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Discovery's Swamp Loggers does exactly that. It lets you discover the world of logging in America's great swamps as it follows around a North Carolina swamp logging team as they do their everyday jobs. Swamp Loggers is a reality show unique as the people that star in it and the careers and lives that these people live. 20 year log supplier Bobby Goodson is a third generation logger who turned to swamp logging after his father retired following an accident that burnt his business to the ground. But when a swamp needs logged Bobby and his Goodson All Terrain Logging team is who you call.

The team is compiled of office employees who run the books, truck drivers who haul the lumber, tractor operators who cut the lumber and loaders who fill the trucks. Aside from Bobby the rest of the team include his son Justin Goodson who is foreman and owner of Justin Goodson Transport and the following people who you can watch on the T.V. show.

Lori Goodson, Office Manager/Secretary Kim McGowan, Bookeeper Abraham Ortiz, Tractor Driver Wayne Sowers, Truck Driver Ervin Blake, Truck Driver Simitrio Ruiz, Tractor Operator Gary Foy, Truck Driver J. Bartolome Ruiz, Tractor Operator Greg Foy, Truck Driver Abraham Parra-Montoya, Truck Driver Durley Hicks Jr., Tractor Driver Joseph Nagy, Truck Driver Milton "Bo" Malpass (HotRod), Truck Driver David Mueller, Loader Operator Oscar Miller, Trailer Spotter

Swamp Loggers shows a different aspect of logging to all the critics. Although many of people will never be satisfied with loggers even though they harvest one of the most important aspects of our lives. Goodson All Terrain Logging is one of the most advanced logging operations in America as for going green. Goodson uses the shovel method of logging. By creating a mat of cut timber for the heavy equipment to drive across the ground is damaged much less than in traditional logging and reduces the amount of soil erosion allowing the environment to recover much quicker.

Swamp Loggers is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on January 15, 2010.

Where do I stream Swamp Loggers online? Swamp Loggers is available for streaming on Discovery Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Swamp Loggers on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Destination America, iTunes, Pluto TV online.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
3 Seasons, 33 Episodes
January 15, 2010
Cast: Bob Goodson
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Swamp Loggers Full Episode Guide

  • Bobby and his crew are desperate to finish the Church Tract and prepare to move to their next location far away from home. But rookie mistakes and unforeseen complications drive Goodson's All-Terrain towards the brink of disaster.

  • Goodson's All Terrain is on a seemingly perfect tract. But the crew is plagued by breakdowns and delays, jeopardizing load counts and straining team chemistry. Meanwhile, Joy's health takes an unexpected turn.

  • Big mistakes arise at the Lennon Tract and Bobby is placed in a tough spot.

  • The crew finds bad wood and longer hauls at the new tract, and morale deteriorates; Bobby helps a community that was ravaged by a tornado.

  • Equipment needs repair and mill closures complicate matters as the crew prepares for a company move.

  • The closure of the pulp mill put the Goodson crew to the test. As pressure mounts, the truckers clash over stolen loads and Bobby becomes the middle man. Then, Dave works to redeem his BBQ cooking reputation at a pig roast competition.

  • Pulpwood mill restrictions and damaged equipment threaten hopes for a successful week. Later, Lori surprises Bobby for his birthday.

  • As conditions on Buckle tract improve, Bobby heads to Las Vegas to purchase new equipment. But upon his return, rain wreaks havoc on the truck roads and growing concerns that the crew's health is threatened forces Bobby to take action.

  • Goodson's All-Terrain crew is threatened when Bo faces a deadly illness and is put on a ventilator in the ICU. As the crew struggles to work with a man down, the logging family rallies the community for a benefit on his behalf.

  • As the crew nears completion on the Smith Tract, Bobby has to deal with a neighbor dispute.

  • The wet weather creates treacherous conditions for the crew to be able to haul. Then, Bobby has to destroy a 300-foot long beaver dam that is backing up 100 acres of wooded area.

  • Bobby Goodson welcomes a new crewmember to his team and prepares to explore new territory. But an irate landowner extreme weather could stop the crew cold on their tracts.

  • Bobby and Justin are out of town so Dave is in charge of the swamp. The crew falls behind and a hurricane threatens.

  • While preparing to move to a new tract, mill quotas hamper their efforts and Bobby is admitted to the hospital.

  • Justin is left in charge and put to the test as the crew works from two decks to reach the elusive 100-load goal by week's end. But in order to conquer the Hilburn Tract, a new road must be stabilized.

  • Bobby and his crew continue to battle disappointing load counts on the Hilburn tract. A truck shortage, bad...

  • Bobby manages his split crew and tensions rise as mechanical issues set them back. With an expiring land lease threatening to shut them down, Bobby must meet a looming deadline in order to uphold his reputation as the best swamp logger in the business.

  • As a deadline on a land-lease looms, Bobby juggles the logistics of managing two logging sites. With Corbett Timber breathing down the company's back, Murphy's Law hits, testing the mettle of the crew and putting Bobby's reputation on the line.

  • Separation anxiety sets in as Bobby is forced to split his crew between two tracts of land. Then when a key piece of equipment goes down deep in the swamps, the entire company comes to a halt.

  • With wood demand unusually high and the supply of cut timber low, the mills pressure Bobby and his crew to cut more logs. When equipment setbacks and a logging site filled with beaver damaged trees slows progress, Bobby is forced to regroup.

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