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Food Factory is a documentary-style show that features a different food factory in each episode. The episodes begin with an overview of the food and then chronicles the entire process of making that food in the factory. Generally, there are both human tasks and automation that creates the food being featured.

Food Factory is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (92 episodes). The series first aired on January 14, 2013.

Where do I stream Food Factory online? Food Factory is available for streaming on Destination America, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Food Factory on demand at , BYUtv online.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Destination America
5 Seasons, 92 Episodes
January 14, 2013
Kids & Family
Cast: Colleen Rusholme, Todd Schick
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Food Factory Full Episode Guide

  • A Toronto team prepares thousands of nutritious meals every night for preschoolers across the city. But with rigorous health regulations and their clients' picky palettes in mind, an over-spiced kettle of soup has the chefs heading back to the cutting board just hours before delivery.

  • An old-time candy bar; mountains of cannelloni; Vietnamese rice noodles; diced butternut squash.

  • A rainbow of candies, ancient rice vinegar, a tangy Thai soup-in-a-bag and gourmet caramels with a twist.

  • Honey, sprouted wheat bread, checkerboard cookie and chocolate-covered cherries.

  • Discovering how sweet cherry chews, macaroni pasta and cranberry cheesecakes are created from raw materials.

  • Delicious red licorice, rich mayonnaise, spicy sriracha and Turkish börek are turned from raw materials into finished products.

  • Freezies; parmesan cheese; banana chocolate chip bars; crostinis.

  • Croissants; rhubarb strawberry jam; cranberry and orange stuffing; tomato sauce.

  • Yogurt; trail mix; organic sweet apple baby cookies; veggie burgers.

  • Spanikopita; ginger snaps; tartufo; apple juice.

  • Discover how state-of-the-art machinery makes 50,000 perfect frozen pizzas a day; why canola oil makes creamy spreadable butter a tasty reality; how wheat straw and nitrogen-enriched fertilizer are the keys to growing awesome organic mushrooms; and the buttery secret to making mini quiche Florentine.

  • Discover why oats endure a rigorous cooking process before they are turned into tasty granola bars; how one company makes tasty BBQ veggie medleys easy to prepare; the secret to rich blue cheese starts with a tiny drop of cave mold; and why heat and pressure are the keys to make light and hearty rice cakes.

  • Discover what it takes to harvest 600,000 scrumptious rainbow trout each year; why an oil shower creates the tastiest roasted cashews; how one apple slicing machine is a life-saver to bakers across the country; and the secrets to producing mouth-watering bacon.

  • Discover how 32,000 delectably nutritious bagels are made in eight hours; how one company mass produces lip-smackin' airplane food always ready for take off; why berries are essential to make perfectly crunchy Sun Chips; and how organic carrots can make a sinfully delicious vegan dessert.

  • Discover why a hot house is essential to growing the sweetest tomatoes; how a 130 foot tunnel oven makes perfect muffins; the secret recipe for Breathsavers candy; and how today's machines can make the best gnocchi in only ten minutes!

  • Discover what a cluster buster is and how it helps to make delicious soup pur e; how 240 cans of aerosol whipped cream are produced each minute; why a powerful vacuum is essential to make lollipops; and what paper mills and crab stick production have in common.

  • Discover why molasses is essential to producing refined sugar; how the secret to apple danish is the ultimate puff piece; how egg production gets cracking with hi-speed machinery; and how 28,000 perfect tortillas are made each hour.

  • Discover how cool coils are essential to the tastiest cold smoked salmon; how special cups give a new spin to age-old yogurt; how 1000 kg of delicious ravioli are made daily; and how making three million pounds of crispy fresh salad can actually be easy.

  • Featured: Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce; Shredded Wheat; coffee-chocolate bars; and a family-run farm that has perfected the art of hard-boiling eggs.

  • The original "San Francisco Treat" since 1958, Rice-A-Roni's assembly line goes through 300,000 pounds each of rice and pasta every single day, and produces six million boxes per week; it takes 100,000 Granny Smith apples, tons of butter, and plenty of love to make a year's worth of delectable Whole Foods apple pies.

  • A traditional confection dating back to Roman times, making multi-colored candy-covered almonds is a painstaking 10-hour process.

  • While peanut butter can be traced back to the Aztecs, Skippy has been perfecting its recipe since 1933, and produces 50,000 jars daily at its Arkansas facility.

  • Lasagne produced by both man and machine; one batch of brownies makes 6,500 pieces. Plus, a secret recipe for Maple caramelized onions.

  • Exploring the Necco Candy Wafers and the cutting edge technology that is used at the Boston factory. Two Britons move to Buffalo to create steak and ale pies.

  • Some candy-coated Sixlets, cabbage rolls, sweet-and-salty popcorn and potato-skin chips are created.

  • Dijon mustard, coconut macaroons, kosher-certified teriyaki sauce and hazelnut cream-filled wafers are featured on the show.

  • Tabasco sauce, Italian lemon ice, peanuts and double-chocolate mousse are featured on the show.

  • How chocorocks and french fried onions are produced.

  • How peanut butter and smart fries are produced.

  • Featuring some fishy recipes.

  • Microbrew root beer, mini chocolate cakes, tamari soy sauce and kosher matzo bread are featured.

  • A twist on classic fries.

  • The perfect burger.

  • Featuring sweet Raspberry jellies coated with candy seeds.

  • Spooky Halloween treats including chocolate witch bars, marshmallow lollipops, Bloody Skulls candy and bat cookies.