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Blue Mountain State is a comedy show that airs on Spike. This article will provide information pertaining to the show's run. This article will also discuss the setting and characters present throughout the series. Blue Mountain State first aired on January 11, 2010. The show's final new episode aired on November 30, 2011. Between January 2010 and November 2011 Blue Mountain State consisted of three seasons for a total of 39 episodes. Spike and Lionsgate Television announced the cancellation of the series on February 20, 2012.

The majority of the series takes place in an American university, Blue Mountain State, which is fictional. The most common settings within that university are the football field, locker room, and the Goat House. The Goat House is a house where the members of the football team, the Mountain Goats, live and throw their parties. It is at the Goat House where most of the partying, drinking, and drug use that are such a big part of the series take place.

Although the series follows many different characters, most of the screen time focuses on the characters of Alex Moran and Sammy Cacciatore. Alex and Sammy are lifelong friends. Alex is portrayed as a slacker who plays football as a way to enjoy his college life. At first Alex has no desire to make a career in football, but he does eventually start taking the game seriously and decides that he wants to work toward an NFL career. Sammy ends up spending most of his time as Alex's roommate and team mascot. Another major character is Thad Castle, who is a linebacker for the Mountain Goats, and team captain for most of the series. The character of Marty Daniels is also a common sight throughout the series. Marty Daniels is the coach of the Mountain Goats and is famous for winning six national football championships.

In conclusion, Blue Mountain State was a three-season long comedy show that marked Spike's first foray into scripted television. While the show did enjoy an increase in ratings between seasons, it was not received very well by critics. In the end, the ratings growth was not enough to save the show, and it was cancelled in early 2012.

Spike TV
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
January 11, 2010
Comedy, Family, Sports
Cast: Darin Brooks, Alan Ritchson, Chris Romano, Ed Marinaro
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Blue Mountain State Full Episode Guide

  • The BMS and Blackwell teams continue to battle it out on the corn field for bragging rights as to who the real champion is.

  • After NCAA violations cost BMS some key players prior to the national championship game, Thad builds a field of dreams in a cornfield for the BMS starters to compete against the Blackwell starters in an unofficial bowl game.

  • The team discovers that they will be playing Blackwell for the National Championship, but first they have to get past the NCAA who tries to prevent it from even happening.

  • ONE WEEK, a HARD KNOCKS-esque television series, is at BMS following the team and its coaches both on and off the field.

  • Thad's behavior takes a turn for the worse after he suffers a concussion making it difficult for Daniels to hide the injury from both Gilday and ultimately the NCAA. Meanwhile, Sammy reevaluates his masturbation habits.

  • As Coach Daniels anticipates his induction into the College Hall of Fame, Thad accepts the troubling secrets from Daniels' past while Alex connects with Marty on a new level.

  • When his pre-game rituals quit producing successful game-time performance, Harmon goes on a quest to find new mystical superstitions that will restore his kicking abilities. Meanwhile, Sammy explores career opportunities.

  • The game is postponed due to a campus blackout. The coaches of both teams play a game of poker with high stakes.

  • Thad offers advice and training to Alex on being a local celebrity. Mary Jo tries to get the coach's wife's attention.

  • Alex and Sammy get into an argument when Alex plays the best game in his career and chalks it up as the pinnacle of his career. Meanwhile, Daniels and Jon Jon have mixed feelings about a job offer that Jon Jon received.

  • Thad makes some big changes when he realizes his career is in trouble. Alex tries to act like Thad to motivate the team.

  • Alex and Thad deal with the aftermath of photos of them circulating around campus. Harmon, the drug addicted kicker of BMS is speechless when he obtains pictures of Coach Daniels and Debra.

  • While Coach Daniels and Debra begin to reconcile, Alex adjusts to a bigger role on the team.

  • A massive riot breaks out on campus after the final game of the season. Alex and the players must save Sammy from being torn apart by rabid fans. Denise Richards guest stars.

  • The team is a game away from an undefeated season when Radon is injured in practice and Alex may have to start. Meanwhile, Coach Daniels suffers a heart attack. Dan Patrick and Chuck Liddell guest star.

  • Thad attempts to teach the team a lesson by putting them in the drunk tank the night before a big game. Denise Richards guest stars.

  • Alex devises a plan to become the backup goalie for the BMS hockey team to avoid conditioning obligations. Meanwhile, Mary Jo becomes Thad's personal cheerleader.

  • During rivalry weekend, Thad steals Overland University's mascot which ironically escapes and wreaks havoc on the BMS campus. Boomer Esiason & Craig Carton appear.

  • During a bye week, Thad tries to decide between staying at BMS next year and going pro. Stacy Keibler guest stars.

  • Alex sleeps with Coach Daniels' ex-wife and ultimately gets used as a pawn in their bitter relationship.

  • The campus nerds refuse to do the team's homework after a prank.

  • The team starts accepting gifts from agents. Meanwhile, Coach Daniels tries to ignores the pressure to play the "Rudy-like" son of a local booster.

  • The team decides to go celibate, but Mary Jo stirs things up out of frustration.

  • Alex finds himself in an awkward position when Coach Daniels makes him the "fixer" for new quarterback Radon Randell. Sammy's sister Mary Jo, comes to school and tries out for the cheerleading squad.

  • Thad interrogates the entire team after someone mysteriously uses a highly personal technique to force him to drop the ball during practice.

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