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This is a rather new television show on Destination America. It is similar to some of the other ghost hunting shows that are on air as it features a group of hunters looking for ghosts across the world. However, they don't want to simply capture the ghosts on film. They want to trap the ghosts so that they can be set free. The group travels to some of the most haunted and tormented places, including mental hospitals and asylums.

The name of the group is the Tennessee Wraith Chasers. One key element that is used to try to lure ghosts out in the open is Southern charm. Specializing in searching decrepit buildings where the mentally ill have died, they know who they are dealing with when going on an investigation. There are a few warnings that are given to viewers, mainly concerning not entering abandoned property or chasing ghosts without any kind of expertise.

Ghost Asylum is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on September 7, 2014.

Where do I stream Ghost Asylum online? Ghost Asylum is available for streaming on Destination America, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ghost Asylum on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Destination America
4 Seasons, 30 Episodes
September 7, 2014
Drama Horror & Suspense Mystery Reality
Cast: Steven McDougal, Chasey Ray McKnight, Scott Porter, Brannon Smith
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Ghost Asylum Full Episode Guide

  • Back in Tennessee the gang investigate a famously brutal prison every southerner feared, Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. As a big electrical storm bears down on them, the crew is taunted and attacked, while fighting ghosts.

  • The TWC is called in to investigate famous, forgotten, and haunted Old Crow Distillery. Reports of paranormal activity on the grounds have called for drastic measures and they find themselves hunting the ghosts of a past distiller and worker.

  • TWC goes to Kauai to investigate the abandoned Coco Palms Resort, built atop sacred land that spirits have roamed for centuries. Challenged with a new culture and traditions, the team must find a way to connect with the mysterious ancient spirits.

  • The TWC travel to Preston Castle in California, one of the most ancient reform schools for wayward male children in the U.S., to examine two of the historical building's most mysterious deaths, including the brutal killing of a well loved housekeeper and the deadly beating of an instructor.

  • A jail assembled in the 1800s, with a past of racial prejudice and unauthorized executions, is examined by the TWC crew, who report incidents with the victim of a harsh lynching and a prisoner who was burned alive.

  • The TWC go to Florida to one of the most haunted forts in the U.S.: Castillo de San Marcos, where they try to connect with the disembodied skull of a Seminole Indian Chief and a pair of ill-fated lovers stuck in a dangerous love triangle.

  • TWC go to one of the oldest and most haunted jails in the Midwest when they explore the Missouri State Penitentiary. Included: They try to banish the spirits of two sinister child murderers that are believed to still spook the institution's cell blocks.

  • The TWC are granted access to the terrifying Peoria State Hospital in Bartonville, Ill., where more than 10,000 people passed on. With only a few days left until this house of horrors is demolished, the team has to work quickly to reach the spirits that still call it home.

  • The TWC go back to the location of their first paranormal investigation, Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee, where they long to uncover the true identity of a menacing shadow being that's said to wander the halls.

  • The TWC board the U.S.S. Edson, a haunted battleship that served in the Vietnam War. Their goal is to set free the spirits trapped aboard - including a disturbed poltergeist. But the elusive entities seem to have other plans.

  • The group heads to Mansfield, Ohio, to look into reports of a dark gateway in the Bissman Building.

  • Trapped on a river island, the team has 48-hours to investigate disturbing Fort Delaware, a pas civil war POW camp that took the lives of one out of every four prisoners. The team attempts to figure out the ghostly feud between two civil war generals.

  • The TWC are the first team to investigate an old Confederate gunpowder and fabric factory, Sibley Mill. Some say to be the most haunted location in the South.

  • Hill View Manor is known as one of the most haunted buildings in Western Pennsylvania. TWC are here to find and trap the spirits of two suicidal patients, and a gargoyle that lurks in its shadows.

  • The TWC investigates one of the most tragically haunted locations in America, Pennhurst Asylum. With a history of child patient abuse this one is personal for the fellas.

  • Haunted Fenwick Plantation is one of South Carolina's most paranormally active locations with a treacherous 300-year-old history. The boys are hunting for the spirits of pirates, spies, and a headless horseman said to still roam its grounds.