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Tanked is a reality TV series that features brothers-in-law Brett Raymer and Wayde King, the owners of Las Vegas business Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (better known as ATM) is one of the largest manufacturers and installers of customized aquariums in the world.

During the first part of the show, Brett and Wayde meet with the client to discuss what type of tank they would like. By just listening to the client's needs both Brett and Wayde will design the tank, pick out the fish and install the tank without anymore input from the client.

Once back at the shop the ATM team headed by shop manger Robbie Redneck Christieb start to construct the tank. Not only does the viewer get to see how the tanks are designed and molded but quite often the tanks include working pinball machines, old vehicles and kitchen appliances just to name a few.

The personality of the crew is also highlighted by the pranks that they pull on each other throughout the shop. This family run business also includes Wayde's wife (Brett's sister) and the general Irwin Raymer (Brett's father) which adds to the mayhem around the shop.

The cameras continue to roll as Brett and Wayde travel to their favorite fish suppliers to pick out the perfect fish for the tank. Fish and sharks from all over the world are shown with a description of the fish that they have picked and why they picked those species for the tank.

Next they show how they installed these unique tanks and finally they reveal the finished product to the client. ATM has designed one-of

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
12 Seasons, 126 Episodes
August 7, 2011
Cast: Wayde King, Brett Raymer, Frankie DiLuzio, Robert Christlieb
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Tanked Full Episode Guide

  • Wayde and Brett are going head to head on this one. They both want a one of a kind, extreme pond in their backyard. This dynamic duo is keeping everything top secret from each other. Only one family can reign supreme. Let the battle of the ponds begin!

  • Las Vegas Coin Laundry is requesting an aquarium built into a real washer/dryer unit just like the others in their store. Across town, an Optometrist wants an eye-popping underwater world for their patients.

  • World-famous music producer Wyclef Jean has an emergency and calls in Brett and Wayde to fix two tanks.

  • ATM builds a nautical themed, cylindrical tank with a weathered dock look, and colorful sea turtle sculptures for the Laketown Wharf resort in Panama City Beach.

  • Hip-hop artist Ty Dolla $ign wants a large freshwater tank for his house in Long Beach that has a real rock insert and replicas of his awards, all embedded in a wall.

  • ATM loves DJ Ashba! The rock star wants a tank for his new retail store, but he needs it ASAP. DJ will be hosting a grand opening party and the tank will be the centerpiece. Will Wayde and Brett make this deadline or be the ultimate party poopers?

  • Alyssa Milano requests a tank for her family that has a built-in wine rack.

  • A computer component company requests a 20-foot-long, 5000-gallon tank with exact replicas of their products inside.

  • Things are about to get fishy for world famous Filmmaker, Kevin Smith. He has two turtles and one tortoise that desperately need a new home. Kevin dreams of a tank that can house both of these species but they require two different living environments

  • In the season premiere, pro wrestler Chris Jericho wants a tank that resembles a championship belt and contains his List of Jericho.

  • The gang at ATM has spent years building fish tanks for the rich and famous, but now it's time to give back. They'll bring master skill right to viewers doorsteps in the hopes of saving their failing fish tanks, and maybe even a marriage!

  • Fish tank aficionados Wayde and Brett build custom aquariums all over the world. Now they're taking their expertise overseas to the city of Dubai! Watch the guys go global for a behind the scenes look at two record-breaking underwater habitats.

  • Wayde and Brett are giving back to desperate fish owners and turning their aquarium nightmares into hobbyist havens. The reality is much more grave than expected when the guys pop in on a friend with a franken-filter and a tank in need of a lifeline.

  • A snow-globe aquarium is wanted by the mayor of Henderson, Nev., for the city's yearly WinterFest party; the ATM crew get ready for their holiday bash. Also: Wayde and Brett contend for bragging rights to see who can construct the baddest tank, and the contest is judged by "Jackass" cocreator Jeff Tremaine.

  • Wayde and Brett team up with Australian Pop star, Alli Simpson to help spread some holiday cheer. They travel to Flint, Michigan to donate an incredible aquarium to the Children's Miracle Network and the Hurley Children's Hospital.

  • Meet the Bottled Ocean team, they maintain dozens of aquatic habitats across the Sunshine state, from 360,000 gallon resort exhibits to home aquariums. Brett and Wayde join the Bottled Ocean crew and it's all hands on deck to repair a gator exhibit!

  • NBA center Hassan Whiteside wants a huge aquarium for his Miami home, but the 1500-gallon tank won't fit through his front door and has to be delivered on a barge.

  • NBA all-star Paul George wants two identical fish tanks next to his indoor pond, and he hopes the job can be finished by the time he returns from the Olympics in Rio.

  • Snap On Tools is hosting their annual convention and needs ATM’s help to wow their attendees. And, Las Vegas restaurant Nacho Daddy has demanded a custom terrarium.

  • Jason Aldean's wife has a surprise in store for him - an outdoors-themed aquarium that has to be built before he gets home from his tour.

  • Dj Steve Aoki wants an aquarium that features a three-headed dragon about to escape from the tank.

  • Erika Girardi from the hit TV show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills needs a tank. Also known as Erika Jayne, this Diva knows exactly what she wants and that's an octopus!

  • Wayde and Brett are making a tank for Hip Hop artist Tyga. In honor of his hit single Rack City Wayde and Brett set out to found a way to fill a tank with cash. Will they leave Tyga feeling like a million bucks or will they come up shortchanged?

  • Rapper, signer and producer Akon loved his custom African and Caribbean themed tanks for his new house

  • YouTube superstar and prankster Roman Atwood commissions ATM to build an aquarium complete with his company name, Smile More.

  • Redfoo of the musical duo LMFAO requests an aquarium that looks like a DJ booth.

  • The Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has plans for two large aquariums in their conservatory renovation.

  • The Imaginarium Science Center has asked ATM to design a GIANT ship shaped tank with a replica of the USCGC Mohwak inside. Creating the unique shape of this tank proves an ocean sized headache.

  • Latin music star Prince Royce spices up his Miami mansion with a custom aquarium made by ATM. Wayde and Brett struggle to make this tank as royal as possible but a last minute design change to the façade delays the build.

  • ATL's hottest rapper, 2 Chainz is in search of a Tanked out aquarium so he's contacted ATM! After Wayde loses some important measurements, he puts the pressure on Redneck to nail this tank and create a glowing Atlanta skyline underwater.

  • The Texas Ranger's biggest slugger, Prince Fielder wants a saltwater aquarium for his man cave in his home in Orlando, Florida, that is viewable from two sides.

  • Backstreet Boy and Dancing with The Stars finalist Nick Carter wants the guys to build him an aquarium for his Los Angeles home with a paddle boat theme.

  • Two-time MLB World Series champion Johnny Damon and his pregnant wife plan a gender reveal party for the baby with the help of the team.

  • ATM is excited to design a tank for WWE Superstar and reigning tag team champion Titus O'Neil! The guys will need work as a tag team of their town in order to deliver on their promise to build a University of Florida themed Gator tank.

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