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The Call of the Wildman is a reality show that is aired on Animal Planet and shows live "critter" rescues by Ernie Brown Junior, commonly known as The Turtleman. Ernie learned at a very young age how to catch a turtles with his bare hands from a trick that was taught to him by his uncle and father.

This Kentucky native now owns and operates a nuisance animal removal service that catches all the animals without harming them and re-releasing them back into the wild. His Turtle Team consists of his best friend Neal James, handyman Jake Ison, David Squirrel Brady and his trusty dog Lolly. His payment for any rescue is a very minimal amount; usually just enough to pay for his traveling expenses and then something extra like a homemade pie or a free round of golf for example.

Although most of rescues are centered in his hometown Lebanon, Kentucky and surrounding areas; the Turtleman has also traveled to other states such as Louisianan to assist in rescues. He does not just rescue turtles though; he will catch just about any type of nuisance animal. On the show he has been filmed catching possums, venomous snakes, foxes and even coyotes.

Originally, the name of the show was to be The Turtleman of Wild Kentucky but as the series was being filmed the Turtleman would give out a unique yell every time he caught something, so the name was changed to Call of the Wildman. The yell according to the Turtleman is an Indian yell because he is a fourth Shawnee and a fourth Cherokee Indian. Besides his distinctive yell, throughout the show you will hear him say live action. He does this to let people know that he is really catching these animals and that there is no tricks been played. He was quoted as saying people have been calling me fake and there ain't no faking it, it is real live action.

Call of the Wildman is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (73 episodes). The series first aired on October 30, 2011.

Where do I stream Call of the Wildman online? Call of the Wildman is available for streaming on Animal Planet, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Call of the Wildman on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
4 Seasons, 73 Episodes
October 30, 2011
Reality Action & Adventure Nature
Cast: Ernie Brown Jr., Stephen Busken, Neal James
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Call of the Wildman Full Episode Guide

  • Turtleman and Neal found the Forgotten Valley, but their adventure is just beginning! After a close call in a cave, the guys head through swarms of bugs and make a deal with an old friend for supplies - only to find a raging river blocking the way home.

  • Turtleman hears the 'call of the wild' and heads deep into the woods with Neal James. They take on gnarly gar, a hive of honeybees, and a narrow cavern passage to find a Forgotten Valley deep in the way-backwoods Turtleman hasn't seen in years.

  • A critter is digging holes that prevent the cattle on Gary's farm from accessing a watering hole. Then, Turtleman brings in a special guest - Cole! After live action and a backwoods boot camp, the guys decide if Cole is ready to join Team Turtle.

  • Squirrel shows up to help out in Montana and Team Turtle immediately goes to Barbara's ranch where a critter has been tunneling all over her land and stables. Then, Turtleman takes on a ferocious animal that is snacking on Dawn's rabbits.

  • Turtleman, Neal and Jake plan to search for gold while their stay in Montana continues. But before they can begin, Bobbie and Barry ask Turtleman to take care of a nocturnal nuisance that has been bothering their campgrounds.

  • Wildfires running rampant bring Turtleman to Montana to do what he does best! First, Turtleman has to track a missing bison calf that was spooked by a fire. Then, a charcoal maker has a problem with an animal that's ruining his high-quality charcoal.

  • Turtleman's former middle school teacher calls him in for one final exam when a mystery critter digs a series of dangerous tunnels throughout his barn. Afterwards, Turtleman shows off his dancing skills at the Daniel Boone Festival's talent contest.

  • Realtor Dallas calls Team Turtleman when critters are affecting his ability to sell a prime real estate. Turtleman is out of commission, however, so it's up to the rest of the team to handle the situation.

  • Sick with the flu, Turtleman lets the rest of the team step up to help a realtor.

  • An antique store has issues with animals gnawing on expensive items. A water park needs help when an animal is stuck in a wave pool's filtration system.

  • Turtleman gets a visit from Bobo and Ranae from "Finding Bigfoot"! But critter calls keep rolling in. Turtleman sets off to help Jeff with a burrowing creature, and six-year-old Jackson, who's been hearing an animal in his room at night.

  • Turtleman and Neal tell the tale of their trip to find Turtlemom the perfect holiday gift... in New York City! From Central Park to world-famous Times Square, the boys see new sights, make new friends, and tour the Big Apple as only Team Turtle can.12/22/

  • A critter has been creeping inside the walls of Jerry's unique home, so Turtleman and Neal are called in to investigate. Then, Turtleman takes on a 12-foot Burmese python that's been secretly slithering around Christa's house for several years.

  • After a farmer's piglet vanishes, Turtleman sets a trap to catch the critter responsible; the owner of a bowling alley thinks there's a dead animal on the premises, but further investigation proves it is still alive.

