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"Paranormal Witness," is a SYFY Channel original series that centers around people's paranormal experiences. These can range from ghostly encounters to alien sightings, out of body experiences or angel visitations. Anything that can not be readily explained is included in this documentary style show.

Each episode is one hour long and is done in a first person story telling style. People that have paranormal experiences are interviewed and they give their account as to what happened. Any actual film or footage that as taken at the time is also included in the story telling.

As the individuals involved in that weeks episode tell their story, a number of actors who represent the real life people reenact their tale. You actually get to see their paranormal experience as if you were watching a horror show. These are real life documented stories told by the people who lived through the experience.

In most cases as an episode comes to an end there is some form of closure to the paranormal experience. Some examples are the family moving from a haunted house or tenants performing a ritual to stop a haunting. However, in some cases such as alien encounters, you can see that even after investigating with air traffic control and police helicopters, the foreign object still could not be explained.

Some stories can be frightening and other enlightening. Some actual footage can be disturbing to viewers. This show is not intended to be seen by young audiences and for this reason, is aired in the evenings.

Paranormal Witness is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (64 episodes). The series first aired on September 7, 2011.

Where do I stream Paranormal Witness online? Paranormal Witness is available for streaming on Syfy, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Paranormal Witness on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV, NBC, Syfy, Peacock online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
5 Seasons, 64 Episodes
September 7, 2011
Cast: Gillian English, Frances Townend, Daniel Cannis, Colin Murphy
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Paranormal Witness Full Episode Guide

  • Stacey Hayes manages an abandoned hospital's renovation and witnesses alarming paranormal events; the investigators she calls for help then get trapped and attacked by the forces.

  • Guest after guest flees an old Victorian mansion hotel in the middle of the night, forcing the owners to confront its terrifying history before a local bride's fairytale wedding is ruined by a ghostly watchman.

  • Detention officer Jay Yates works the night shift at the infamous Estrella Jail, where a sinister spirit is driving both inmates and officers to insanity and death.

  • Wolf-like creatures stalk the Bilstein family at their desolate Texas ranch with a horrifying history.

  • The town of Santa Susana Knolls, California is known for its troubled past with biker gangs and violence. When a woman rents out the dilapidated guesthouse of her newly purchased home, strange occurrences take place.

  • Following Stephen Richards' execution for the murder of nine people in 1879, it appeared his reign of terror was over...until the Pracht family moved into their new home in the empty plains of Nebraska...

  • A young couple on a sightseeing trip to Point Pleasant enter an old munitions bunker and incidentally awaken the infamous Mothman - a harbinger of doom that follows them home and terrorizes them.

  • When a war veteran gets a new job in Lawton, Oklahoma, his brothers and their significant others all decide to move with him and make a fresh start together. But their dreams are destroyed by a malignant demon known as The Zozo.

  • When a loving Christian family learns a mysterious and evil 'Tall Man' is stalking their home, they are shocked to discover their eldest son is to blame. For he has entered into a deadly contract ...with the Devil.

  • The Ouija Board comes with three cardinal rules designed to protect the user from opening a door to the "other side," but when three young girls from a Hispanic family decide to break all three, they incidentally open a gateway to hell.

  • When 3 young college students move into a rental property in a rundown neighborhood of Savannah that has a reputation for being haunted, they never expected to come face to face with the spirit of a demented crack fiend.

  • Inspired by "To Kill a Mockingbird" author Harper Lee's alleged journey to Alabama to research a mysterious preacher accused of murder and voodoo, writer Jenny Scott follows in her footsteps, only to suffer terrible consequences.

  • When Amanda and Chris Engler moved with their little daughter into the house once owned by Amanda's grandmother, they thought their life was blessed.

  • In summer 2009, eight U.S marines were sent to guard an ancient outpost in Afghanistan that had seen battled for over centuries of war. The marines soon realized they were sitting on a graveyard and that they faced a ghostly enemy that no military training could ever prepare them for.

  • Three brokenhearted women renting an old house together seek a fresh start, but instead get what they believe is a supernatural tormentor who is preaching about hell and brimstone.

  • Terrorized by malicious forces, Carolyn and Roger Perron and their five daughters endured physical attacks, ghostly sightings and a life-threatening curse, culminating in the near death of Carolyn.

  • When Linda Coddington moved into the apartment in Washington Missouri with her little daughter, she thought she'd found a sanctuary for her family. But something evil was lurking behind the boarded up fireplace - the familiar of a witch who'd lived there years before...

  • After a life-threatening stroke, Christi Leidel and her family were hoping for a fresh start in their new country home. But a series of terrifying encounters with a band of Native American spirits left the family battling for their sanity and their lives...

  • Jeanine and AJ Bertholt thought they had bought their perfect 'forever' home. But after discovering satanic symbols carved into the floorboards, the family begins to realize something else is in the house with them - a dark, terrifying demon that wants Jeanine's soul.

  • A family is terrified of what they describe as a darkness that lurks beneath the inky water of a pond at the back of their property.

  • A woman wracked with guilt over her grandfather's death believes he is haunting her and her family.

  • On Heather Platt's sixth birthday, she was given a life-sized doll. The Doll, possessed with demons, would destroy Heather's family until she had what she wanted - the little girl's soul.

  • A Pennsylvania politician battles with the ghost of a murderous doctor and an ancient pagan god that the doctor once worshipped.

  • Three female college students claim they're being tortured by a demon woman hell-bent on tearing their lives apart.

  • In the season premiere, the owners of an abandoned motel are tortured by an evil entity.

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