chatsworth neighborhood. The boys collect chilling evidence of paranormal activity and are lured away from the location against their wishes.

  • The Ghost Adventures team examines the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Oklahoma, where it is rumored the owner performs satanic rituals in the nearby cemetery. Zak also discovers the truth about what happened to the well-known outlaw Elmer McCurdy following his death.

  • At the Griffith Observatory to see how haunted the Hollywood hills really are; the guys capture visual evidence of a spirit walking below the letters of the iconic Hollywood sign.

  • Ghost Adventures witness violence spirits at America's bloodiest town.

  • In an enhanced episode, a former brothel in Soledad, Cal., is explored. When Jay confronts a shadow figure and goes into a panic, the rest of the crew rush in to save him from the malevolent spirits.

  • The De Soto Hotel and Concordia Cemetery in El Paso are examined by the team during an investigation that has them finding out about satanic worship and the trail of serial killer Richard Ramirez.

  • San Haven Sanatorium provided aid for North Dakotans since 1912 but for a number of people it was the final stop.

  • Ghost Adventures examines a past old folks home & orphanage, with more than 10,000 reported deaths. The boys uncover horrifying stories of the Odd Fellows secret group, which used human remains for their dark rituals.

  • Examining the famous Zalud House in Porterville, California; an extremely haunted chair where a Zalud family member was killed and each person that sits in it is affected.

  • The boys visit Butte, Mont., to investigate rumors of something wicked that lurks inside the Dumas Brothel, which at one time was the longest-running cathouse in the U.S. Included: Zak suffers a strange scratch on his neck.

  • The Ghost Adventures team explore an old orphanage with a drawn out history of cruelty and death.

  • The Ghost Adventures team explore St. Anne's Retreat, where in 1997 a group of teens, drawn to the place for its legends of dead nuns and hellhounds, were held hostage and tormented by three armed security guards.

  • The Ghost Adventures team is in Dillon, Montana, examining the historic Hotel Metlen. During his investigation, Zak finds out about possession, suicide and an ominous third floor that has been off limits to the public for over 20 years. As night falls, the team executes a wildly active lockdown in which Aaron is stuck on the infamous third floor with horrifying results.

  • The team journey across Texas. Stops include the De Soto Hotel and Concordia Cemetery, both of which have possible ties to Satan worship. Then, they examine three reported incidents of females being assaulted by a demon at Goatman's Bridge.

  • After an resident claims to be visited by the late Dorothea Puente less than one week ago, Zak and the team visit Sacramento, CA, to examine the former home of the elderly serial killer. During the investigation, the crew discovers possible evidence of undiscovered victims, and Zak is impaired by an unseen force.

  • A house in Reseda, Cal., is rumored to be so dark that inhabitants turn into drug addicts and some have been pushed to suicide. During Zak and the team's investigation, emotions run high and it becomes a fight for everyone to keep their sanity.

  • Zak and the team are summoned to the Palace Saloon in Prescott, Ariz., to help rid a malevolent ghost that is reportedly terrorizing the employees. During the visit, Jay is attacked while examining the basement.

  • A return to Virginia City, Nev., to investigate two properties once owned by the legendary mining tycoon John Mackay. An intense lockdown for the crew is highlighted by Jay being pushed down a flight of stairs; and Zak and Billy encounter a spirit that causes a lightbulb to explode.

  • An investigation deep into the Phoenix Gold Mine in Idaho Springs, Colo., finds Zak learning about a heinous murder. And later, the "Ghost Adventures" crew make contact with a tiny, malicious spirit known as a Tommyknocker.

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Ghost Adventures Couple Dead in Murder-Suicide

Two frequent contributors to the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures series died on Tuesday in an apparent domestic violence incident in Nevada.

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