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"Cops" is a reality television show that airs on Fox. The stars of the show are real-life cops who put their lives at risk fighting crime on the streets. The opening theme song, appropriately titled "Bad Boys" by Circle K, starts out with a video montage of some of the most exciting moments of the show. To add to the excitement level of the show, viewers can hear real-life dispatch calls on the CB as the police officer travels to a different crime scene. On the way, police officers take the opportunity to talk about their life and what they like about their job.

Each episode is a unique adventure in a new American city, documenting a wide range of strange occurrences and scenarios. One segment might capture a domestic violence call, in which a wife has been beaten by her angry husband who has been drinking all night. Another segment may follow the case of an old lady whose house was just robbed.

One aspect that makes the show so unique is its spontaneity. The plot of the story can change in a split second; a routine traffic stop can turn into a high speed chase down a dark alley. The police officers who are being filmed don't have any more inside information than the viewers at home and this truly creates a very interactive experience.

While the show explores some serious topics and real life socioeconomic issues, there are some heartfelt and comical moments that sheds new light on the character of law enforcement. For example, in one episode police officers might respond to the scene of a pig running rampant in the middle of a freeway while another program may narrate the capture of a python snake roaming through a citizen's backyard. These moments of comic relief give viewers a glance at the nobler side of law enforcement.

Since the first episode aired in 1989 in Florida, the show remains one of the only few reality programs that has truly revolutionized television. Its no-holds-barred approach to depicting reality at all costs make this program a favorite among viewers from all types of backgrounds and will continue to make a mark on TV history when it comes back on the air in January 2013.

Saturday 8:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
29 Seasons, 718 Episodes
March 26, 1989
Action & Adventure, Reality
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Cops Full Episode Guide

  • Officers ave the day when a troubled guy hits a low point; cops answer a call when a man initiates a food fight in a fit of rage.

  • A furious man has a hard time accepting the truth when faced with his actions; officers interrogate a cagey crew to confirm suspicions; a disagreement between parents turns violent.

  • An deceitful driver tells the cops that he's the victim; a pregnant lady makes some questionable decisions; a robbery suspect feels comfort by coming clean.

  • An audacious motorist can't believe that his mother agrees with the law; deputies find a man in an unusual costume during a traffic stop; officers protect a hardworking mother from a couple of unexpected visitors.

  • A desperate suspect runs from the police after shots are fired; a dad and daughter are caught off guard when they come face to face with a man wielding a screwdriver; the cops catch a bunch of women making bad decisions.

  • A young man receives a wakeup call when officers catch him breaking the law. A traffic stop turns up a nervous trio with a lot to hide. Officers play peacemakers after a board game sparks a family feud.

  • A lady's job search becomes sour and officers intervene when she goes to extremes. In addition: deputies approach an edgy man with bad habits and cops run into a suspect who believes his girlfriend is the reason he was caught.

  • A guy has a heart-pounding incident and requires medical attention; a lawbreaker can't seem to understand the magnitude of her situation; the cops grill an interesting trio.

  • A detective gets hurt during a chase of a probable car thief; a young pair get arrested after a bar fight; and an inspection of a suspect's car yields a variety of items.

  • Officers follow a parolee down a dead end street; authorities face a jealous boyfriend with inconsistencies to his tale; and an officer comes to the assistance of frustrated citizens.

  • Deputies run into a bad car crash and pull a guy from the wreckage; cops question a robbery suspect who says he was actually the victim; and officers encounter a young man who declares he has a disorder that causes him to run away.

  • A felon looks for safe haven and turns to his grandmother; deputies use an old security item from the 1980s; and police call in animal control after neighbors wont return a dog to its owners.

  • A car chase changes gears when the driver leaves on foot; tempers rise between neighbors after some children get physical; a nervous driver gets mad when the cops search his passenger.

  • A crafty guy attempts everything to escape police; Good Samaritans place their lives on hold when they see a violent crime in progress.

  • An officer gets outnumbered by three suspects; a guy gets in over his head while attempting to help a neighbor; and deputies must separate a husband and wife to do a search of their car.

  • A dad reports his boy to the cops; a lawbreaker attempts to blame his actions on family responsibilities; and officers find odd items while searching a guy's car.

  • Emotions run high during a dispute with alcohol and a beloved pet; a talkative motorist struggles to keep his story straight; deputies investigate a domestic incident and find the aggressor in an awkward spot.

  • A young lady attempts to escape jail; a mom makes an error, forcing her father to intervene; and a traffic stop prompts a deputy to wonder if an elderly couple is involved in criminal activity.

  • A teen reports a neighbor to police; a grandmother reports a young mother; and deputies question a suspicious group hanging out in a quiet truck stop.

  • Cops help a frightened woman flee an abusive fiancé; a motorist's passenger causes problems; and authorities come face-to-face with an overly friendly guy.

  • Officers go into a dark building to halt a robbery; approach a cyclist; and face a scared lady who has difficulty staying calm when she gets pulled over.

  • A suspicious man decides to take his chances with the wrong end of a taser. A lawbreaker tries to convince the cops that he's a good guy. Deputies smell trouble during a traffic stop.

  • A high-speed pursuit ends abruptly when the suspect makes a wrong turn. Officers are forced to intervene when a jilted lover can't take a hint. A nervous man attempts to hide his crime when he thinks no one can see him.

  • A high-speed chase ends suddenly when a suspect makes a wrong turn; officers intervene in a lovers' brawl; and a worried man attempts to conceal his criminal act.

  • A trespasser tries to run from police; a frightened man attempts to gain the attention of deputies; and officers show that honesty is the greatest policy.