  • Turtleman must help Jerry capture a critter creeping inside the walls of his home. Then, Turtleman takes on a 12-foot Burmese python that's been secretly slithering around Christa's house for several years.

  • Turtleman responds to a stinky situation when the worms at a worm farm become a snack for a troublesome critter. Then, Neal brings Turtleman to his grandpa's house to clear out the snakes that are occupying the basement.

  • Turtleman must take care of a critter at a manor that was once visited by President Abraham Lincoln. Then, newlyweds Randy and Candace seek Turtleman's help when a menacing rattling can be heard in their RV.

  • Team Turtle must eliminate a critter from a paintball park. Then Turtleman is off to a fireworks store that's suffering from a major critter problem.

  • Turtleman goes to storage facility to take care of a critter. Then, Turtleman searches for the animal that's eating through the high value product in Allen's cigar warehouse.

  • Turtleman and the boys look for their Bigfoot-searching buddy, Squirrel, who on Halloween eve has gotten lost deep in the Kentucky backwoods. Plus, a pair of menacing predators are stalking a local haunted forest attraction.

  • Team Turtle tries to determine the culprit that is responsible for picking off goats one by one. Then, Turtleman is called to an off-roading park to save a critter from a mud hole that the park's visitors drive through.

  • Turtleman, Neal, and Jake set a trap to catch the culprit that has been terrorizing the horses at Pauls Mill horse farm. Then, Turtleman and Neal rush to help their buddy, Jake, whose racecars are being ruined by a troublesome critter.

  • Turtleman is met by a crafty critter he has never before faced. Then, Turtleman and Team Turtle must find and safely return a prized peacock that has gone missing from a local Renaissance Fair.

  • A destructive critter is taking down valuable Christmas trees before the holidays. Meanwhile, a climbing critter has made a warehouse his home.

  • Turtleman searches for a lost pet wallaby; a miniature golf course is plagued by critters that are leaving their droppings all over the place.

  • A farmer's bull escapes, and Turtleman must locate it before it spooks her neighbor's cattle. Meanwhile, critters disrupt a nightly paranormal tour at a former sanatorium in Louisville.

  • A hole-digging critter is disrupting the grounds of a farm and Turtleman must capture it so the rancher can train his bull. Then, snappers are keeping people from tubing down the Guadalupe River and Turtleman must relocate them so the fun can resume.

  • A film set is ruined by a critter that's digging holes; a zebra disappears from a farm.

  • Turtleman investigates the disappearance of a farmer's goats. Plus, show dogs are plagued by a skunk.

  • Two students get the bright idea to steal their football rival's mascot, but Team Turtle must tame the reckless beast before it escapes the backyard it's trapped in. Then, an alligator tries to make a residential area its new home.

  • Turtleman and Neal put their lives on the line to save a critter stuck in a cave. A Texas hair salon is plagued by critters taking harbor in the walls.

  • The team heads to Texas, where a rattlesnake must be relocated; and a barbecue restaurant is plagued by a critter that refuses to stop dumpster diving.

  • Team Turtle has gone fishing for some much-needed down time. The guys challenge each other to a fish-off, and Turtleman is up for the task! But the fun will have to wait when a mysterious critter is sensed to be lurking around a homeowner's property.

  • A critter has made it's home in a major league baseball stadium and Turtleman must remove it before opening day! Then, a furry freeloader is overstaying its welcome at a local Bed and Breakfast.

  • Turtleman is called to remove destructive critters on a houseboat that's being closed for the winter. Then, snappers are threatening to halt production at a distillery, and Turtleman must safely remove and relocate them.

  • Turtleman must remove a flock of birds that are making a mess at a jobsite. Then, a caretaker finds a critter living under her log cabin, and Turtleman must relocate it before the foundation collapses!

  • Local homeowners find a furry tenant taking residence in their house, and Turtleman must save it before demolition is approved! Plus, Turtleman saves a raccoon trapped in a farmer's silo.

  • After a consignment-store window is broken, Turtleman attempts to safely remove the furry culprit responsible. Meanwhile, a critter that's been residing in a hot tub must leave before the owner's party can begin.

  • Turtleman assists a woman whose cats are nowhere to be found. Then, Turtleman is asked to capture foul smelling critters before they spray more kids at a local playground.

  • A hungry critter breaks into a store and robs it. Meanwhile, Turtleman helps his mom relocate snapping turtles from her pond.

  • An unknown threat slaughters calves on a cattle ranch; a skunk sprays a local sculptor.

  • In the third season premiere, a critter makes an unwanted appearance at a community swimming pool, and the local kids refuse to go in the water.

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