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Bar Rescue is a show that focuses on failing bars across the United States that enlist the help of Jon Taffer, president of Nightclub & Bar Media Group, who has over thirty years of bar experience. Each show begins with Jon and his colleagues observing hidden camera footage from the bar in question before entering the bar undercover to get a first-hand experience.

After making their judgments, Jon confronts the owners and staff of the bar and explains what he believes is currently causing the bar to fail. He then gives the bar's employees a stress test which involves letting patrons enter the bar in droves and assessing how well they can handle the crowd, including pouring hundreds of drinks and serving the most impatient of customers.

The next portion of the show focuses on making changes to the owners, the staff, and the bar itself. Jon often brings in specialists to teach bartenders to make better drinks, to help hostesses improve their service, and to redesign some or all of the bar. After all the changes are made, the bar has a grand re-opening, often under a new name, and Jon is able to observe whether or not the owners and staff have learned from Jon and his colleagues' teaching.

After seeing that the bar is prospering thanks to his help, Jon is on his way to seek yet another failing bar. To sate viewers' curiosity, a statement about how the bar has improved, or sometimes declined, several weeks or months later is always provided.

Bar Rescue is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (239 episodes). The series first aired on July 17, 2011.

Where do I stream Bar Rescue online? Bar Rescue is available for streaming on Spike TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bar Rescue on demand at , Apple TV+, CBS, Philo, Amazon, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, iTunes, Paramount Network online.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
11 Seasons, 239 Episodes
July 17, 2011
Cast: Jon Taffer
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Bar Rescue Full Episode Guide

  • Turtle Bay, a failing New Orleans bar, gets turned upside down when expert Jon Taffer arrives; includes behind-the-scenes info and funny takeaways on the Bourbon Street bar's reinvention.

  • A Navy vet finds himself drowning in debt as his Mississippi bar is mismanaged by a friend, and his cook uses the kitchen as his own personal bathroom. Can Jon clean up this dirty South bar? Get the Dirty Truth behind this extremely dirty rescue.

  • Get behind-the-scenes info and laugh out loud as bar expert, Jon Taffer tries to stop a pirate bar in Silver Spring, MD from sinking. Will the staff make Jon walk the plank for suggesting they ditch their swashbuckling ways?

  • Three former firefighting brothers are on the brink of professional and personal collapse at the family bar. Can Jon Taffer douse the flames before it turns into a three-alarm disaster? Get the Dirty Truth behind the rescue of this Queens bar.

  • The drunken owners of a rowdy roadhouse in Arizona need some tough love from bar expert Jon Taffer. Can he help them dry out & straighten up before the bank forecloses on them? Find out all the insider tips & tricks that went into this wild rescue.

  • Jon heads to Phoenix, AZ to help a veteran bar owner who's borrowed money from her entire family to fund her failing business.

  • A cancer-battling owner and his high-strung manager must get on the same page to save their failing bar in the heart of San Diego's Gaslamp District from closing its doors for good.

  • Jon goes to Orange County, CA, and attempts to revitalize Pineapple Hill Grill, a neighborhood bar whose owner's hands-off approach puts patrons at risk.

  • Jon heads to the Silver Dollar in Chula Vista, CA, where the unresolved tensions between the father and son owners have led to operational issues and neglect.

  • Jon drops in on the lively Bottoms Up Bar and Grill in Stanton, CA, to teach the owner's son how to manage a rowdy atmosphere while still keeping patrons happy.

  • Jon Taffer embarks on a cross-country tour of the worst drinking establishments in America. Bad drinks, wild staffs and wasted owners conspire against him and his experts as they give failing businesses one last shot at success.

  • Jon Taffer must help a defiant owner take responsibility for his failures in order to save himself from ruin.

  • In Oakland, NFL legend Marshawn Lynch calls for help to get his family in line at his bar, Rob Ben's.

  • The drunk antics of a bar owner chase away customers, forcing her husband and their investor to pick up the slack.

  • Jon heads to Northern California to rescue The Grant Bar for a know-it-all owner who blames everyone but himself for the failures of his bar.

  • Jon attempts to rescue "The Sandbar" as an investor and owner battle over control of a sinking bar.

  • Jon sets out on a rescue close to his heart when he attempts to boost membership and raise funds for a struggling New Mexico VFW post.

  • An owner evokes the wrath of Jon and his staff because of his passive approach towards running his bar.

  • A son on the verge of a meltdown after emptying his sick mother's life savings is four days away from closing his dream bar.

  • A retired Vietnam vet bought a bar and bowling center as a tribute to his father, but the business is heading into the gutter. Now, his family's legacy is at stake, as his business is in danger of shutting down for good.

  • T-Pain and Jon Taffer travel to historic Old Town Sacramento to resurrect an owner haunted by the ghosts of his past, as well as his failures as an owner to put his own interests in front of his business.

  • Nightlife expert Jon Taffer helps struggling bar owners overcome health hazards, mediocre staffing and branding issues in order to become profitable establishments.

  • After losing her military-veteran father, an overworked woman needs her son to step up and fill the void left by her former right-hand man.

  • A longtime performer buys a bistro so he could keep his one man show going.

  • After a decade of success, a drag racing bar owner is seeing his profits go up in smoke.

  • The daughter of a longtime bar owner steps into his shoes after his abrupt passing. Will she learn the business on the fly or see her father's legacy crumble right under her?

  • Two best friends are acting more like jackasses than owners and find themselves on the verge of losing their dream.

  • Two owners with no prior experience in the bar business are on the verge of losing their one shot with Taffer unless they shape up.

  • To save the Whiskey Girl Saloon in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, Jon must get an inexperienced co-owner to abandon his hard-partying alter ego, Rick Roundhouse.

  • An owner with a frat boy mentality must shape up and learn how to properly manage his bar, or risk losing his business and the opportunity to leave his three grandsons a financial legacy.

  • Two longtime postal employees' failing pizza bar is on the brink of closing its doors for good unless Jon Taffer can find a way to rescue both the bar and their friendship.

  • When a Texas couple on the brink of retirement can't stop enabling their belligerent daughter, Jon Taffer must get them to face facts at this China Grove, Texas country bar.

  • Is it a club, restaurant, or bar; Liv can't find its identity in order to survive in the highly competitive service town of Las Vegas.

  • A Las Vegas dive bar struggles at the hands of the bar owner who makes more enemies than friends.

  • Two burnout rockers have lost 200 thousand dollars just two years into owning their bar. Now they have to face the music and grow up before their lights turn off for good.

  • Jon travels back to San Antonio, Texas to find a bar and marriage both crippled at the hands of its party hungry owner.

  • Jon Taffer has one of his biggest challenges to date, getting the UNLV hospitality students ready for the real world in just one week.

  • A twerking, drinking, fighting staff threatens a once thriving bar, leaving Ashley and Robert Gaddy's future at a Crossroads.

  • A pair of brothers can't see eye to eye on how the business is run, so one of them takes a run.

  • On the verge of tears and closing his bar, the owner can't seem to get either together.

  • San Antonio's wild mom parties hard while her bar peters out.

  • A brother and sister duo from Puerto Rico find themselves in over their heads after Hurricane Maria destroyed their bar.

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