  • A deputy responds to a neighborhood disruption where the culprit quickly reveals himself; a guy learns a hard lesson about wearing a seatbelt; and officers discover a depressed man with a strange story during a traffic stop.

  • Cops go after a bail jumper; a lawbreaker works with a deputy after getting pulled over; and deputies attempt to remove a violent offender from a crime scene.

  • A deputy runs into an armed man who refuses to comply; a convicted felon attempts to escape from prison; and a vehicle rolls into oncoming traffic.

  • A dad and his boy get stuck in a traffic stop gone wrong. When a family feud escalates, body parts go flying. A disoriented driver can't believe his luck when cops follow him to a gas station.

  • A family is divided after a belligerent man lashes out; deputies grow suspicious of two people in the back of a parked car; and a repeat-offender gets caught at a gas station.

  • A suspect risks life and limb to evade arrest; a father covers up for his violent son; and a malnourished woman reports trespassing ghosts.

  • A hustling sting catches two different criminals; an officer questions a tricky woman; and a quarrel in a parking lot attracts the attention of a vigilant cop.

  • Lack of safety equipment calls attention to a lawbreaker; a man is spotted waving a gun around, forcing officers to search homes in the surrounding area; and suspects detained after a car crash have difficulty explaining how they know each other.

  • A suspect with a weapon is discovered in a bloody state; the operator of a stolen car bails when cops pull him over; and the police detain several suspects in two carjacked vehicles.

  • A homeless man decides to test the police when he thinks there’s no escape. Good Samaritans catch a man breaking into their neighbor’s car. Officers do their best to resolve a dispute between newlyweds.

  • Police use city cameras to find a possible motorbike thief; a K-9 unit searches out a dim hilltop; a worried citizen assists to thwart a couple of attempting burglars.

  • A suspected car thief abandons his car when police spot him; officers are called to a bar when an enraged man pulls out a weapon; an argument over milk takes a violent turn.

  • A suspect plays it cool when officers try to match an abandoned gun to his empty holster; poor choices in a parking lot inspire a life coaching moment; cops learn that good neighbors do exist.

  • A guy leaps from a moving car in an attempt to flee from the police; a car chase concludes with a need for paramedics; an angry man mistakes threatening actions with heroism.

  • A man with a felony warrant does his best to escape arrest. Things get weird when an agitated man tries to reveal everything to the police. A young man makes poor choices that lead to a broken home.

  • After a night out on the town, a man loses his friend and finds trouble. Officers stop a vehicle that they believe was involved in an officer-related shooting. A young couple in a parked car strikes officers as suspicious.

  • An offender attempts to make her own rules after being cuffed by deputies. A driver without a license speeds past a checkpoint with bad results. Cops try to find out the truth from a few evasive suspects.

  • A chase begins when a surveillance camera shows a suspect in the act; a suspicious person claims the cops are untrustworthy.

  • Deputies are surprised when they recognize a repeat criminal; a desperate guy doesn't show any love for his girlfriend when the police come; cops call for a canine unit to finish a car search.

  • Deputies are shocked by a polite criminal; an officer has to think fast after suspicious happenings at a gas station; a fight during supper ends in a call for help.

  • An entitled young man thinks that he can tell the police what to do. A known lawbreaker eludes deputies long enough to cause serious damage. Emotions run high when a mother confronts her handcuffed son.

  • An afterhours search of a park turns up a young couple in a port-a-potty. An extremely combative man refuses to surrender to officers. A heated argument between best friends catches the attention of the cops.

  • A young pair try to slip away from the police when the weather gets bad. A driver resists the cops, but isn't very good at it. Officers run into a strangely sweet man on a empty street.

  • ATV joyriders lead officers on an unwieldy chase. An attempt to check on some expired tags ends with a young couple at gunpoint. A motorist gives deputies his brother's name in hopes of avoiding jail time.

  • A wanted robber acts clueless when officers find him; a suspect on a bike tries to get away; a couple turns to violence with a domestic dispute in public.

  • A reckless driver tries to bail out of a checkpoint but outmaneuvers himself instead. Fingers are pointed fast when cops interview a peculiar group of people. Deputies have to do a little digging to get to the bottom of things.

  • The temptation of being on camera proves to be too much for one car thief. In order to catch an oblivious driver's attention, officers are forced to disable his car. A woman tries to evade arrest by giving deputies a fake name.

  • One suspect takes his chances in a ravine after he leads deputies to a dead end. A quick vehicle search turns a family outing into a trip to the slammer. The cops inspect a domestic disturbance between a dad and his teenage son.

  • A sleeping motorist greets deputies with a foul mood. The cops respond to reports of a suspicious person, only to uncover much more. A young woman tries to promise her way out of a trip to jail.

  • Officers chase a pair of car thieves. A friendship buckles under pressure. A deputy stops a man who claims he lets homeless people use his car for storage.

  • When trying to get away from some officers, a man makes a mad dash through a shower.

  • A handcuffed teen makes a run for it when deputies turn him over to paramedics. During a traffic stop, a suspect does his best to keep his lips sealed. An angry aunt unsuccessfully evicts her nephew and his pregnant girlfriend.

  • A man behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle leads deputies on a wild pursuit. When a man threatens his brother with a knife, Mom calls the cops.

  • A woman bursts into tears when her boyfriend gets pulled over by police. During a sketchy traffic stop, one nervous passenger is quick to cooperate with deputies.

  • Cops nab a suspect who tries to escape by hiding in plain sight. A man fires away when he believes his dog is in danger. Paramedics are called when an officer encounters a distraught woman and her catatonic partner.

  • An armed trespasser uses a young dog as a shield. A woman under the influence goes on a rampage, tearing into homes and people. A cat lady calls the cops when her neighbors get nosy.

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